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Dr. Bright

How has gaming affected you?

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  1. I've been gaming since I was at LEAST 10 years old, so 15~ years?
  2. What devices do you usually game on? - I've played some Nintendo consoles (up to N64), C64, Amiga and PC. Heck I started with a ZX Spectrum :
  3. I play a variety of games. Among my favorites are skyrim, World of Warcraft which i played for many years, the Mass Effect series and Portal/Portal 2... too many games to name really.
  4.  I've historically used chat, but since I'm opening into the world more, teamspeak is a thing.
  5. Approximately how much time do you spend each day using virtual methods of communication and what forms do they take (IRC, online chat, teamspeak, skype etc.)?
  6. They have a big impact. During the day I sit in an office and no one plays games, therefore if you can communicate with people on your level in the evening it is great. People often have the same kind of humor and people tend to talk more openly over a chat/voice program than in real life. 
  7. How many friends have you gained through gaming (IRL and In game).
  8. I game because I enjoy good stories, and to have some fun (basically to get rid of stress/worry).

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