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  1. Welcome to my personal hangar. I've been a huge Star Citizen fan since 2014 and it's a great honor to further contribute towards this incredible game's development by sharing with you the many original concept ships which are no longer available. I'm NOT cashing out whatsoever. If anything, you are grabbing these extra ships from my personal inventory. You are contributing to the games development right alongside with me. A win for both you and Star Citizen. I've been an Imperium and Star Citizen Base member since 2014. You'll see I have excellent feedback and Reputation here. I've had many successful transactions both here and on Reddit. (https://www.reddit.com/user/EMPSurvivor) Please read the Terms & Conditions of Service: Transactions through PayPal (Verified PayPal only). All prices are final (includes PayPal fees). If you are interested - leave a comment here and send me private message with: Ship or Package name, your PayPal email also your corresponding RSI handle. I will send an invoice for payment via PayPal. Item will be delivered to buyer's PayPal email address after payment has cleared. No returns or refund as the gifting system only allows a 1 time gifting and it will be account bound to the buyer's account (your payment will be refunded if I cannot deliver your item for any reason). If you are unsure about the item or have any questions, feel free to ask. You must own a copy of Star Citizen, and are required to have an account in order to accept item (ship/upgrade). Item will be delivered to the buyer's PayPal email address. You can claim the item by clicking on the link provided in the email about "gift" and sign in your RSI account. Be careful to be logged into the correct RSI account when you redeem your email about "gift" containing the transmitted ship/upgrade. Tracking is provided by "Hangar Log" on RSI website and will be used as a proof of delivery. Prices are not negotiable. I may have more than one of the items listed. If you are interested in more than one, please PM and I'll let you know how many I have. NOTE: Please understand I do have a full-time job which requires I travel around the world and I'm often working the backside of the clock. If you send me a PM, please be patient and know I will respond as soon as I can. I can gift you the item only as fast as you respond to the invoice and the PayPal payment clears. Please be assured I've not forgotten you. Often it's just that I may be asleep or working where I may not have internet. For those contacting me thinking I'm a broker, sorry, but I'm not. I only share what is in my own personal inventory. Some of my inventory here has been melted, which allows me to gift it to you after I buy it back. SHIP/ITEM Melt Value INCLUDES: PRICE - Includes PayPal: STANDALONE SHIPS - AEGIS DYNAMICS (LIFETIME INSURANCE - LTI) Standalone Ship - Aegis Avenger Titan Renegade - LTI $75 LTI, Poster, Model, SelfLand Hangar $99 Standalone Ship - Aegis Eclipse - LTI $275 LTI, Poster, Model, VFG Industrial Hangar $299 Standalone Ship - Aegis Gladius Valiant - LTI $110 LTI, Poster, Model, Aeroview Hangar $139 Standalone Ship - Aegis Hammerhead - LTI $650 LTI, Poster, Model, VFG Industrial Hangar $699 Standalone Ship - Aegis Reclaimer - LTI $350 LTI, Poster, Model, VFG Industrial Hangar $440 Aegis Redeemer - LTI (See packages/add-ons below) - - See Below Aegis Retaliator Bomber - LTI (See packages/add-ons below) - See Below Standalone Ship - Aegis Vanguard Hoplite - LTI $225 LTI, Poster, Model, VFG Industrial Hangar $265 Standalone Ship - Aegis Vulcan LTI $200 LTI, SelfLand Hangar $229 - ANVIL AEROSPACE (LIFETIME INSURANCE - LTI) Standalone Ship - Anvil Crucible - LTI $350 LTI, Poster, Model, VFG Industrial Hangar $430 Standalone Ship - Anvil Hawk - LTI $90 LTI, Poster, Model, Revel & York Hangar $119 Standalone Ship - Anvil Hurricane - LTI $175 LTI, Poster, Model, SelfLand Hangar $199 Standalone Ship - Anvil Terrapin - LTI $195 LTI, Poster, Model, Aeroview Hangar $249 - AOPOA (LIFETIME INSURANCE - LTI) AOPOA NOX - LTI (See packages/add-ons below) - See Below - ARGO ASTRONAUTICS (LIFETIME INSURANCE - LTI) - Please check back soon - - BANU (LIFETIME INSURANCE - LTI) Standalone Ship - Banu Defender - LTI $185 LTI, Poster, Model, Aeroview Hangar $219 - CONSOLIDATED OUTLAND (LIFETIME INSURANCE - LTI) Standalone Ship - Consolidated Outland Pioneer - LTI $850 LTI, Poster, Model, VFG Industrial Hangar, UEE Land Claim license Estate Parcel, Outpost Construction Material, Estate Planetary Beacon $1495 - CRUSADER INDUSTRIES (LIFETIME INSURANCE - LTI) - Please check back soon - - DRAKE INTERPLANETARY (LIFETIME INSURANCE - LTI) Standalone Ship - Drake Buccaneer - LTI $110 LTI, Poster, Model, VFG Industrial Hangar $135 Drake Dragonfly Black - LTI (See packages/add-ons below) - See Below Standalone Ship - Drake Dragonfly Yellowjacket - LTI $35 LTI, Poster, Model, SelfLand Hangar $65 Standalone Ship - Drake Herald - LTI $85 LTI, Poster, Model, Aeroview Hangar $129 - ESPERIA (LIFETIME INSURANCE - LTI) Standalone Ship - Esperia Prowler - LTI $425 LTI, Poster, Model, VFG Industrial Hangar $469 Standalone Ship - Esperia Vanduul Blade - LTI $250 LTI, Poster, Model, VFG Industrial Hangar $289 - KRUGER INTERGALACTIC (LIFETIME INSURANCE - LTI) STANDALONE SHIP - KRUGER P-72 ARCHIMEDES - LTI $30 $59 - MISC (MUSASHI INDUSTRIAL & STARFLIGHT CONCERN) (LIFETIME INSURANCE - LTI) STANDALONE SHIP - ENDEAVOR MASTER SET ANNIVERSARY 2018 $1,000 LTI, 2xBio Dome, Supercollider, Svc Equip & Crew, Fuel Pod, Landing, Med Bay, Research Lab, Gen Science, Telescope Array, VFG Ind Hangar $1,050 Standalone Ship - MISC Hull D - LTI $350 LTI, Poster, Model $410 Standalone Ship - MISC Prospector - LTI $140 LTI, Poster, Model, Aeroview Hangar $178 Standalone Ship - MISC Razor - LTI $135 LTI, Poster, Model, SelfLand Hangar $165 MISC Starfarer - LTI (See packages/add-ons below) - See Below Standalone Ship - MISC Starfarer Gemini - LTI $240 LTI, Poster, Model, VFG Industrial Hangar $350 - ORIGIN JUMPWORKS GmbH (LIFETIME INSURANCE - LTI) Standalone Ship - Origin 600I Exploration Edition - LTI - (Origin Rover, Name Reservation) Warbond Edition $400 LTI, Poster, Model, VFG Industrial Hangar, Origin Rover, 600i Name Reservation $499 Standalone Ship - Origin 600I Exploration Edition - LTI (Origin Rover) $435 LTI, Poster, Model, VFG Industrial Hangar, Origin Rover $469 Standalone Ship - Origin 600I Luxury Edition - LTI $400 LTI, Poster, Model, VFG Industrial Hangar $439 Origin X-1 - LTI (See packages/add-ons below) - See Below (OTHER INSURANCE) STANDALONE SHIP - 890 JUMP FLYABLE $950 72-Months Insurance, (6 Year), Revel & York Hangar $1,095 - RSI - ROBERTS SPACE INDUSTRIES (LIFETIME INSURANCE - LTI) Standalone Ship - RSI ORION - LTI $325 LTI, Poster, Model, VFG Industrial Hangar $599 Standalone Ship - RSI Polaris - LTI (LIMITED) $750 LTI, Poster, Model, VFG Industrial Hangar $900 (OTHER INSURANCE) Standalone Ship - RSI Constellation Phoenix - Anniversary 2015 $350 3 Years Insurance, Revel & York Hangar $399 - TUMBRIL (LIFETIME INSURANCE - LTI) Tumbril Cyclone - LTI (See packages/add-ons below) - See Below Standalone Ship - Tumbril Nova Tank - LTI $105 LTI, Poster, Model, Box, SelfLand Hangar $129 SHIP UPGRADES (Only rare and highly valuable) - CRUSADER INDUSTRIES SHIP UPGRADES - CONSTELLATION AQUILA TO A2 HERCULES UPGRADE (LIMITED SHIP) $390 $509 SHIP UPGRADES - CONSTELLATION PHOENIX TO A2 HERCULES UPGRADE (LIMITED SHIP) $350 $469 SHIP UPGRADES - RECLAIMER TO A2 HERCULES UPGRADE (LIMITED SHIP) $300 $419 SHIP UPGRADES - M2 HERCULES TO A2 HERCULES UPGRADE (LIMITED SHIP) $220 $339 SHIP UPGRADES - HULL E TO POLARIS UPGRADE (LIMITED SHIP) $100 $225 PACKAGES & ADD-ONS (LIFETIME INSURANCE - LTI) Package - Aegis Redeemer - LTI (Game Package) $265 LTI, Poster, Model, Revel & York Hangar, 5000 UEC, Game Soundtrack, Digital Star Map, Digital SC Manual, Digital Squadron 42 Manual, SC Download, Squadron 42 Download $409 Add-Ons - Aegis Wrecking Crew Pack - LTI (Vulcan, Reclaimer, Warlock, Eclipse, Titan) $950 LTI, VFG Industrial Hangar $1,220 Add-Ons - Air And Space Pack - LTI (Terrapin, Cyclone AA) $250 LTI, Poster, Model $322 Add-Ons - All Terrain Vehicle Mega Pack - LTI (Tumbril Cyclone, AA, RN, RC, TR, Ursa Rover, Greycat PTV) $405 LTI, Poster, Model, RSI Lynx Rover, Greycat PTV $515 Add-Ons - AOPOA Nox 2 Pack - LTI (Nox, Nox Kue) $75 LTI, Poster, Model, SelfLand Hangar $104 Add-Ons - AOPOA Nox 5 Pack - LTI (Nox Kue, 5 x Nox) $180 LTI, Poster, Model, SelfLand Hangar $236 Add-Ons - Offroad Vehicle Pack - LTI (Tumbril Cyclone TR, Ursa Rover, Greycat PTV) $110 LTI, Poster, Model, Greycat PTV $145 Add-Ons - Race Team Pack - LTI (Origin X1, Dragonfly Black, Nox) $115 LTI, Origin X1 Poster, Origin X1 Model, Aeroview Hangar $149 Add-Ons - Top Secret Bomber Pack - LTI (Aegis Eclipse, Anvil Gladiator, Aegis Retaliator Bomber) $670 LTI, Poster, Model, VFG Industrial Hangar $790 Add-Ons - Tumbril Cyclone Pack - LTI (Tumbril Cyclone, AA, RN, RC, TR) $255 LTI, Poster, Model $312 Add-Ons - Starfarer + Nox 2 pack - LTI (MISC Starfarer, AOPOA Nox & Nox Kue) $365 LTI, Poster, Model, VFG Industrial Hangar $463 Add-Ons - X1 Three Pack - LTI (Origin X1, Origin X1 Velocity, Origin Force) $130 LTI, Origin X1 Poster, Origin X1 Model, Aeroview Hangar $169 (OTHER INSURANCE) - MISC ENDEAVOR ADD-ONS ADD-ONS - BIODOME POD ANNIVERSARY 2017 $100 60 month insurance (5 Year) $135 ADD-ONS - MEDICAL BAY POD ANNIVERSARY 2017 $75 60 month insurance (5 Year) $105 ADD-ONS - SUPERCOLLIDER POD ANNIVERSARY 2017 $125 60 month insurance (5 Year) $165 ADD-ONS - TELESCOPE ARRAY POD ANNIVERSARY 2017 $125 60 month insurance (5 Year) $165 - AEGIS RETALIATOR ADD-ONS ADD-ONS - RETALIATOR FRONT TORPEDO BAY $75 24 month insurance (2 Year) $110 ADD-ONS - RETALIATOR REAR TORPEDO BAY $50 24 month insurance (2 Year) $80
  2. Hello, Citizens! And welcome to D0lph1N's Mini Mart! Terms & Conditions Buyer must be PayPal verified (if you plan to pay via PayPal) and RSI confirmed. Please leave a comment before PMing! Then send me PM containing ship name, your PayPal email and currency of invoice (USD or EUR). Ship will be sent as a gift to the payer's PayPal email. If you're buying it to gift someone else, simply forward the letter to his email. Don't click the link inside if you don't want to bind it to your account! Claimed gift (after purchase) will be bound to your account. Due to CIG gifting limitations I do not issue refunds once delivery has been successfully completed. All prices include PayPal fees. My timezone is GMT+3, so it could take a while before I'll reply. Feel free to rate my store after purchase. 💰 Special Offers Ship Type Insurance Price, USD Price, EUR X1 Baseline Edition - Warbond Original LTI $50 €44 🚀 Standalone LTI ships: Bold-marked ships currently are not available in RSI store, but you still can buy it here. Ship multipacks Pack Type Insurance Price, USD Price, EUR Aegis Wrecking Crew Pack (Vulcan, Reclaimer, Avenger Warlock, Eclipse, Avenger Titan) Original LTI $1058 €915 Argo Combo Pack Original LTI $96 €83 Dragonfly Ride Together Two-Pack Original LTI $96 €83 Race Team Pack Original LTI $149 €129 X1 Three-Pack Original LTI $159 €138 Standalone ships Ship Type Insurance Price, USD Price, EUR 300i CCU'd LTI $64 €56 315p CCU'd LTI $68 €59 325A CCU'd LTI $73 €63 600i Explorer Original LTI $492 €426 600i Explorer CCU'd LTI $440 €380 600i Touring Original LTI $455 €394 600i Touring CCU'd LTI $397 €344 85x Original LTI $64 €56 Argo Mole CCU'd LTI $269 €233 Arrow CCU'd LTI $77 €67 Aurora CL CCU'd LTI $58 €50 Aurora LN CCU'd LTI $54 €47 Avenger Titan CCU'd LTI $62 €54 Avenger Titan Renegade Original LTI $101 €88 Avenger Titan Renegade CCU'd LTI $78 €68 Avenger Warlock CCU'd LTI $89 €77 Buccaneer CCU'd LTI $107 €92 C8X Pisces Expedition CCU'd LTI $58 €50 Carrack CCU'd LTI $348 €301 Caterpillar CCU'd LTI $284 €246 Constellation Andromeda CCU'd LTI $204 €176 Constellation Aquila CCU'd LTI $265 €229 Constellation Phoenix Original 4YI $424 €367 Constellation Taurus CCU'd LTI $140 €122 Crucible CCU'd LTI $307 €266 Cutlass Black CCU'd LTI $98 €85 Cutlass Blue CCU'd LTI $152 €132 Cutlass Red CCU'd LTI $128 €111 Defender CCU'd LTI $214 €186 Dragonfly Black Original LTI $59 €51 Dragonfly Black CCU'd LTI $54 €47 Dragonfly Yellowjacket Original LTI $64 €56 Eclipse CCU'd LTI $288 €250 F7C Hornet CCU'd LTI $107 €92 F7C Hornet Wildfire Original LTI $218 €188 F7C Hornet Wildfire CCU'd LTI $167 €144 F7C-M Super Hornet CCU'd LTI $161 €140 F7C-M Super Hornet Original 6MI $207 €179 F7C-R Hornet Tracker CCU'd LTI $132 €114 F7C-S Hornet Ghost CCU'd LTI $119 €103 Freelancer CCU'd LTI $107 €92 Freelancer DUR CCU'd LTI $128 €111 Freelancer MAX CCU'd LTI $140 €122 Freelancer MIS CCU'd LTI $161 €140 Gladiator CCU'd LTI $156 €135 Gladius CCU'd LTI $90 €78 Gladius Valiant Original LTI $133 €115 Gladius Valiant CCU'd LTI $109 €94 Hawk Original LTI $109 €94 Hawk CCU'd LTI $104 €90 Herald CCU'd LTI $89 €77 Hull B CCU'd LTI $94 €81 Hull C CCU'd LTI $225 €195 Hull D CCU'd LTI $307 €266 Hurricane CCU'd LTI $188 €163 Khartu-Al CCU'd LTI $146 €126 M50 Interceptor CCU'd LTI $100 €87 Mantis CCU'd LTI $140 €122 Merchantman CCU'd LTI $268 €232 MPUV Cargo Original LTI $54 €47 MPUV Personnel Original LTI $62 €54 Mustang Beta CCU'd LTI $54 €47 Mustang Gamma CCU'd LTI $62 €54 Nomad CCU'd LTI $81 €70 Nox Original LTI $54 €47 Nox Kue Original LTI $54 €47 Orion CCU'd LTI $582 €504 Polaris Original LTI $846 €732 Prospector CCU'd LTI $140 €122 Prowler Original LTI $482 €417 Razor Original LTI $165 €143 Razor CCU'd LTI $140 €122 Redeemer CCU'd LTI $230 €199 Reliant Kore CCU'd LTI $62 €54 Reliant Mako (News Van) CCU'd LTI $99 €86 Reliant Sen (Researcher) CCU'd LTI $89 €77 Retaliator Bomber CCU'd LTI $257 €222 Sabre CCU'd LTI $161 €140 Sabre Comet CCU'd LTI $177 €154 Starfarer Gemini CCU'd LTI $297 €257 Talon CCU'd LTI $109 €94 Talon Shrike CCU'd LTI $109 €94 Terrapin Original LTI $239 €207 Terrapin CCU'd LTI $214 €186 Vanguard Hoplite Original LTI $270 €234 Vanguard Hoplite CCU'd LTI $230 €199 Vanguard Sentinel CCU'd LTI $257 €222 Vanguard Warden CCU'd LTI $241 €208 Vanguard Warden Original 3YI $297 €257 Vulcan Original LTI $244 €211 X1 Baseline Original LTI $54 €47 X1 Force Original LTI $64 €56 X1 Velocity Original LTI $59 €51 🚗 Ground vehicles Name Item type Insurance Price, USD Price, EUR Ground Vehicle Pack Original LTI $70 €60 Nova Tank Original LTI $128 €111 Cyclone-AA Original LTI $91 €79 Cyclone-TR Original LTI $70 €60 Cyclone-RC Original LTI $70 €60 Cyclone-RN Original LTI $70 €60 Cyclone Original LTI $64 €56 🎁 Game packages (Star Citizen + Squadron 42): Package Insurance Price, USD Price, EUR Package - Entrepreneur Pack (Prospector, Vulcan, Vulture, Hull B, Ursa Rover, SC, SQ42, VFG Industrial) LTI $656 €568 Package - UEE Exploration Pack - LTI (Carrack, Terrapin, Dragonfly, SC, SQ42, VFG Industrial) LTI $630 €545 Package - Constellation Taurus - Digital (Carrack, Terrapin, Dragonfly, SC, SQ42, VFG Industrial) 6MI $223 €193 Package - F7C-M Super Hornet 6MI $212 €184 Package - AMD Never Settle Space Edition 2MI $200 €173 Package - Freelancer +SQ 42 6MI $144 €124 Package - 325A 4MI $96 €83 Package - 315P 4MI $91 €79 🛠 Add-ons, BUKs, hangar decorations & other stuff Item Insurance Price, USD Price, EUR ADD-ONS - RETALIATOR LIVING REAR MODULE LTI $59 €51 ADD-ONS - RETALIATOR LIVING FRONT MODULE - ANNIVERSARY 2015 3YI $43 €37 ADD-ONS - RETALIATOR CARGO REAR MODULE - ANNIVERSARY 2015 3YI $43 €37 ADD-ONS - CITIZENCON 2946 TROPHY - $17 €15 ADD-ONS - CITIZENCON 2946 TROPHY SUBSCRIBER EDITION - $17 €15 ADD-ONS - GAMESCOM 2946 TROPHY - $17 €15 ADD-ONS - GAMESCOM 2946 SUBSCRIBER TROPHY - $17 €15 SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE - STELLARSONIC JUKEBOX - $11 €10 SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE - TAKUETSU RSI CONSTELLATION PHOENIX 2944 - $11 €10 SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE - MR. REFINEMENT’S CABINET OF RARE & EXQUISITE SPIRITS - $11 €10 🔧 Ship upgrades: Target Base Price, USD Price, EUR 600i Explorer ⬅ Constellation Aquila $191 €165 600i Explorer ⬅ 600i Touring $54 €47 600i Touring ⬅ Constellation Aquila $149 €129 600i Touring ⬅ Starfarer Gemini $112 €97 85X ⬅ X1 Baseline $18 €16 85X ⬅ X1 Velocity $11 €10 85X ⬅ Aurora CL $11 €10 Avenger Titan Renegade ⬅ 325A $11 €10 Avenger Warlock ⬅ 325A $24 €21 Buccaneer ⬅ Cutlass Black $18 €16 Carrack ⬅ Starfarer $244 €211 Carrack ⬅ Constellation Aquila $233 €202 Carrack ⬅ Starfarer Gemini $191 €165 Caterpillar ⬅ Retaliator Bomber $30 €26 Crucible ⬅ Constellation Aquila $54 €47 Crucible ⬅ Starfarer Gemini $18 €16 Cyclone-AA ⬅ Cyclone $36 €31 Cyclone-RC ⬅ Cyclone $18 €16 Cyclone-RN ⬅ Cyclone $18 €16 Cyclone-TR ⬅ Cyclone $18 €16 Defender ⬅ Constellation Taurus $85 €74 Defender ⬅ F7C-M Super Hornet $54 €47 Dragonfly Yellowjacket ⬅ Mustang Alpha $18 €16 Eclipse ⬅ Redeemer $64 €56 F7C Hornet Wildfire ⬅ Constellation Taurus $36 €31 F7C-M Super Hornet ⬅ Constellation Taurus $41 €36 Freelancer MIS ⬅ Constellation Taurus $36 €31 Gladiator ⬅ Constellation Taurus $24 €21 Gladius Valiant ⬅ Cutlass Black $18 €16 Hawk ⬅ 325A $41 €36 Herald ⬅ 325A $24 €21 Hull B ⬅ 325A $30 €26 Hull C ⬅ Constellation Taurus $122 €106 Hull C ⬅ Terrapin $41 €36 Hull C ⬅ Constellation Andromeda $36 €31 Hull D ⬅ Starfarer $64 €56 Hull D ⬅ Constellation Aquila $54 €47 Hurricane ⬅ Constellation Taurus $59 €51 Khartu-Al ⬅ Constellation Taurus $30 €26 Khartu-Al ⬅ Freelancer Max $30 €26 M50 Interceptor ⬅ Gladius $18 €16 Merchantman ⬅ Constellation Andromeda $154 €133 Nova Tank ⬅ Cyclone $64 €56 Nova Tank ⬅ Cyclone-TR $54 €47 Nova Tank ⬅ Cyclone-RN $54 €47 Nova Tank ⬅ Cyclone-RC $54 €47 Nova Tank ⬅ Cyclone-AA $36 €31 Nox Kue ⬅ MPUV Cargo $18 €16 Orion ⬅ Starfarer $313 €271 Razor ⬅ F7C-S Hornet Ghost $30 €26 Razor ⬅ 350R $30 €26 Razor ⬅ Freelancer Dur $18 €16 Redeemer ⬅ Herald $191 €165 Redeemer ⬅ Constellation Andromeda $36 €31 Reliant Mako (News Van) ⬅ 325A $36 €31 Reliant Sen (Researcher) ⬅ 325A $24 €21 Reliant Tana ⬅ Avenger Stalker $24 €21 Retaliator Bomber ⬅ Redeemer $36 €31 Sabre ⬅ Constellation Taurus $30 €26 Sabre ⬅ Gladiator $11 €10 Sabre Comet ⬅ Constellation Taurus $46 €40 Sabre Comet ⬅ Sabre $24 €21 Starfarer ⬅ Caterpillar $11 €10 Starfarer Gemini ⬅ Constellation Aquila $41 €36 Talon ⬅ Freelancer $11 €10 Talon Shrike ⬅ Freelancer $11 €10 Terrapin ⬅ Constellation Taurus $85 €74 Terrapin ⬅ Khartu-Al $64 €56 Vanguard Hoplite ⬅ Constellation Taurus $101 €88 Vanguard Sentinel ⬅ Redeemer $36 €31 Vanguard Sentinel ⬅ Vanguard Warden $24 €21 Vanguard Warden ⬅ Constellation Andromeda $46 €40 X1 Baseline ⬅ MPUV Cargo $11 €10 X1 Force ⬅ MPUV Cargo $24 €21 X1 Force ⬅ Dragonfly Black $18 €16 X1 Force ⬅ X1 Baseline $18 €16 X1 Force ⬅ Nox Kue $11 €10 X1 Force ⬅ Nox $11 €10 X1 Force ⬅ X1 Velocity $11 €10 X1 Velocity ⬅ MPUV Cargo $18 €16 X1 Velocity ⬅ Dragonfly Black $11 €10 X1 Velocity ⬅ X1 Baseline $11 €10 Vanguard Harbinger ⬅ Constellation Aquila $11 €10 600i Explorer ⬅ Merchantman $144 €124 600i Explorer ⬅ Carrack $91 €79 600i Touring ⬅ Merchantman $101 €88 600i Touring ⬅ Carrack $46 €40 Starfarer ⬅ Constellation Aquila $36 €31 Caterpillar ⬅ Constellation Aquila $30 €26 350R ⬅ Cutlass Red $11 €10
  3. For sale, CCU'd Ships Hornet Wildfire LTI -170 USD Vanguard Warden LTI- 240 USD Banu Merchantman LTI - 240 USD Verified PayPal only
  4. Vanguards: And Then There Were Three Vanguards: And Then There Were Three New Variants from Aegis Dynamics JOIN THE VANGUARD WOLF PACK Greetings Citizens, Earlier this year, Aegis Dynamics revealed the A3G Vanguard Warden to the civilian market. Today, two additional variants previously provided to the United Empire of Earth military are now available. The Vanguard is the Empire’s premiere deep space fighter, designed for maximum crew survivability on long-duration missions. The military treats the Vanguard as a robust platform capable of being modified for any number of missions. Today we are pleased to reveal the Vanguard Sentinel and the Vanguard Harbinger, two of the most popular Vanguard configurations ever to dogfight in deep space. The Vanguard Sentinel and Harbinger are now available as concept pledges and the Vanguard Warden is available again for a limited time. The art and design teams at Cloud Imperium Game have spent time fleshing out not only specific roles for the variants but also the functional interiors for all three ships. You can see the results of this work below, with imagery of everything from the internal escape pod on the base Warden to the new electronic warfare equipment on the Sentinel. We’re extremely proud of the work that has gone into these ships, and we’re hoping you enjoy this further look under their hoods! OUTLIVE: THE VANGUARD WARDEN “THE VANGUARD WARDEN IS THE STANDARD MODEL, ADAPTED FROM THE ROUGH-AND-READY VERSION USED BY THE MILITARY.” The original contract called for a ship capable of surviving a complete hull breach and up to a 33% structural loss… and time and time again, Aegis’ Vanguard has gone well beyond the letter of the law in bringing crews home! With heavy hitting forward weapons, an enhanced weapons suite and the most advanced two-person escape pod currently available, the Vanguard Warden is a ship that’s designed to take a beating and come out on top. VISIT THE WARDEN Warden Internal Development OUTSMART: THE VANGUARD SENTINEL “WHY TAKE DAMAGE WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE TO? THE VANGUARD SENTINEL IS A SHIP THAT’S DESIGNED TO FIGHT SMART INSTEAD OF TAKING ENEMIES HEAD ON.” The conversion features an AR cockpit, an external e-War pod, decoy missiles and a set ofEMP charges. In their military capacity, Vanguard Sentinels often provide necessary combat support for combined operations, helping to establish space superiority through so-called ‘trickster’ missions built around sowing misdirection and confusion. A lone Sentinel assigned wild weasel tasks is frequently paired with Harbinger bombers and Warden escorts for large attack missions. Working together, a mixed unit of Vanguards has been credited with confusing and rapidly eliminating ships as large as an enemy battlecruiser!VISIT THE SENTINEL Sentinel Internal Development OUTGUN: THE VANGUARD HARBINGER “HIT HARD AND GET HOME ALIVE! THE VANGUARD HARBINGER IS EARTH’S STANDARD FIGHTER-BOMBER, CONVERTING THE STANDARD WARDEN MODEL’S ESCAPE POD INTO A POTENT BOMB BAY.” The extended range of the Vanguard and the relatively small profile mean that it can go where carrier-based planes or larger strategic bombers don’t… and then strike hard and make it back to frontier bases. With standardized parts and easy-to-change hull sections, the Vanguard Harbinger is a powerful bomber that can operate out of the roughest forward operating bases.VISIT THE HARBINGER Harbinger Internal Development SHIP SALE We are offering these pledge ships to help fund Star Citizen’s development. All of these ships will be available for in-game credits in the final universe, and they are not required to start the game. Additionally, all decorative ‘flare’ items will also be available to acquire in the finished game world. The goal is to make additional ships available that give players a different experience rather than a particular advantage when the persistent universe launches. The standard model Vanguard Warden is available again for a limited time. The standard model includes two year insurance. The Vanguard Sentinel & Harbinger are being offered for the first time as a limited concept sale. This means that the ship design meets our specifications, but it is not yet ready to display in your Hangar or to fight in Arena Commander. The sale includes Lifetime Insurance on the ship hull and a pair of decorative items for your Hangar. A future patch will add a Vanguard poster and then once the in-game model is finished you will also be given an in-game Vanguard mini ship model! In the future, the ship price will increase and the offer will not include Life Time Insurance or these extras. If you’d like to add one to your fleet, they’re available in the pledge store until Monday September 7th. You can also view a detail of the ship in the Tech Overview of the ship page!
  5. Hello trades people out there. I am looking to purchase the Vanguard Sentinel and Vanguard Harbinger BUK with LTI (because why not). Please PM with your price if you have these available. Thanks in advance.
  6. Selling various ships. With this past anniversary sale I'm starting to get a better idea of how I want my own personal fleet to take form so giving people the chance to grab some of my buybacks. Prices and melt value as well as whether they are concept sales or CCU'd have been listed. Payment can be sent via paypal FROM VERIFIED ACCOUNTS ONLY. Prices include fees. Discount can be provided for f&f, is that even allowed? If it's allowed then it's true lol, if it's not allowed then obviously disregard. I can send pictures of stuff upon request, I'm just honestly too lazy to do it. Orion Concept Sale LTI - Price $400USD - Melt Value $325 Aegis Redeemer Concept Sale LTI - Price $275USD - Melt Value $250 Aegis Redeemer Concept Sale LTI Package - $325 - Melt Value $265 Aegis Vanguard Warden Concept Sale LTI - Price $275USD - Melt Value $250 Drake Buccaneer Concept Sale LTI - Price $135USD - Melt Value $110 Hull C Concept Sale LTI - Price $240USD - Melt Value $200 Banu Defender Concept Sale LTI - Price $210USD - Melt Value $185 Banu Merchantman (24 Months insurance) - Price $300USD - Melt Value $250 Superhornet (6 months insurance) - Price $175USD - Melt Value $165 Model II Arclight Sidearm - Price $15USD - Melt Value $5 I can also CCU to a bunch of ships with either LTI or non-LTI in particular superhornet and sabre as well as some of the others. For the CCUs just message me letting me know what you're looking for and I can let you know 1) if I can do it 2) price 3) the melt value 4) what kind of insurance it would have. Let me know if you have any questions!
  7. Hi i'm here to sell my game package which contain Star Citizen (of course...) and Squadron 42 with the vanguard warden upgraded from mustang alpha (so 3 month insurancy). It's the better ship i flight contain shower, toilett, big tank to go where you want without refuel, big weapon and good protection, if you want to survive it's where you need to be. You can play it alone or with a friend (later with a pnj or an AI). The melted price of this package is 285$ and i sell it for 150$ (cause i REALLY need money to fix my car) but i can't go lower. Thank you for your reading and see you in the verse ! Added pics and don't worry i didn't melt the package it's just to see the real amount given by RSI.
  8. Hello Community! I am looking to buy a Star Citizen Harbinger and Sentinel BUK both with LTI. Please PM your offers and Price. Cheers! tama
  9. I have been primarily flying the Vanguard for a few years now, and have seen the ups and downs of its performance. While I am in love with the idea of the ship, the design falls down with me in several areas. In this post (mostly copy-pasted from a post I made on Spectrum that didn't gather much response), I would like to gather some feedback on my thoughts for a dream rework. The one massive disclaimer with my idea is that it's highly unlikely to happen - it constitutes a massive internal redesign. I appreciate that many will disagree with me, but I would still like to hear what others think. When approaching this rework my first priority was improving survivability, and the second was increasing the offensive capabilities. Whilst attending to those tasks, I also wanted to retain a degree of versatility. The core idea of my rework is the amalgamation of the cockpit and the life pod. The dorsal turret would become unmanned and move to the rear to allow the pod to eject upwards. In the cockpit, the Pilot and RIO would sit side-by-side in fixed seats, with access to the rear between their seats. There would be an airtight door behind them leading to the life pod, which would now be directly attached to the cockpit. In the event of an emergancy, either operator could initiate the ejection sequence, firing the whole escape system upwards. This achieves my primary aim, as it drastically reduces the time to escape. Previously, both crew would have to make their way to the life pod and launch it from there, which would take valuable seconds. Furthermore, combining the pod with the cockpit and separating them with an airtight door would mean that a pressurised environment could still be created in the event that either the cockpit or the pod were vented. It also results in a reduction in pressurised volume, lowering the chances of a depressurising hit. The pod would contain beds, personal weapons, food/water supplies, facilities to cook, and a toilet/shower combination, shrunk as small as possible. Life support systems, emergancy patching and repressurisation kits, and extended supplies would be stored in the roof space. Normal access to the pod would be through a hatch in the floor, leading down a ladder fixed to the forward landing gear. To exit the pod in an emergancy, the main cockpit glass could be blown out by detcord or small arms fire. The pod itself could not survive atmospheric braking, but would come equipped with parachutes and small thrusters to ensure a safe landing if ejection occurs in atmosphere. As for the weapons, I would do away with the proprietary nose guns altogether. I would also try to recess the main gun as much as possible, to reduce the exposure to fire. To give a higher forward firepower, I would add a gun to the bottom side of each nacelle. For missiles, I would have interchangable racks stored in the volume between the life pod and the nacelles. This covers my secondary aim, as the much wider distribution of the weapons reduces the chance of a one-shot disarm. My personal opinion (and this is where many will differ) is that internal missile bays should be limited in their refit options. This leads my on to my final aim, the retention of versatility. I have imagined four role configurations for this Vanguard: The Fighter, the E-War Platform, the Fighter-Bomber, and the Scout. The differences between them would only be the standard loadouts, making one frame reconfigurable for multiple tasks. As the standard model, the Fighter would have a gimballed S4 ballistic repeater in the nose (with no spin-up time), a gimballed S3 energy repeater under each nacelle, and would have it's missile bays configured to hold many S2 and S3 missiles. The E-War Platform would have a fixed S5 distortion cannon in the nose, a gimballed S3 energy repeater on each nacelle, and would replace 1/2 the S2 missiles with dataspike missiles. Finally it would replace the S3 missiles with an enhanced computer package, to work in tandem with the dataspike missiles. The Fighter-Bomber would have a fixed S5 ballistic cannon in the nose, a fixed S4 ballistic cannon on each nacelle, and would replace all of the missiles with four S6 torpedoes The Scout would have a gimballed S4 energy repeater in the nose, a gimballed S3 energy repeater on each nacelle, and would replace the S3 missiles of the Fighter with an enhanced sensor package. All of the variants would carry two S3 energy repeaters in the turret by default. Thanks to Aniron from Spectrum for mentioning that the nacelle weapons should be underneath instead of on top, to aid access. The Vanguard may have to operate from distant FARPs, where advanced loading equipment would be unavailable. I have used my barely existant MS paint skills to provide a basic diagram to aid this description. All of the volumes are vague, and may be adjusted somewhat to make the design feasible. The red outline indicates the ejection pod and cockpit, and the ladder on the landing gear. The red dashes indicate the storage space above the ceiling above the ejection pod. The orange areas indicate the landing gear. The yellow areas indicate the unmanned turret position. The green areas indicate the volume to be filled with other internal systems - e.g. fuel tanks and power plants. The blue areas indicate the modular missile bays. The purple areas indicate the new weapon positions.
  10. Throw me an offer both of these ships are being sold as I have a main account with more and do not need these ships or the account. The ships sell with the account via paypal. Selling accounts is against RSI terms of service i think still so dont tell them you bought the account i guess. PM if interested looking for around $400 $450 theres a few other ships and credits on the account as well.
  11. Chris Roberts just revealed at Gamescom that there will be a Vanguard Hoplite Vairant - primarily made for S42 but sounds like they are going to also make it available to players in the PU. I'll add and modify the OP as we get more info
  12. Well folks, I have a few spare buyback ships and packages that I thought I would list in case anybody wanted one. I will try to add information on all the packages soon. Standalone Ships Ship Manufacturer Insurance Type Price, USD Price, EUR Availablity P-72 Archimedes Kruger LTI Original $88 €83 x4 Aurora LX RSI LTI Original $66 €63 x1 Herald Drake LTI Original $101 €96 x1 Hull A MISC LTI Original $88 €83 x2 Hull D MISC LTI Original $414 €393 x2 350r Origin 6 Month Original $142 €135 x1 Reclaimer Aegis LTI Original $404 €384 x2 Reliant MISC LTI Original $92 €87 x5 Starfarer Aegis 24 Month Original $222 €211 x1 Vanguard Aegis LTI Original $282 €268 x1 Ship Packages Ship Manufacturer Insurance Type Price, USD Price, EUR Availablity M50 Origin 4 Month Original $157 €149 x1 Aurora MR+ RSI 3 Month Original $81 €77 x1 Aurora LX RSI 24 Month Original $100 €95 x1 Next Gen Aurora RSI LTI Original $92 €87 SOLD Buyer must be PayPal verified. Please send me PM containing ship name, your PayPal email and currency of invoice (USD or EUR). Ship will be sent as a gift to the payer's PayPal email. Claimed gift (after purchase) will be bounded to your account. All prices include PayPal fees. The ship packages include Star Citizen and Squadron 42 access
  13. Instead of firing all at once, can they be configured to fire in succession? Like the X-wing lasers?
  14. I thought I would post this here as well as Reddit, for more exposure. I have a never-worn engagement ring, purchased from Fred Meyer Jewelers here in Oregon that I'd like to be rid of. Its centerpiece is a 6.5 x 4.5mm Oval Tanzanite stone, ringed by smaller diamonds. It's set into 10k white gold. The size is 4.0, but it's my understanding that it's fairly easy to get it re-sized. It also has a lifetime care plan attached to it. It also comes with all the paperwork for the care plan and the receipt from when I purchased it. It's valued at 400$ + 50$ for the care plan. What I'd like to do is trade it in whole or for part of an Esperia Glaive. I'm also open to other ships as well, such as a Vanguard, Carrack, or Redeemer, but I would prefer a Glaive. I can pay with cash what the ring won't cover - Despite the ring having never been worn, it's pretty difficult to sell jewelry for anywhere near the purchase price, so I thought I'd post it here first to see if there was any interest, before I put it up on eBay. If you're interested, but worried about low-balling me, don't be. I'll consider everything and would be happy to give someone a good deal. Here's a shot of the ring: http://imgur.com/a/VxbPw Here's one with a timestamp for proof: http://imgur.com/a/73x5C And if you prefer to do business over Reddit, my username is the same, and here is the link to my posting there as well: https://www.reddit.com/r/Starcitizen_trades/comments/58ssrh/wtt_engagement_ring_for_esperia_glaive/ Cheers
  15. Vanguard warden, a limited ship is avialable for sale for a short amount of time. Not sure if you might want one later? Then grab a $0 Redeemer to Warden CCU and keep it for later. Here's other ships in the same price point to help you decide what CCU's you might want. Redeemer $250 y Banu Merchantman $250 n Esperia Vanduul Blade $250 n Vanguard Warden $250 n Now go and vote for the next ship sale "Bomber of the Year". https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15516-Galactic-Tour-s-Bomber-Of-The-Year
  16. Ship Prices are increasing as CIG warned a long time ago. The Starfarer went from $175 to $195 and now will be $300. Clearly other ships will follow and it is best to buy in the here and now and not wait till later. Race against tomorrow and buy your ships at the cheapest price possible today. *Standalone LTI ships * 5x LTI 890 Jump on sale at $940 a piece total. **This ship comes with a free Model II Arclight Sidearm and a free Star Citizen Starter Package!** 3x LTI Phoenix Constellations at $675 a piece total. **This ship comes with a free Star Citizen Starter Package!** 4x LTI Esperia Glaives on sale at $550 a piece total. **Create your own Glaive Package for only an additional $40 by asking for a Starter Package addon!** MISC Reliant Kores LTI for $105 Total 5x F7A Military Kit (CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!) LTI Harbinger and Sentinel BUKs for Vanguards. Harbinger BUK (CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!) Sentinel BUK (CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!) Deluxe Combo BUK Pack (CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!) 10x 3YI Phoenix Constellations at $500 a piece total. **Create your own Phoenix Constellation Package for only and additional $40 by asking for a Starter Package addon!** Wanting to Trade my 2x Glaive and 1x 890J, or 2x 890J for your Idris-M _ Non-Limited Ship Sale Specials: Ship Prices are increasing as CIG warned a long time ago. The Starfarer went from $175 to $195 and now will be $300. Clearly other ships will follow and it is best to buy in the here and now and not wait till later. MISC Starfarer Gemini LTI - $400 Total Aegis Reclaimer LTI - $468 Total RSI Carrack LTI - $468 Total Esperia Blades LTI - $290 _ The LTI MERLIN will be given to owners of LTI Constellations (besides the Taurus), and to LTI versions of the 890 Jump, Carrack, and Idris owners as loaners. _ _ New buyers are required to use a known and trusted Middleman and will pay their fees. Buyer must be Paypal verified and must produce both their Citizen Number and current registered RSI Handle NO EXCEPTIONS! The Seller's Citizen Number and Handle will be provided upon request and seller is only required to sell the item posted and listed in the inventory with item ID included. All scams or suspicious activity will be reported to the MODs and elevated from there.
  17. Hello Citizens. I am looking to buy an Star Citizen Vanguard Harbinger and Sentinel BUK with LTI. Please PM me if you have any available. Also PM me your offered price. Thx
  18. M50 won the vote and is available for sale for a limited time. Can't decide if you want an M50? Pick up a few $0 Cutless Black to M50 CCU's and sit on them, their free! The AEGIS VANGUARD WARDEN and ANVIL SUPER HORNET F7C-M are now avialable for backers to try. Vote for the next ship to go on sale.  Vanguard Warden or Superhornet.
  19. Zul

    Complete Vanguard Harbinger LTI

    Vanguard Harbinger (melt 280$) -> Sell on Ebay
  20. Welcome to the brand new makute's store. If you want to make a purchase, post in this thread and send a PM with your PayPal email and RSI handle. I'll be back to you asap. My timezone is GMT+1, so delays are to be expected during the night time. After a brief summer break, I come again with a tempting offer on Vanguard variants. Also, RSI credits are available again, and I took out of the fridge a couple specials to ease the heat: a 890 Jump, a Endeavour Master Set, a Signed Rear Admiral Phoenix package and a bunch of LTI game packages. Also, just found a F7A upgrade under the rug and it's now on sale! Game Packages*: Aurora LN > $50 - 3 months insurance Aurora LX > $55 - 2 years Origin 315P > $80 - 4 months insurance Freelancer > $110 - 2 months insurance Cutlass Blue) > $210 - 2 years (includes a set of Advocacy Tools) Digital Bounty Hunter (Origin 300I) > $105 - LTI Digital Freelancer > $170 - LTI Digital Mercenary (Aurora MR) > $85 - LTI Lightspeed Package (Origin 350R) > $190 - LTI (includes Origin Racing Suit) Pathfinder Package (Origin 315P) > $120 - LTI Specter Package (F7C-S Hornet Ghost) > $190 - LTI Aegis Redeemer > SOLD - LTI Signed Rear Admiral physical package upgraded to Phoenix > $600 - LTI (includes of the physical items of the regular Rear Admiral package: spaceship shaped USB drive, CD of game soundtrack, glossy fold up starmap, 5 ship Blueprints, 3 inch model of spaceship, Hardback book: 'The Making of Star Citizen', starting money: 10.000 UEC, plus the Signed Limited Silver Box and the Hartwell Music Sentinel 88G) *(Packages includes both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 games, and access to every alpha and beta modules.) CCU'd Limited Standalone Ships*: Retaliator Bomber > $265 - LTI Esperia Blade > $250 - LTI Vanguard Warden > $250 - LTI Banu Merchantman > $250 - LTI Xi'an Khartu-al > $170 - LTI Cutlass Blue > $180 - LTI Vanguard Harbinger** > $290 - LTI Vanguard Sentinel** > $270 - LTI *(Unless otherwise stated, all ships are upgraded from a LTI Dragonfly or P72). **(Buy both ships and get a Warden BUK with 2 years insurance for free) . Original Sale & Limited Standalone Ships: Origin M50 Interceptor > $130 - LTI (ON HOLD) Aegis Sabre > SOLD Hull B > $120 - LTI Hull C > $250 - LTI Origin 350R > $150 - LTI Drake Herald > $115 - LTI Cutlass Pirate Pack > $150 - LTI Origin 890 Jump > $900 - LTI MISC Endeavor Master Set* > $1200 - LTI *(The Master Set contains one of every module available, as well as the base ship. All of them with LTI). Upgrades: Taurus to Sabre > $40 325A to Warlock > $30 Retaliator Cargo Front Module LTI > $50 Retaliator Living Front Module LTI > $50 F7A Military Hornet upgrade > SOLD RSI Credits*: $275 credits > $220 (Available soon) *(RSI credits will be sent in the form of an Aurora ES standalone (6 month insurance) upgraded to a Constellation Aquila or Andromeda.) (Every lot purchased after the first goes at 75% of melt. Buy all three lots available for $630). Suscriber Flair and Special Items: Mr. Refinement’s Cabinet of Rare & Exquisite Spirits > $6 Takuetsu Origin M50 > $6 Takuetsu Starfarer > $6 Locker from Another Universe > $6 Takuetsu RSI Constellation Phoenix 2944 > $6 StellarSonic JukeBox > $6 Takuetsu MISC Freelancer MIS 2944 > $6 UEE Calendar > $6 Model II Arclight Sidearm > $20 Trophy - PAX Australia 2944 > $20 Gamescom 2945 Subscriber Hangar Trophy > $20 All prices are in USD dollars with PayPal fees included. After payment of invoice, the purchased items will be gifted to your Paypal email. I'm an experienced trader here in SCB, /u/starcitizen_trades, eBay and several other forums.
  21. I am selling my ship ccu'd fron dragonfly LTI Vanguard Warden LTI - 230 USD veryfied PayPal only no additional fees
  22. Hi. I m selling ships that were CCU'd from new Prospector LTI Esperia Blade X3 275USD$ Vanguard Warden X2 285USD$ Khartu-Al X4 185USD$ 350R 165USD$ Prospector LTI : 175 USD$ I will accept only verified Paypal , fees already included All prices are final.
  23. I am selling my Aegis Vanguard Warden LTI, which was purchased in the original concept sale. The price is $240, with Paypal fees covered by me. This is an original (non-upgraded) ship purchased by me during the original concept sale. PM me if you are interested. SOLD
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