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Need People to Allow me to Use Their Teamspeak/Forum Name in my Novel

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Since you seem to still be looking for characters to include in the novel, you can feel free to use my character as well. This actually made me think of what 'last name' I'd give my character in the PU of Star Citizen once it comes out, assuming there will be such an option.

Name: Dave Anders

Callsign: D189

Primary Objective: Exploration

Ship: Upgraded 315p with Panther Repeater on Nose, the Omnisky on the wings remain, and Missile Launchers with 4 Tempest Missiles

P.S.: Human character, since you have hybrids in your novel. I'd be fine with genetic enhancements for better vision/hearing or something if you did chose to add a twist though.

Wanting to bring to your attention that I plan on including several deviations from Humanity in my novel. I'll outline it like this.... (Including Humans)


Mechanical Man (Polar End of Technology) - A Metallic Body, complimented with Hyper Communications and Detection, piloted by the only remaining human organ in the body, the Brain. These beings are great detectors, using thermal lenses, from their eyes, and Heavily Armored, yet slower than Humans on average walking/sprinting speed. Impervious to biological hazards, and other matters that'd harm organic beings. Known weakness is electromagnetic pulse weapons and/or anomalies. (EMP)

Human (Middle of the Spectrum) - Without the use of tools, these type of men are left in the dark. Their speed on foot is faster than that of the Mechanical Men, yet slower than the hybrids. Depending on which armor they wear/weapons they yield as individuals, at different times, determines their lethality. Humans = Very Modular. 

Hybrids (Polar End of Nature) - The aftermath of a surgical, and gene manipulation. Designed to have higher sensitive, natural hearing, and sight than humans. More vulnerable to biological hazards, than humans, yet faster in speed than any known species set within Imperium. 


The Mechanical Men and Hybrids are to have a lore of discrimination.


The Mechanical Men: Cold Blooded Brain Control Robots, more Machine than Man.

Hybrids: More Animal than Human.

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I mentioned you can use me, im exploration, and tend to keep away from massive groups, working with a close knit group of highly trusted individuals.
Some i seemingly trust, but dont, and yes, i withhold information from others.

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Yo.  I'm Shilo Rivers, a coarse minded, rough, hard workin'  rock cracker with no time for foolishness.  I word hard minin', I play hard when I can, I'm honest to the core.

Work  this unpolished mongrel in your writin' if you wanna.



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Use me like a sex puppet; Lambo

i am an officer of the Stimperial Navy, all praise be unto the Stimperor

I am a fantasy gifts merchant, dealing in only the finest of snuff wares and you can usually find me in the slums of the city planet

i utilize my aurora as a space food truck but instead of food its like a build-a-bear shop and can craft your own ovipositor

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