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So...space trucking + procedural generation = infinite space highways...exciting.  I heard about E:D and SC at the same time, but SC was the one that captured my imagination, though we'll have a long time to wait I'm thinking I made the right decision.


Hearing someone say thison starcitizenbase is odd...


Mostly because yes, pretty much all of us chose SC over E:D :P

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I bought the premium beta back in the day, got in and flew around a bit, but haven't been terribly fussed to play with buggy beta issues. Unsure why people are selling now, but after watching Geekdomo play a lot it seems very repetetive with an emphasis on trade and salvage with not much on combat (which also has been a bit buggy). I know there was a lot of debate about PvP and stuff too, so maybe a decision got made there?

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Yeah, it seems there are sudden sales. Wonder why or is it just coincidence. 


I would like to add you need to look at this from a proportional basis.


When it was in PB1 there was only like a few hundred subscribers, and there was people selling too. The game now has thousands of players, so just pure percentage terms, the number of sellers will increase. 


This is no different to the SC sellers out there, and plenty of it too.


Nothing concerning, ED is a fantastic game and it will do very well.

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Another one for sale elsewhere as well - what is the main reason people are leaving ED? Just curious. - DRUM out

It's very repetitive in the short time I played I already felt it was a grind.  The only cool part about it was the docking system.  The combat was not a good experience as everyone was able to just run off.

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         2        F7C-R Hornet Ghost (SPECTER package)        LTI          $215  2 RETRACTED
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         1        Starfarer (standalone ship)                 2yr          $360  1 RETRACTED

      This is how a sale is done:
      You contact me on PM about the item(s) you want to buy. You're welcome to ask me any questions in this thread, if you're wondering about prices, how upgrades work, or other sales related things. I send an invoice of the amount (given on this page) to your PayPal email address. You pay the invoice. When I've received your payment I Buy Back (unmelt) the item(s) and gift it / them to your RSI email address. You check that you've received the item(s) you bought. Both of us add feedback to each others forum accounts (here on Star Citizen Base). NOTE: When you contact me on PM, please state your PayPal email address (for the invoice), plus your RSI handle, and the email address for gifting (if different from your PayPal email). If you don't mention these details I must ask for them and it takes longer to complete the trade because of more messages back and forth.
      NOTE: Some ships will be gifted from my Viking account and some from my Wicing account on RSI.
      NOTE: The images shown of the unmelt items are examples and so the date may vary.

      My RSI account email is the same as my Paypal email address and my email address in this forum.
      Proof of my RSI and Paypal accounts will be given on request on PM.
      I've sold many ships here before. See my feedback.