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Various artworks and pictures

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LOVE this ^.  I've been advocating a mountainside hangar for a while.  If you're an explorer and find a habitable planet, this is your first hangar  It won't be a branded one because there are no buildings yet.  It will be excavated (VFG like) and stuck in the side of a hill for ease of construction.  Maybe my Orion can make the hangar...

Same guy, linked in VoA's post.


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Very cool Player Rendered Badges - See Hidden


Licensing stuff: If you want to use these 'as-is' (.e.g as a profile picture) then you have permission. If you want to create a derivative work using it (such as putting it in a sig, video, etc), please clearly attribute "@Rushyo" (https://twitter.com/Rushyo) per the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. Or, y'know, ask nicely :)

I was supposed to be doing university work, so naturally my brain has decided that I'm only going to enjoy doing creative stuff today.

Knocked these out to get the vibes out of the way so I can maybe, just maybe, actually get some work done.


This badge belongs to a veteran Advocacy Sergeant. He's seen a lot of action, and although he recently turned down a desk job (all he wants to do is stay in the field) there's a lot of pressure on him to take the promotion. His bosses don't want to push it too hard mind; he's one of their most reliable agents.


You'd imagine it would go without saying that you don't pick a fight with a UEE Marine, but somehow it keeps happening at that bar. The blood splatter is unlikely to be the Marine's.


Officially the Navy have regulations about how you're supposed to treat military property, but down on the deck of a Javelin nobody is going to care if a hangar technician's gear isn't polished regularly. Well, so long as the birds keep flying, anyway.

BONUS! Because PBR is much more fun than law assignments:






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