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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm selling unmelts for reasonable prices. Most ships come with LTI. All prices are in US Dollars (USD) and inclusive PayPal fee, which means I pay the fee. All packages contain both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 digital downloads! Amount Price for sale Item Insurance per item 1 300i (standalone ship) LTI $90 SOLD! 2 300i (Bounty Hunter package) LTI $100 SOLD! 10 300i (Digital Bounty Hunter package) LTI $115 10 SOLD! 1 315p Explorer (standalone ship) LTI $105 SOLD! 1 325a Fighter (standalone ship) LTI $115 SOLD! 4 350r Racer (standalone ship) LTI $200 3 SOLD, 1 RETRACTED 1 350r Racer (package) 2yr $195 1 RETRACTED 1 350r Racer (standalone ship) 2yr $175 1 RETRACTED 8 Aurora LX (standalone ship) LTI $85 SOLD! 5 Aurora LX upgrade (MR -> LX) N/A $25 1 SOLD, 4 RETRACTED 9 Avenger Stalker (standalone ship) LTI $125 1 SOLD, 8 RETRACTED 6 Avenger Stalker (Advanced Hunter package) LTI $135 4 SOLD, 2 RETRACTED 1 Carrack (standalone ship) LTI $485 SOLD! 5 Constellation Andromeda (standalone ship) LTI $305 5 RETRACTED 3 Cutlass Black (standalone ship + Bonus) LTI $145 SOLD! 5 Cutlass Black (Digital Pirate package) LTI $160 SOLD! 1 Endeavor Base (standalone ship) 4yr $455 1 RETRACTED 1 Endeavor Discovery (standalone ship) 3yr $550 1 RETRACTED 1 Endeavor Discovery (standalone ship) 4yr $550 1 RETRACTED 1 Endeavor Hope (standalone ship) 3yr $585 1 RETRACTED 1 Endeavor Olympic (standalone ship) 3yr $650 1 RETRACTED 13 F7C Hornet (Digital Colonel package) LTI $185 5 SOLD, 8 RETRACTED 1 F7C-M Super Hornet (package) 2yr $260 1 RETRACTED 8 F7C-M Super Hornet upgrade (F7C -> F7C-M) N/A $85 SOLD! 2 F7C-R Hornet Tracker (SWACS package) LTI $235 2 RETRACTED 2 F7C-R Hornet Ghost (SPECTER package) LTI $215 2 RETRACTED 10 Freelancer (Digital Freelancer package) LTI $185 7 SOLD, 3 RETRACTED 1 Freelancer MIS (standalone ship) 2yr $215 SOLD! 1 Herald (standalone ship) 3yr $125 1 RETRACTED 1 Khartu-al Scout (standalone ship) 2yr $170 SOLD! 1 M50 (standalone ship) 2yr $130 SOLD! 1 M50 (package) 2yr $150 SOLD! 2 Merchantman (standalone ship) 2yr $455 2 RETRACTED 1 Retaliator Bomber (standalone ship) 2yr $365 1 RETRACTED 1 Starfarer (standalone ship) 2yr $360 1 RETRACTED This is how a sale is done: You contact me on PM about the item(s) you want to buy. You're welcome to ask me any questions in this thread, if you're wondering about prices, how upgrades work, or other sales related things. I send an invoice of the amount (given on this page) to your PayPal email address. You pay the invoice. When I've received your payment I Buy Back (unmelt) the item(s) and gift it / them to your RSI email address. You check that you've received the item(s) you bought. Both of us add feedback to each others forum accounts (here on Star Citizen Base). NOTE: When you contact me on PM, please state your PayPal email address (for the invoice), plus your RSI handle, and the email address for gifting (if different from your PayPal email). If you don't mention these details I must ask for them and it takes longer to complete the trade because of more messages back and forth. NOTE: Some ships will be gifted from my Viking account and some from my Wicing account on RSI. NOTE: The images shown of the unmelt items are examples and so the date may vary. My RSI account email is the same as my Paypal email address and my email address in this forum. Proof of my RSI and Paypal accounts will be given on request on PM. I've sold many ships here before. See my feedback.
  2. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/account/buy-back-pledges EDIT: Apparently you cannot buyback using store credit. (Probably a mistake)
  3. I build up quite a long list of available unmelt options on my account. I do not intent now or in the future to unmelt them myself but I am offering them here for if anybody want's any of these. Price is the unmelt price itself plus whatever you deem fair as little tip towards me if any. If you just want to pay the unmelt price that would also be ok since this would go towards funding the game. However LTI packages cost extra because they are so rare. here are the available unmelt options for game packages that still have both Squadron 42 & Star Citizen with them and additional other items
  4. The buy back token with credits is live, go in hangar tab at buy back pledges: you have 1 opportunity to buy back a pledge.
  5. So, Contrary to what CIG had stated they WANTED unmelts to look like, it appears that ALL unmelts ARE giftable. This means that if you have a friend or loved one who wants a package, but REALLY wants to have LTI on that package, NOW is the time to unmelt (for cash only because credit isn't allowed for now, and if it was you wouldn't be able to gift). It's unknown if/when CIG will fix this, as it was originally stated that unmelted items would not be able to be regifted for a multitude of reasons (grey market mostly), but it looks like Turbulent's fk-up has allowed a short window (maybe longer because of Christmas) to take advantage of being able to unmelt and gift melted LTI packages if you have them. Happy unmelting!
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