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Complete aegis gladius for trade

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the prices only go up on bombers

The Gladius is a light fighter - Similar to a 300 with hornet-esque firepower (has a canard turret).




I would also like to remind you guys that the seller can ask whatever they like. If you don't agree with it, you don't have to accept the offer. No thread crapping please in the marketplace.


From the marketplace rules:

8. No THREAD CRAPPING. It is rude and will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with the price, the seller or the conditions of the sale, contact the seller directly, do not post it in the thread.

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    • By alka
      Hi all, I am selling my own account I have created in 2015
      The account includes these ships.
      Aegis Vulcan - 120 Month
      Hull C - 120 Month
      Hull E - 120 Month
      Hercules C2 - 120 Month
      Eclipse - 120 Month
      Mercury Star Runner - LTI
      Cutlass Black - LTI
      Anvil Hawk - LTI
      Drake Dragonfly black - LTI
      Tumbril Ranger CV - LTI
      Banu Merchantman - 120 Month
      Caterpillar 2949 BIS - LTI
      + Paints, armors etc..
      Imperator - 1 Year Access Pass
      Asking Price $2400
    • By Pegasus
      TO BE DELETED - no longer for sale
    • By Pegasus
      TO BE DELETED - no longer for sale
    • By Danakar Endeel
      EDIT: Managed to get another Slate Camo paint off-site so I'm all good now.
      Hey again 🙂
      I already made a similar post earlier but now I'm looking for a second "Slate Camo" ship paint that can be used on the Origin 100-series. As I recall CIG offered 3 different paints a while back when they released the 100-series. CIG sold them separately at $5 each or in a pack with all 3 for $12,50.
      So the paint I'm interested in was called "Slate Camo" (see image below) and was a kinda dark grey camo pattern. Please send me a reply/PM if you happen to have this paint available and want to sell it to me for a reasonable price or I can trade you something that you can then melt for Store Credit. Thanks!! 😃
      I already managed to get 1 of them (thanks Danredda!) and figured I might as well make a new post here to see if there's anybody out there who might have one in their BuyBack that they'd be willing to trade.
      I can either pay you some cash for it through PayPal or trade you something else that you can then melt for Store Credit if you prefer.  

    • By sinDIE
      [WTS] [GIFT]  ($175) ($140) $120 MUSTANG OMEGA AMD 2MI + SQ42+ 1K UEC
      Hi all!
      I don't play Star Citizen cause i need to upgrade the PC this year, received this back in the day when I bought an AMD product.
      I have some past trading rep on Steam. I have included my steam link, reddit, discord.
      -steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/6e0/
      -discord: sinDIE#3030
      -reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/sinDIE__
      -Mustang Omega: AMD Edition
      -Self Land Hanger
      -Legacy AC
      -Starting Money 1,000 UEC
      -2 Months Insurance
      -Digital Star Citizen Manual
      -Star Citizen Digital Download
      -Squadron 42 Digital Download
      Will be shipping item as a GIFT to your RSI account!
      Only Paypal.
      Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!

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