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2 hours ago, Devil Khan said:

Wow it's been since November still you repost here :D

Well - been really swamped with work as an Architect (I am at the point where I am turning down jobs - and I don't want to expand.... kinda a long story) = it sucks though when real life interferes with game time huh.... :(


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I was on a F42 tour last March, and there was a landing zone they showed which i havent seen or knowingly heard anything about since then, my hearing is quite terrible, and it was the first thing we saw and i didnt think to get a bit closer at that point cos they're not exactly speaking loudly cos everyone else around them is working, so if they said the name of the location i didnt catch it, but ive never seen concept art like it, and even then it looked a new level of amazing the environmental detail on show. We didnt see much interior, but i'd say it seemed like it might be similar to the Nyx demonstration where the surface assets is like 10% of it, meaning there could have been a lot unfinished we didnt see and needing tons of work.

The reason i bring it up is just to kinda point out that that was just 1 thing i saw nearly 13 months ago which we've seen nothing off publicly, from 1 studio, so who knows just how much more they've done since i saw a snippet, plus the other studios too.
That summer asset leak nearly 2yrs ago showed us just how much we're not seeing, even with the openness we have, that it puts things into perspective somewhat. The live content might feel like everything is moving slowly, but its just the live content, theres still tons of stuff we'd never even know about, beyond speculation of what we'd expect them to need (ie a decent variety of Vanduul ships).

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1 minute ago, AstroJak said:

@voa why are there all these blank posts?

Sent from my LG-H812 using Tapatalk

They aren't blank.  This thread, the PU thread, FPS thread + Aliens thread have many links and many images that do not load well on Mobile Devices and you should really only visit these threads on your desktop or laptop with a good internet connection.   Let me know if you try it on something other than your mobile device and if it works for you?

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