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Persistent Universe (PU) - Star Citizen - 3.x +


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Per the Monthly Report: September 2014 we will be getting images, videos, Dev posts, etc... about the WIP that CIG is now starting to reveal on the Persistent Universe. We can use this thread to collate all new WIP items about the Persistent Universe like these sister threads:



Below are some collated WIP items from the Sep. monthly report specifically on the PU (wanted to summarize these so we can track their WIP on this thread):

  • CIG Austin - Our team has been working hard on Persistent Universe tasks and a multitude of Live Operations activities.
  • ..wrap up Large World “Phase 1” this month as well, which is the first step to getting truly expansive galaxies in place that will literally take days to traverse without quantum travel.
  • ... wrapped up development on the System Layout Tool, which our designers will be using to physically lay out our universe in-game as well as define properties and attributes of various planets and other objects within a solar system.
  • ...completed the first design iteration of Subsumption, Star Citizen’s objective-oriented NPC AI system, and we’ve now moved into full production.
  • ...highly data-driven design, which will in turn eventually allow the constitution of the NPC population and even their daily schedules to be algorithmically determined based upon what’s occurring in the surrounding environment, and heavily contribute to providing the feeling of a living, breathing universe.
  • Some sensational examples we looked into this month include the Dark Nebula, Pulsar, and Ice Giant.
  • ...standardizing our props for environments, investigating how we might incorporate FPS into our planetside locations, and developing reputations for the various corporations within our universe.
  • ...the first planetside location, ArcCorp, up and running.
  • Concept work for our next planetside environment – Terra Prime – is nearing completion, and full production will soon commence.

Long before introducing the AMX-1 Repair Bot for personal craft, Saga Datasystems was known for its more industrial designs. The M3-A Multifunction Space Drone has been in service for more than 50 years, and is ideal for performing basic unmanned tasks in and around stations. While never fit with any advanced AI or communications capability, the M3-A is perfectly capable of performing any basic assigned task – from simple repairs to tug functions and the manipulation of heavy mining and cargo containers.


Citizen Con 2014 is almost upon us. This year the present and future of Star Citizen will be unveiled in Los Angeles on October 10th. We will be livestreaming a presentation from Chris Roberts to backers around the world that will review what we’ve accomplished to date and then give you a sneak peak and what’s coming up for Star Citizen.


There will be a number of reveals about the Persistent Universe soon and please post any reveals, WIP images, vids, dev posts, including any Sandi Leaks - Thanks :)


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Double Posting:

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^^^Shorter Version - but See Tony Z talk about the PU in the long version :wub:


Byronyk just made this awesome video on the MobiGlas that we will have available in the PU. He does a great job going through each pane and explaining what it might do. He also emphasizes purchasing Civilian Items vs not being able to purchase Military Items - which is correct (we as players will be Civilians - not Military - only in S42 will we be in the Military). Keep in mind this is a WIP and will change but this is a real good guide to introduce you to the MobiGlas and what we know to date :wub:

Also below is another video on the CitizenCon 2014... Presentation of the PU (with commentary)

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This article with an interview of Tony Z (CIG) - is probably the best article to date describing the PU ... see link (already posted but wanted to make sure it got into our reference thread for people doing research later on = new players) -->> Interview With Tony Zurovec - Talks Procedural Generation, Economy, Dynamic Universe, Dynamic Mission Generation System, NPCs

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Tony Zurovec talks about Systems/Planets/NPC's/Questing/Mining/Traveling/Economics/Dynamic Citys !! For people that missed the LiveStream this is a! Highly Recommended!! Starts at 01h:05m !


Notes from Holiday Livestream (self.starcitizen)



7 hours ago



 by NehkaraTowel




- Mark Skelton: "What's up party people!?"


- CIG Austin is working on the Persistent Universe, Dev Ops, Live Operations.


- Confirmation again that Planetside/Social from Austin and FPS from Illfonic are next up for module releases.


- CIG Austin aiming to deliver, for the first iteration of Planetside/Social module, the functionality for players to spawn into their hangar and invite other players to their hangar.  Players will move between their hangar and another players via an "elevator system".  The elevator system will also give you access to the first of the Planetside experiences, Arc Corp.  You will be able to see the beginnings of the NPC population.  It will be relatively spartan at first but it will give you a sense of how the AI activities will operate.  You will able to interact with a few shops but not to purchase anything initially.  However, it will give you an idea of how the "transactional system" works.  You will be able to cycle through the inventory of the shop, see pricing, see descriptions of items.


- First iteration of Arc Corp will have 6 shops with at least 2 and probably 3 more to follow in the second iteration.  Second iteration middle of next year... first iteration will be "considerably sooner" but no date has been announced.


- Large World conversion of CryEngine should be completed roughly around the end of January.


- Fairly close to being able to have players go from cities to space and from space to cities.  Quantum travel system (in-system long range navigation from one point of interest to another) is a piece that is missing and will be addressed soon.


- You will be able to bring up a map of everything known to you that is of interest.  This opens the door for the explorer occupation to find as-yet-undiscovered things of potential interest.  That could be anything from comets, asteroid fields, derelict spaceships, combat encounters, etc.


- Mission creation system - long term objective is to allow designers to set up designer-driven modules which can be strung together algorithmically.  "I kind of equate it to a thread and when you pull on a thread it unveils what's behind that.  Each one of these threads has linkages to the other nodes, such that you can maintain some sense of continuity in terms of the context.  If you are doing a pirate-oriented mission, then all of the stuff that naturally flows after that will be little modules that designers have specifically created that will follow that general motif.  Similarly, if you are doing a rescue mission then there will be a lot of stuff oriented in that general direction."


- Initial occupations supported next year: Mining, exploration, bounty hunting, mercenary operations, transportation activities (includes escorts, space taxis, cargo transports, couriers).


- Chris: "Sounds pretty cool." Ben, "This is gonna be a good game!"


- Mark Skelton is trying to make sure concept work is several systems ahead of production, "So we get this train moving."


- Tier system - Rule sets on how to build assets so that they can be reused throughout the game.  For example, assets built for a level in Squadron 42 can be re-used in the PU.


- Tier system allows them to not have to create a new wall or ceiling or floor for every building.  Once the re-usable parts are laid out to create an environment, they do another pass to put in some unique elements.


- Tier system will allow them to quickly create planetside environments.


- Add completely unique elements to locations as landmarks.


- First test bed was Arc Corp and it was a big success.  Almost all of it was modular pieces, but with the Arc Corp ball that is unique.


- "It's like the ultimate set of LEGO."


- Terra Prime is now the focus.


- Working on making it different from Arc Corp.


- After Terra Prime, work will move to Nyx.


- Currently working on creating three pillars of styles for the first few systems, then expanding later.  First three will be High Tech, Low Tech, and Supermodernism.


- Terra tower is kind of like the Revel & York hangar.  Huge centrepiece tower.  Mark Skelton compares it to [burj Khalifa](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burj_Khalifa).


- Huge atriums in the tower where they tried to really detail out and push that style (R&Y).  A lot of foliage and smooth lines.


- Extremely tall, almost vertigo-inducing.  Top of the tower you can look out across the city.  On one side you can see the rest of the city.  Other side you can see ocean, mountains, and forest.


- Elevator that goes up the tower spins around so you can see the scenery.


- Terra Prime is a massive city.


- Arc Corp's basic architecture is done but the NPC population still needs a lot of work and some of the shops need to be finished up as well as the shop interface.  First layer of work done on Arc Corp but the next layers are in progress.


- Terra Prime is well underway in terms of its architecture.


- Nyx is at the earliest stages currently.  Nyx will be the third system.


- Nyx is an abandoned mine inside an asteroid which has been taken over by pirates and fringe groups.


- Working on having a unique thing in each city to make it immediately identifiable (Arc Corp ball, Terra tower).


- Settlement on Nyx is built into the walls of the huge hole that was dug into the asteroid for mining, and that is its identifying characteristic.  A lot of old mining machinery.  Some still operational as there are still a few people trying to make a living by mining the asteroid.  The large mining operation has long since shut down.


- Working to make each of the first set of landing zones look dramatically different from each other.


- Nyx is a pretty shady place.  Probably be okay if you stick to the shops and areas near the landing zone, but if you wander off the beaten "you're gonna get rolled".  


- Not much security on Nyx.  That said, if you start shooting up the place you'll have some "pirates up your butt".


- Not much by way of customs on Nyx.


- Foundry 42 has point on character customization, however Austin will discuss it briefly.


- Foundry 42 has point on the character customization because they will be using it for SQ42 before Austin will need it for the PU.


- Austin and Foundry 42 collaborating though because they have to ensure whatever Foundry 42 does is compliant for the PU.


- Originally the idea was to have sets of clothing but as they talked both to each and the community more, they have decided to try and have a more robust system where you can have like a pirate top with a military bottom if you want to.  They're trying very hard to make it happen and Mark thinks it will but there is still a lot of things to be worked out.  "Backpacks... you know, if you have a big collar and backpack... what the hell happens there?"


- The idea now is to be able to mix anything together but again, there are issues to be worked out.


- Trenchcoats are something they really want to do but again, they're tricky.


- Tony: "If it sounds like some of the ideas are still being worked through that's because they are."


- UK is aiming to have the final system (for character customization) locked in place by the beginning of March (about 10 weeks from now).


- Once that has occurred, they will be able to go into very precise detail about how the system will work for the initial iteration of the game.


- Initially they are aiming to do two layers of clothing.  It's possible they may be able to "crank that up another notch" further on in the process.  There all sorts of trinkets you can associate with your character.  Obviously also other hardpoints such as weapons and belts, etc.


- FPS concerns about how you interact with your clothes.


- Different levels of military gear that you can put on.


- If you want to have grenades and other military gear on you (in pockets and hardpoints on your clothes) then you will have to wear military gear or at least clothing designed for that purpose.


- Tony: "The clothing and belts that you wear will dictate the hardpoints that allow you to attach other items to your character."


- (On the cargo pants topic) Mark: "It got cargo-centric for awhile there.  Cargo pants are awesome because you can just shove stuff in them.  But... after awhile it was like, if everyone's wearing cargo pants that's gonna be weird.  The pocket stuff got kinda crazy.  But anyway, we pulled it back.  Smugglers get to wear cargo pants."


- "TARDIS in your pocket."


- We will see a lot more of Austin in the New Year.


- Ben: "We are going to kick off showing you what they are working on in the PU in January.  To coincide with PAX South, we are going to be doing a PU townhall where we're going to have backers interact directly with the guys right here.  Share ideas, concerns, thoughts."


- The reason Nyx was included in the first systems is because Nyx is where the asteroid hangars will be located initially.


- Discussion about what will be modeled in a star system, original question was about whether there will be individual moons.  


Tony: "Certainly moons... we're actually going a lot farther than that.  One of the occupations will wind up being Discovery and Discovery is going to have a subset that is going to have research-oriented missions.  There will be a number of different points of interest, the most obvious ones being planetary-sized bodies that would likely have some sort of landing zone - at least in a lot of situations.  Ditto with moons, ditto with big space stations.  There will also be a lot of much smaller stuff - small asteroid fields, large asteroid fields, cometary bodies, unknown gravitational anomalies where someone has to actually traipse out there and figure out exactly what it is, derelict space ships - so, the solar system is actually going to be littered with a variety of interesting places to visit but at any given time the vast majority of that will be unknown and it's up to these explorers to basically go through this skill-driven process to ferret this information out.  


Then, depending upon whether or not these explorers have done that as a result of undertaking a job, in which case the information is immediately transmitted back to the broker, or whether they discovered it and covered all of the costs on their own - they are now the sole owner, in theory, of that particular bit of information.  They now effectively have some insight into the solar system that no other player may have and that's a valuable asset.  If you think about it, if you go out and you find your own asteroid field and it happens to be loaded up with a particularly valuable type of commodity that you want to mine.  There is no one else that you have to worry about extracting all of that value from those asteroids.  You can just go back over and over and essentially mint a fortune if you were diligent enough to actually go out and find your own field.  


At the same time, a lot of players will avoid these big commonly known points of interest... the asteroid fields that are well known to people will very quickly be depleted of the all of the most valuable resources and so as a result a lot of players will find themselves going to these so-called information brokers, paying a fee, and then getting some insight into a particular point of interest that basically provides whatever it is they're looking for.  In the case of a miner that might be an asteroid field that has a particularly high density of whatever they're looking for which would probably be dictated by what the prices are currently in that system.  In the case of a scientist, what they might be looking for is which section of the solar system has a particularly high number of sightings of comets because they're going to get paid via basically taking video of a comet from the backside.  If you think back to the movie Armageddon, where you have the two space shuttles approaching the backside of a comet that was throwing off all sorts of debris that you were having to navigate around.  


That's one of the things that we would like to add to the game which is the ability for these occupations that you're doing to present the player with opportunities.  They are dangerous opportunities, you can die doing things that have nothing to do with combat.  You can die merely as the result of... well, your mission objective is to obtain 30 seconds of uninterrupted video footage from within 500 meters of one of these cometary bodies that's throwing off all sorts of stuff behind which you are weaving, ducking, dodging to prevent your ship from getting blasted.  Same thing with mining.  Mining is not going to be as simplistic as landing on asteroid, clicking a button, and the ore is just gradually extracted into your ship.  Instead, there are a variety of dangerous scenarios that can unfold as you are injecting massive amounts of energy to break off fragments of these asteroids.  That could include everything from accidentally penetrating a compressed gas pocket.  That could be accidentally igniting a particularly volatile material that could blow the asteroid apart.  So, there are going to be a number of mechanics integrated into all of these different occupations that are going to add a skill component and a danger component regardless of what you're doing.  Scientists will face danger, mercenaries will face danger... it's just danger of a different type."


(Thus ends one of my favourite statements ever.)


- Last two of the five initial locations are Mariana and Odyssa.


- Odyssa is a city in the system of Magnus, on the planet Magnus II (Borea).


- (I am not sure where Mariana is located... from what Tony says it sounds like the name of the city rather than the name of the planet or system.  Does anyone know where Mariana is?  I'm also not completely sure on the spelling.)


- Odyssa is reminiscent of Detroit.  Lots of unemployment.  City past its prime.  First city you will visit with lots of stores that are closed and vacant.  It is an abandoned ship construction yard.  You will be able to see half-finished hulls off in the distance.


- Space stations are in intense development.  To allow flexibility for mission creation system, they wanted the ability to have "mobile landing zones" wherever within the system.  This will be accomplished with space stations.


- One of the art sets is a space station set.


- Ability to make luxury space stations, mining stations, military outposts, etc.


- Missions system will utilize these such that they can have points of interest wherever they want.


- Unemployment will be linked to the economic simulation.


- Economic simulation will provide inputs to cities.  It will dictate population, per capita wealth, crime ratio, jobs available.  Economic data will dictate which NPCs you see in a city.  Maybe you will have more than normal criminals and fewer businessmen, tourists, etc.


- Landing in place with economic hardship will be more dangerous, more criminals in those places.  Higher chance of being mugged, held up, etc.


- Economic state is tied to the visual look of a city.


- You could visit a city and it is thriving and looks nice, no trash on the ground, no graffiti.  Then maybe you come back a month later and "the place has just gone to hell.  There's spray paint on the wall, there's crap on the ground and stuff everywhere."

- The reason for this is as the wealth goes down and the crime goes up, you will have more vandals who will break windows, spray paint on walls, and knock over trash cans... making things look awful.

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Interesting Image files:  JOBWELL Trade & Development Division (2m:37s Imagine trailer - From game files StarCitizen)

See link above for full size images --- NOTE the UEC amounts on Job board and Risk / Reward payouts - this may not be final in PU but still interesting:



+++ UEE Planetary Border Control (CitizenCon 2014 - Persistent Universe Demo)<<< - See link again for larger Images


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Space station & terra surface mockup stuff in 8K

screen caps pulled from the star citizen files.

By T3ll3r · 2 hours ago
test space station with and without ring compared to bengal, carrack, 890 and reclaimer
terra terrain
more scale
find the freelancers
spot the 9 hidden ships...
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