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Want to Sell Shepard Fairey Signed Print

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Hey everyone, 


I'm looking to sell my Shepard Fairey Signed and Numbered print. I purchased it at his show at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center. He created this specifically for the CAC as a special run of 450.

The one I have is numbered 132/450. It is in the same tube that It originally came in, and is in mint to near mint condition. I am the only person who has own this particular print, as I got it at the show, and the original receipt is in the tube as well. 


This is a completed ebay listing that is identical to the one I have except for the number (mine is 135 vs 165 in the listing.




I am looking for $200 USD if anyone is interested, please send me a PM.


I did not take this pic, (it's from the shepard fairey site) but it is this specific print.



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