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Outbreak Idea on RSI Forums

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I have been theorycrafting a bit. And my Idea of an Outbreak has taken bait. Please read through the comments and contribute to this thread on the RSI Website.




Also I was informed by one of the forum comments that there will already be a fever.Please have a look and read this article.





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I like the idea for sure.  Although, I think a slight modification to it would be cool.


1. You go to a planet, station, or abandoned ship.

2. You dock and explore.

3. During this an alien such as from the alien movies board your ship without you knowing.

4. They lay eggs an infest without you knowing.

5. You then head home to your planet, hangar, station, etc...

6. You have to FPS to clear the infestation.

7. If you fail then they take over.

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Please remember to contribute to the RSI forums, and leave comments, leaving either your opinion on the matter, whether it's supportive or against it. If you have any suggestions, that would be appreciated as well. It's great thet you're contributing to this forum, but the priority of this forum will be held on the RSI forums. I'll send that link again, just to verify where you can find it.




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You should just keep it to AI and keep the infection to zombies.  Everyone likes Zombies.

When I mentioned zombies on Imperium Teamspeak...... A FIRESTORM was unleashed on me.... a metaphor for feedback that is. Not trying to piss off anyone else that may be on Star Citizen. But hey, you could throw that opinion out there. on the RSI forums, where I posted this discussion. Hell mention your suggestion there, and see what responses come about.

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