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Agnate Enterprises [Neutral Profiteers]


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Agnate Enterprises is dedicated to giving our customers what they want where ever they are in the galaxy. Simply because someone lives outside the sphere of the UEE should not mean that they are deprived of the comforts of the empire. We at Agnate believe that any good or service is worth the risk if our customers are satisfied. We work for those on the rim without the support structure to get what they need, those who are hankering for a taste of home and those looking for help where no help is possible. We hire only the most dedicated employees who are willing to risk life and limb to keep our customers satisfied, informed, safe and well supplied. With over a century and a half of experience and connections we know how to keep customers and employees happy and on the same track. If you’re looking for a company to call home, one that that will support your career goals or if you just looking for a reliable way to find, keep and protect those necessary goods contact us today! After all when you’re with us, you’re family.
-Excerpt from Agnate Corporate Pamphlet 


Agnate Enterprises is a worldwide neutral corporation which deals with all sides of the law. We are a varied organization focused on profit; we deal in goods and services to anyone willing to pay. Specifically we offer trading, transport, security, bounties, information, and diplomatic services. Trade and transport is the main way we make money and as such we handle goods which might have once been stolen or illegal and attain items which may be difficult to buy for fringe and free systems.We also offer security for merchants, explorers, salvagers and miners with both our escorts and guards as well as actively collect bounties for the UEE. We collect, protect and distribute information for any clients desiring as well as offer our services as mediators to help end hostilities or broker deals. Generally if there is money to be made on the frontier, you will find Agnate there being very successful.


We operate on the edge of legality and dance that line as carefully as possible.  Because of the sensitive nature of our business and clients we place the utmost importance on the skills of our members.  As a result we don't just take anyone who applies, you have to meet our high standards to prove you have the right stuff to join the Agnate family.  In addition to being the best, further dedication and skill is required to join the ranks of some of our divisions or become management.

If you feel like our family is a good fit for what you need in a group go right ahead and drop off an application on our organization page.  Please follow the instructions on the recruitment application page and write here if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Of course you can always send this account or any of the leaders listed on our page a personal message if you'd rather ask a question privately. We also have a Team Speak server (agnategaming.typefrag.com) where you can ask any questions and generally hangout. Thanks for reading this and remember, when you're with Agnate you're family.

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