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Best Screen Resolution

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I am fortunate to have a Matrox Triple Screen display system with a set resolution of 3840 x 1024. 


On of the immediate advantages I notice is I have at least 150 degree field of view.  I haven't tried it out flying around yet because I'm just getting over a stroke that screwed up my vision.  With exercise and medication I expect to be flying in a couple of weeks.


I included a jpeg image of the triple screen view from the cockpit of my F7C-S Ghost.


I've played several games where I had a wide field of view and could see folks trying to blindside me.  It was funny to see them vaporize all the while they were taking their time getting closer.


I'll be using the keyboard for a while because I just gave my son my Seitek X-55 system.  He retires from the US Army in Sep2014.  He is an exceptional Apache Attack Helicopter Pilot who loved supporting the ground troops, especially coming over a hill like the Calvary.  I couldn't prouder of him.  I always told him "do it right the first time."  Well, I can say "he did it right and he did it best."  HOOAH ARMY!






A single screen would only have the middle third of the above image

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I run triple monitors at a custom 5940x1080 (bezel corrected) resolution. The only issue right now, and it the same for all other games, is that the game doesn't render to 3 monitors, only two. So the image on the outsides of both side monitors is stretched, which like I said is normal. I would like to see SLI support that corrects this, but I doubt it will happen. It still looks great and provides great peripheral awareness as long as you don't try to judge distance based on the very outskirts of the image. 



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