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Feedback Wanted My Star Citizen setup


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I copied my post over in the general threads so that it is now in it's proper place.....


For what it's worth, for those of us who choose one, having a joystick alone will not give you all of the control any of us will need even with a keyboard. I will leave the merits and setups of the HOTAS kits for someone else in another thread. We all know that KB/M users are loathe to even consider changing to another control scheme because, frankly, they are really familiar with it and thus are more comfortable with the setup they probably learned on. Good on 'em!


I rarely use KB/M, if I am, it's because I'm running a Battlearmor in Mechwarrior: Living Legends - but that's it (yes, I play no FPS games). Maybe later, when FPS in SC is enabled, but even then, I'll use my Razer Nostromo (or Orbweaver if I buy one later) and the mouse.


I am not debating a person's choice of using a KB/M setup here - the argument is really very old, established, and, frankly, I really don't care why anybody uses a KB/M as their default setup so let's keep that out of any response anybody will have to my "alternative" control scheme - we ALL know why a lot of people choose KB/M. However, if anybody wants to compare my config to theirs if they are instead using a keypad like the Nostromo and a mouse vice a traditional KB/M setup, then by all means, their experience will definitely help others make decisions about future purchases or setup peripherals.


I have posted this somewhere in the Imperium forums, but, it's buried PLUS I've been thinking about the config and may have changed minor bits.


My idea for a Star Citizen control scheme is to use the Razer Nostromo (a keypad) and Joystick. The use of the keypad allows me to have an uncomplicated joystick in a keyboard. My ideas for using them are:
Razer Nostromo keypad for the left hand -- I do recommend the Razer Orbweaver or Orbweaver Stealth, though, because their hand, palm and thumb test ergonomics can be adjusted whereas the Nostromo features are fixed (the Razer Tartarus is the replacement for the Nostromo I think and lacks the scroll wheel and also has a fixed hand and thumb rest). The Nostromo has multiple wait states you can use to program a scheme for another game or to supplement the SC configs for, say, FPS movement/actions control: 
program the 14 keypad finger buttons as needs for weapons, shields, hyper/lightspeed, etc.
the d-pad I will for the following:
"W" for throttle increase, 
"S" for decrease throttle and slowly increasing reverse thrusters until stop or max output for reverse, 
"A" for strafe left, 
"D" for strafe right
The scroll wheel I think will be useful for controlling fore and aft shields. The use should be obvious, but just in case:
- neutral/middle is equal fore and aft shield strength
- moving the wheel forward or backwards will alter the percentage as needs
I plan to use a Joystick for the right hand, at present, I'm using the inexpensive Logitech Extreme 3D Pro - been using one for years, even to play mechwarrior games. Plus, SC is supporting this JS from jump. The following setup has yet to be worked out, exist only as possibilities and will depend on how much fine control we get over the thrusters.
X-axis - turn left/right or program for roll
Y-axis - pitch down/up
Z-axis - either rotate on the x-axis around the Y-axis or roll left/right (by selecting which thrusters are employed if possible - this may require a macro in the logitech software and/or SC settings)
Hat switch, I hope to be able to program it for thruster use because I will be using TrackIR for "looking":
left - rotate left on the z-axis
right - rotate right on the z-axis
forward - move forward down and level on the y-axis
back - move forward up and level on the y-axis
(the last two will be Q and E I believe)
Trigger button/button 1 - primary fire button
Button 2 (thumb button) - comms
Button 3 - secondary weapon(s)
Button 4 - tertiary weapon(s)
Button 5 - missile countermeasures
Button 6 - Alpha (all weapons less missiles unless have lock)
There are buttons on the base of the JS, but I've not thought about why I would use them unless it was for jumping to hyper/lightspeed where my left hand can be used for them without having to worry about any other functions needed for fighting, boarding, mining, etc....
razer orbweaver
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I am not familiar with these gaming pads, I have never used one myself, I am interested in how this would play out.

I am not interested in changing my control scheme either for various reasons ranging from adaptability, traveling, multiple systems and familiarity, but I do think this might be a valid way to play and rather balanced due to SC not only being in ships.


Another positive point might be that this is smaller thus easier to incorporate as a side thing for HOTAS users, although one could argue that they have a KB already most likely. Still it seems like a valid way to play, although quite specific, and quite balanced.


I'd actually like to hear more about the usability of gaming pads, pros, cons etc.

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Roccat Tyon has an analogue lever on the side, giving 3 analogue axes. I then have a Logitech G13 with the thumbstick set to analogue for 2 more analogue axes. I used the buttons above and below the stick for strafe up and down. or I would if I'd set it all up  :-)

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On 10/11/2016 at 0:43 AM, happyherbivore said:

Hi there, just wondering if you ever sorted out this setup. I'm running the same joystick and a razer tartarus and would love to try out your keymapping.

I'm also using a MS strategic commander for the left hand. WIP.

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