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Found 24 results

  1. Title says it all. Be happy to buy any extra modules if you have any
  2. Hello, As per titile, wish to buy or trade, please make offers, thanks. Vanguard Battlefield Upgrade Kits with LTI F7A skin Phoenix upgrade Glaive LTI Retaliator Modules with LTI Envdeavour Modules with LTI I can pay with paypal, credits, original ships. I can consider buying accounts as well.
  3. Title says it all. KKillroyV2 has requested this sale. Just to be official, here it is.
  4. G'day SCB, Just letting you guys know I have a relatively new service where I will list items you want to buy and sell without asking for a commission and I will also middleman the exchange for free as usual. This means cheaper prices for buyers and sellers get more in their pocket from the agreed price. The lists are on reddit and can be viewed without needing an account, and I would prefer to be contacted through there, but I know there are people (like myself) who dislike the place and do not wish to become members. I can conduct the service through here, it will just take few extra steps. If you do not have a reddit account, you may have to be a member of SCB of some good standing before I agree to do business with you. A verified paypal account is a must. The lists are located as follows: Click here for the list of items for saleClick here for the list of items wantedShoot me a PM if you have an questions. Regards, B
  5. Hi guys! I saw only as of yet that there is a new ship to pledge for and I have to say that it looks damn sexy. Anyway I'd have to pay money onto paypal to buy it but that wont be fast enough [My bank is very lame with transactions]. So I offer anyone who is interested Witcher 3 Wild Hunt [or anything else on Steam that is comparable] on Steam for the Reliant LTI which I can buy with my Steam account credits. Best Regards, Heart
  6. Hull-C and Starfarer Gemini (worth $440) for LTI Carrack + $ or LTI Retaliator. or selling HULL-C out right for $240 (obo) to fund my LTI Constellation purchase. Paypal verified only. Buyers must pay Singapore GST, which is $0
  7. I have a Hearth Stone account. I have nearly every card in the game. Tons of card backs all expansions. Its worth around $800. I would like to get an Orion I'm going to post the account on playerup but I thought I'd post it here and see if anyone was interested in trading as that would save me a lot of hassle(I'm lazy). which is worth the loss in cash since this is why i'm selling it anyway. I'll update with pics and stuff when I get home. this account will also come with a WoW account (not much there) and 4 beta keys for heroes of the storm Legendary cards: Malorne Archmage Antonidas Tirion Fordring Prophet Velen Edwin Vancleef Neptulon Al'Akir The Windlord Lord Jaraxxus Mal'Ganis Bloodmage Thalnos Lorewalker Cho Millhouse Manastorm Nat Pagle King Mukla Baron Rivendare Old Murk-Eye Blingtron 3000 Captain Greenskin Feugen Hemet Nesingwary Loatheb Nimiron's Head Stalagg Emporor Thaurissan Gazlowe Gelbin Mekkatorque Hogger Illidan Stormrage Maexxna Mogor the Ogre Sylvanas Windrunner Toshley Baron Geddon Dr. Boom Troggzor the Earthinator Foe Reaper 4000 Kel'Thuzad Ragniros The Firelord Sneed's Old Shredder Malygos Onyxia Rare Cards: ALL OF THEM Uncommon Cards: ALL OF THEM COMMON CARDS: ALL OF THEM Expansions: ALL OF THEM The latest expansion black-rock mountain I haven't finished yet so more legendarily there I figured you might actually want to play it
  8. looking to buy an LTI Reclaimer. do have a giftable vanguard LTI willing to throw in for possible traded discount.
  9. Looking to trade my EU World of Tanks account for an LTI Rear Admiral physical package, but willing to consider other reasonable offers. Also open to selling account outright for £350/$500(negotiable), paypal only. Account has 45 premium tanks and has just under 6k battles played, and I am the original owner. All in all, I have paid more than £1000/$1,500 into this game. http://imgur.com/a/qvFW7 Premium tanks by nation, brackets denote limited edition tanks or tanks no longer available: USSR - [Tetrarch], [LTP], T-127, Valentine II, Matilda IV, Churchill III, [KV-220], [KV-5], IS-6, SU85i, SU100Y, SU 122-44. Germany - [PZ II Ausf. D], T-15, Pz S35 739, T-25, Pz IV S, Panther M10, [PZ B2 740], Lowe, Dicker Max, [E-25], JagdTiger 8.8 USA - [T1E6], T2 Light, Locust, Ram II, [Fury], Super Pershing, T-34 UK - [Light Mk. Vic], Matilda Black Prince, Excelsior, TOG II, AT15A, Sexton I France - FCM 50t, FCM 36 Pak 40, [105 leFH1882] China - Type 64, T-34-3, 112 Japan - [Type 97 Te-Ke], Chi Nu Kai All mid and high tier(5-8) premiums have full equipment and 3 permanent camos on them. Account also has standard tanks on it, with the highest being Tier 8 Tiger II/Ferdinand, with alot more spread throughout the lesser tiers.
  10. Good day, ladies and gents! I humbly present you my mighty Penguin - http://i.imgur.com/aWJazpF.png?1 The package contains AC pass, so you may fly it straight away with no additional purchases. A great way to get in the game if you like the sleek looking of this white beauty. Clean interior, smoke-free, never crushed. Original paint guaranteed. Price - 80$ + fees. Verified PayPal, obviously. We can discuss additional ways of payment via PM. Any middleman of the approved reddit/SCB ones, if you want to use one. I'm also willing to trade it for any 325a package with AC pass.
  11. I have some Digital Colonel + Ghost packages (F7C-S) and Digital Colonel + Super packages (F7C-M) all with LTI for sale. I also have a Weekend Warrior LTI package for sale. I would prefer RSI credit (as this is to fund the purchase of my Wing Commander package - Don't wanna melt all my stuff), but I will accept Paypal if necessary. On to the prices: 3x Digital Colonel + Ghost LTI ($210 + PP fees or $210 RSI) 2x Digital Colonel + Superhornet LTI ($280 + PP fees or $280 RSI) 1x Weekend Warrior LTI ($280 + PP fees or $280 RSI) - On Hold SOLD This is the perfect opportunity to get some LTI hornets for your Idris if you were lucky enough to get one All packages have alpha and beta. Prices are negotiable (within reason) Do note that the PP fees will add about 4% to the total cost of the purchase (so RSI credits will be cheaper for you). Verified Paypal only, or RSI credit (Credit preferred). PM if interested.
  12. Hey there everyone. just recieved a digital download copy for Far Cry 4 but i really am not into the series so id like to sell it for $45 paypal or for 2 $20 aurora packages (anniversary sale) or even 40 dollars in rsi creds via gift card! thanks and feel free to pm me its a downloadable code youll recieve
  13. Want to sell the Freelancer MIS for $210. Comes with ship and business hangar, I am open for any cash offers you may have. I am also open to any trades you may offer.
  14. Hello i have a mustang omega code that will be delivered by AMD very soon, and i would like to trade with a imperium member preferably. I have more then one code and yet don't have a Aurora and would like to trade, if your interested please pm me, and we can carry out a deal as soon as i get a code notification from AMD -thanks. Xethos
  15. I could trade my warthunder account for SC Stuff: account with tier 5 germany, tier 4 brit/russ, Tier 2 USA/Jap. all nations with 6 crew, 7 for germany all very good trained (450+ for germany) 2 premium fighters I'm bored of this game, i spent more than 500 hours on it, so I give my account away for .... well just offer if you like! I can provide every information you could be interested, just PM me - EDIT - none? even a little aurora? oh well i'm glad you hate this idiot game as I do. - EDIT2 - Closed for no interest regards, Flamadin
  16. As the title implies, This will be a pure trade between the two. No middleman at this time. PM me here or on RSI (Lord Nikon, Handle: ZeroCool).
  17. Ladies and Gentlemen! I have one LTI Caterpillar I would like to trade for a LTI Freelancer (ship or pack) @ the RSI original prices. We can discuss the price gap and come to an agreement acceptable to both of us. ~Laloric GAH! I CANT EDIT THE TITLE! The 315 pack is gone! I managed to trade it away as I was typing this up. If I could get some moderator assistance I would be grateful!
  18. HI i want to trade my WW package with alpha and lti for a RA package with alpha and lti. I will also transfer the F7A upgrade with it.
  19. Looking to buy a Banu Merchantman, Starfarer, Caterpillar and Retaliator. I'll take one any way you can sell it, whether it is in a package or not. I would like to use RSI store credits (or equivalent packages) to make the transaction. (it supports a good cause) HOWEVER; if your set on using another way of payment, I will use that as well. ~Alaris Edit - Will use any method, simply prefer RSI website or Reddit w\ PayPal. Edit - Just purchased a F7C-M Super Hornet. pm with offer
  20. I have a Weekend Warrior LTI, and what I'm looking to end up with is a non-LTI Constellation, Aurora Alpha package, and some cash. So I'm open to trades involving those ships or RSI. Or I'll just sell straight up for $350 including fees. Seeing as completed, locked by Danredda. PM if you need it opened.
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