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Also, 2x1 Hangar bay + 2x2 Medical bay = Respawn point in space while any FOB's are being setup, as I imagine they won't magically just all appear but will have some 'gameplay' elements to it, knowing CR.

$$ route will more than likely be 2x1 Biodome, 2x1 Research, 2x1 Hangar bay for making and transporting space drugs like WiDoW. 

Having a mobile drug lab that's not tied down to a planet seems like a good way to go, at least initially. 

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Eddie Del Rio: Endeavor, Iteration 4A (2015 concept)

Endeavor _ Iteration 4A _ Star Citizen

Another pass at the Endeavor. This is the 3d block in. I must of done dozens of passes looking at shape and configuration for this ship. I went a little space 1999 mixed with 90s anime ship design. really love the centipead kind of look the interchangabloe modules add. The idea was to design multiple modules that would be interchangeable, 
Will post my final of the ship in a few days. Until then, here is what could of been.

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