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Found 4 results

  1. With SC 3.0 being played out and everyone waiting for 3.1 to drop, several of us have been hitting World of Warships (WOW) pretty hard these past couple months. I wanted to join a clan but preferred to hang out here on Imperium/Star Citizen Base TeamSpeak with my homies rather than go somewhere else for WOW clan battles. Sooooo, I dropped $14 bucks yesterday and created an UNOFFICIAL Imperium/Star Citizen Base World of Warships Clan just for us. I figured it would be a good avenue for those interested in playing WOW to come and play with us and perhaps end up joining Imperium in the end. I'll gladly hand over the reigns to the CLAN at any point if someone in the higher ranks of Imperium prefers it to be managed by Imperium Admin. It's pretty much casual play right now and even if you aren't interested in playing Clan battles, simply joining will give you advantages in game with XP multipliers and other various advantages. So by joining and then even playing solo, you'll be contributing towards the Clan's income and it will afford the Clan to progress and grow. So please join if you are a WOW player! To find and join the clan: Go to your PORT and once their look for your "CLAN" tab at the very top of the screen....just below BATTLE and to the right. Once in the CLAN area, do a search for IMPERIUM-STAR CITIZEN BASE and click on application/apply. You'll be approved as soon as one of the other several members' fires up their WOW client and sees the pending application. The Clan Tag is [-IMP-].
  2. As it is rather quiet at work at the moment I have time to spend on forums like this. One of the forums I frequent is the one for World of Warships. A game being made by Wargaming.net, PvP using ships from 1920-1950s. The game has yet to go into alpha, but the signs are good. Wargaming has shown that they are willing to wait in order to release a good product as opposed to rushing something out to make a quick buck. There is a bit of over lap between Warships and Space combat, the ship classes are usually similar. Although if you want to keep it hard science fiction, it is wrong Read: http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/misconceptions.php The alpha will probably be launched end of this year. http://worldofwarships.com/
  3. So I was doing the PAX Challenge for the Asia server in my New York when this funny thing happened. I'm unsure exactly how this was possible, but from my listing position I still fired normally, and the cruiser ended up riding me and letting me absorb shots for quite awhile while he launched torps, fired guns, and launched an aircraft. Epic bug! I finished the match with a kill, about 40 strikes, 3 Citadels, and some critical system hits.
  4. Hi friends. I am old player in world of tanks. Also i am alpha tester in World of Warships, closed beta tester World of Warplanes. I have 3.5 M credits, 10K free exp, 1152 WN8 , Clan commander . Lets talk about tanks. I have IS-7, JAGPDZ E-100, E-100 , Batchat 155-58 Artillery, Foch 155 , AMX-50B, E-50M And Leopard 1 are in the garage with good crews. And T34 Tier 8 american Premium tank, T127 tier 3 premium tank, tier 6 premium Tank Fury, tier 6 SU-100Y ANDDDDD the most unique tank in the game. Only for community contributors. Gr. Tr tier 3 premium tank. And there is a Iwaki Alpha Destroyer in World of Warships . That ship is unqiue too. Only for Alpha Testers of World of Warships. You cant buy that game only for Wg CCT;) . price is 200 USD Or WTT with Star Citizen Ships . also you can make offer too. I am waiting your offers. ... This account is created 19 May 2011.
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