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Build help Computer for Logic Pro X

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It's time for me to change music software and I need some help selecting a computer to use this software on. I don't give a crap what computer it is, all I care about is the Price vs Performance here and do note, I will not be playing on this computer.

Anyone with any input on this that could help me?

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What kind of music software are you talking about using here?  Composition software, mixing software, whole package?  Logic Pro X has a bunch of addon features which add resource requirements.  That and it's an apple product  ;) which automatically means more resources.


I guess I'm just asking what plugins are you planning on using?

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You'll need a macintosh to use this software so it will totaly depend on your budget, or build a Hackintosh it depend on you.


Edit: if you plan to buy an apple, you surely need an external sound card, the total will be a bit expensive.

This, i know. What are the totals in your head? For hackintosh vs Macintosh with soundcard?

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the more powerfull, the better, so it totaly depend on your budget.


if you have $5000 you should buy a mac pro + pro sound card

a hackintosh will be definitely cheaper but you'll need to do it yourself and I'm not really sure if your software will be available on it ...

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I'd go Hackintosh, as long as you can follow their guides to making sure your components are OSX compatible, you should be ok.  That and it would be easier to run a windows partition in addition to OSX and you won't have to spend 5k.  As long as you've got 16 GB DDR3 mem & Hard disk, the only really expensive things will be the software, mobo/cpu, and sound card.  You won't need a high end GPU since you're not gaming.  And all of this you can get for a fraction of the price of an actual mac product.


The downside like Yaseen said is you'll have to do a lot of things yourself and follow directions very closely without support.  But hey, up to you.


There are Windows compatible DAW programs too...like Reason 7, so unless you have your heart set on Logic Pro, you could go with that for a lot cheaper machine build as well.

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