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Complete AMD Omega Racing Package Code $29 (price drop)


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I have found more codes for the AMD Omega Racer pack, which I am selling for $29.  These codes, once applied, will give you a giftable version of the Omega Racer pack.  Beta access is going to be added soon according to Ben, and was only left out due to a CIG oversight.


I have a new procedure that allows me to test the codes just before I send them, to avoid any non-functioning codes.  If you already have one AMD racer in your hangar, be aware that CIG's code redemption page does not work properly after your first code is applied.  You have to contact CIG and send them a message with the code to get it applied to your hangar.  Everyone is able to purchase and redeem three AMD video card codes, so you can have up to three of these racers (though CIG probably does not care if you have more).


Please PM me if you want one. 


I have dropped the price a bit more, to sell these faster.  Unfortunately, due to the number of people that defaulted on holds, I cannot offer that service.  If I sell these and you still want one, just PM me and I can help you find one.


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