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Want to Trade What to Free? Some steam games (CK2, CivIV, Terraria..)

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Have some games on my item list on steam which I already have. Now, I don't really want to ask anything for these games. If you'd like one of these games just leave a reply here. 1 game per person.

- Crusader Kings II
- Civilization IV (Complete I think?)
- 2x Guest pass Killing floor, not sure how long they're valid. 

Just tell me.

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Come on the TS and I'll pass them along.


That's very cool of you @Tinholt... don't need any of those, just wanted to say thanks for the generous offer!  :D

They've been sitting there for god how long..  Most people I know already own them, so instead of giving them to someone I barely know on my steam friendlist I'll just give them to someone I hardly know here :P

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A little hijack: TeamSpeak is a VoIP aka Voice chat program. It allows you to chat with people using.. well.. your microphone. SCB has its own TS server where we hang out and insult eachother. I mean ehh.. have constructive discussions in respect to meaningful events in life and the universe.


To stay on topic: A very nice gesture indeed, Tinholt.

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