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Freelancer images from Teller :)

First one is of smuggler compartments below beds ...


I hope the up-sized Freelancer design and the new modular interior system will mean that there are multiple possible locations for smuggler's compartments, because it kinda defeats the purpose of a secret compartment if everyone knows where it's located on every ship. For example, the Taurus doesn't have a ventral gun turret and a smuggler's compartment is located there; if Pirate-players or law enforcement boarded a Taurus, that's the first place they'd look for contraband.

If a ship had a half dozen or more possible locations for smuggling compartments, it would be more difficult for boarders to find the hidden compartment and break into it. Pirates probably wouldn't risk the time it would take to crack the smuggling compartment, whereas law enforcement and port authorities (especially NPCs) wouldn't know where to look or lack the skills and tools to open it.

In the June Monthly Report, it mentioned that CIG Austin is drafting up the Smuggler occupation. Hopefully CIG will provide some of this information in the near-future.

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