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Need People to Allow me to Use Their Teamspeak/Forum Name in my Novel


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As most of you are aware, I am working on a Fanfiction novel for Star Citizen. I need a number of people to post here to give me permission to use you in my Story. All I need is for you to post, something like"You can use me" or just write your forum/teamspeak name in a reply to this thread, and I'll get to work on adding you into my little novel.



[ALSO, I need you to post weather, you are of the following]


Combat [Aireal]

Combat [infantry]






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As I said on TS, all good for me.


Use whatever you want for the other stuff (everything about me is in my sig pretty much - squadron, division, ship/role)

Must have sent you a request by accident, if you've been reading, then you would know you're practically a main character by this point. On that note how far have you read into my novel?

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I don't know if you want to use me in your novel....but you have my permission.


Originally I was Combat Ops but I have recently changed to T&I.

Currently I am with the Eclipse Squadron as my primary squadron....but I am also with APEX Logistics and ISAR.

So my story could be very interesting....

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You can use me if you want...my first character's name will be "Maximus Decimus"

EDIT: Trade/Commerce, Production, Investing, and Exploration
Squadron: Apex Logistics
Pilots the Banu Merchantman,  "Sparta"

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