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Fan Spotlight: Gater’s Fiction

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Fan Spotlight

Today we’d like to highlight one of the best—and most prolific!—pieces of Star Citizen fan fiction: the “Frank” saga from forum user Gater. Gater started posting his Frank story at the old board, starting here, and it eventually lead to a 27-part serialized adventure! It’s well written, a great adventure and well worth the time spent. That’s not all, though: he’s now doing a follow-up story named after a second character, Sara. Those begin here.


Wall of Honor: Lance

We would be remiss if we didn’t thank a fan named Lance for the incredible gift that arrived at the office yesterday: three cases of alcohol! No one on the team has ever seen anything like this working in game development… there’s no question that Star Citizen fans are the best in the world. We’ll show more of this incredible gift on this week’s Wingman’s Hanger!



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