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Found 1 result

  1. Bloppo

    Game Day Volunteers

    Salutations @Imperium Member! Have you ever sat, staring out your window and thought to yourself “I wish I could help the Event Coordinators with Game Day, but I’m not sure how?” Then strap yourself in, because we’re looking for more volunteers! If you are interested, sign up for one or more of the tasks presented below and we'll be getting you involved for one of the upcoming Game Days. As long as you have time to give, we’ll do our damndest to schedule in times that work for you. Game Day Host A Game Day host is there to help and guide participants towards varying activities and answer any questions that might arise during Game Day. Help inform and guide participants to either an activity that is going on currently that need more participants and/or start gathering participants to gain enough to create a new activity. Information distributed to participants will include; Briefing participants on how they can enter their names into a raffle. Workshop Channel and how it works What game modes are currently being played or most likely to be played next. What each channel represents. The timeline for Custom Scenarios channel (when active); direct participants to respective TS channel, to wait for CS Host to show up Answer any question participants have about the event or anything that current hosts may have knowledge of (example: division specific information that host may be actively involved with) If this sounds interesting and you wish to volunteer as a Game Day host then please fill out this form. If you have no idea what some of those bullet points were, then we’ll be happy to provide all the information necessary. https://goo.gl/forms/0UvN9TX76Ms76PYK2 Game Day Caster If you haven’t seen the amazing job that @Sharpspoonful did during the first Imperium Game Day stream or you need a reminder, then take a look at this: Requirements: Facecam of decent quality. Game Day Opfor As Opfor you're expected to learn the custom events provided by us event coordinators, and help us out come Game Day by acting as the opposing forces in the custom events. This is done by about 3-4 hours of dedicated training time a week before Game Day starts, at the most convenient time for everyone involved. Come Game Day you'll be scheduled for about 3-4 hours or depending on your availability to act out your role as Opfor. Sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/0UvN9TX76Ms76PYK2 Game Day Stream Cameraman When we asked Imperiums own @Trophias what he thinks makes a good cameraman he said: “Yo, join us, imperium stream, yo” - Trophias 2k17... and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Your role as a cameraman will be to make sure that the most action packed and exciting shots that you can provide are available for the Caster to commentate over, and everyone watching to enjoy. Now there are two ways of helping out here, you can simply be streaming your point of view as you’re playing, or you could volunteer as a literal Lakitu camera man flying around carefree to the rest of the world. Now either way you wish to help out it means that you will be in game broadcasting your view for the stream to use, and for this to be enjoyable to watch there are some requirements on your end: An internet connection that handles streaming in at least 720p (prioritize 1080p) Software that allows you to stream STABLE 30+ FPS If you wish to help out as a cameraman, then apply here under the Stream Tab: http://imperium-studios.tk/ If the case is that any or all of these have caught your attention then please do apply, and take this to your heart; we’re doing these events because they are meant for Imperium to have fun together, and we hope and thrive for you as a volunteer to experience the same joy whilst helping out with the event, or taking part in them yourselves.