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Found 11 results

  1. Hello Lovely Citizens! Recently I made a post on here saying that I had started a YouTube Channel on Touring in Star Citizen. Even though my channel is nowhere near anything considerable I do really enjoy making these vids and will be regularly sharing them on this Forum with you all (Terrible Self Promo I know) Feel free to check them out and leave feedback. Cheers everyone! Touring Hurston - Wasteland
  2. Star Citizen Base is in search of article writers and content creators for our main website. For many years now the forums have been the main focus, but we'd like to give some attention to the main website. With that we encourage our SCB members that have passion (and time) for Star Citizen to contact Gallitin about the gig. What we're looking for: Fresh content and articles related to any aspect of the Star Citizen game Content can include articles, news, videos, etc... Looking for unbiased material Not used to promote organizations unless relevant to the story Links to other Star Citizen sites are great, but not looking for commercials Can be posted as written by you or as an alias if preferred Posts will be published on https://www.starcitizenbase.com/ and some may make it to our sister site: https://osgamers.com/ promoting Star Citizen. Contact Gallitin on the forums or in Discord for more details.
  3. I'm looking to get back into filming gameplay and the like after several years of being out of it and am looking for advice of what folks think are both good and bad options. While my budget is not unlimited, it is pretty significant. My machine is pretty beefy and includes a GTX 1080 and PCIe SSD. I am unsure if I should be looking at a pure software solution or a mix of external capture device and software or something along those lines. I have multiple machines and so could possibly capture to a machine other than the one I am playing on to isolate the effects of filming on my gameplay. Any advice on things to look at or avoid would be appreciated.
  4. Hi im trooper and i make star citizen youtube videos. I make videos that range from ship showcase to a series I like to call Star Citizen Academy and this series is a tutorial series where i aim to to do a tutorial on every little feature, systems, ship management and even right down to the basics. At the moment I'm making and uploading season 1 to my channel, but i plan to do season 2 when the beta comes out so i can revisit anything that changed. Here is my latest Star Citizen video: And here is a link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2WyLOHoavbqoTRUqyDZSHw I also do funtage videos between my star citizen videos and in my funtage video i play a game and just show the fun, funny, cool or stupid moments.
  5. So Reddit wants to bitch and moan about CR not coming out with any updates, people selling their accounts or refunding everything. They obviously didn't try very hard. Instead of releasing content on a normal website such as Youtube, like EVERYBODY else, they post to Vimeo. Now I'm sure most of us here know that, however, this site receives more hits than Reddit for SC news and content so I would like to share to everyone, the Church of Chris Roberts and where it all began: https://vimeo.com/robertsspaceindustries
  6. This latest video from Bloox Pr0phete is very impressive !!! Awesome work for an amateur !!! He / She reminds me of Teller's early videos and I think Bloox Pr0phete will join the ranks of awesome amateur Star Citizen Video producers like Teller, Fiendish Feather, Anything FPS, etc.... ^^^^ His current video above has the creativity of the early Teller videos and I love the effects.... the party atmosphere he creates - I imagine this to be a PU scene after the UEE wins a big battle somewhere....... but it points out a glaring error...... and really the only disappointment I have with CIG to date .... and that is no Female Avatar's yet.... ^^^ His second video we have seen last week but wanted to add it again here. I will definitely be following this video producer and hopefully he / she will produce some more awesome videos
  7. I've been looking for an updated video or series of videos about subjects such as, "What is Star Citizen". I can only find some that are about a year old that give a good explanation but I was hoping someone might know of a newer, updated version of this subject. Something to explain to new people who may not know what the game is or what it's about.
  8. I've seen some people with issues doing this so wanted to create a tutorial. It's simple really. 1. Browse to the YouTube video. 2. Under the video there is a "Share" button. Click the "Share" button. 3. Copy that link and paste it into your post. (hit enter afterwards to make it embed) 4. Hit submit to make your post and it will auto embed.
  9. lol, you mind it i put this song here to, i would not count it as the best song ever but it is kind of catchy = For cool street musicians = post some videos as well
  10. not much on videos getting released this week. decided to kill my free time for your viewing pleasure. watch...comment...talk about theory crafting.... but enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKE3PTklcTo
  11. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDhS5exTtgY A lot of questions answered from the emperor. Everything has a purpose. The Emperor ordains it so. You may corrupt the souls of men. But I am steel! I am doom! I march for the emperor, and I know no fear!
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