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Found 9 results

  1. until
    SECURITY ACCESS - LEVEL 2 Dear @205th. Member, We're holding a training day for members to improve their skills and knowledge and to become operative unit members. WE ASK THAT YOU RELOCATE YOURSELF TO THE OPERATION MEET LOCATION **BEFORE** THE EVENT STARTS. Depending on the level of participation we will be doing: - Command Training - Helm Officer Training - Tactical Officer Training - Turret Operator Training - Marine Training - Battlegroup Coordination Training *Best Regards,* *Unit Command* SECURITY ACCESS - LEVEL 2
  2. until
    SECURITY ACCESS - LEVEL 2 TRAINING - Operations Department and Tactical Department Date: Monday 11/01/2021 Time: 18:00(06:00 PM) UTC Duration: 2 hours Meet: Port Olisar Voice: Imperium Discord Dear members, We're holding a training day for the Operations department and the Tactical department onboard the Hammerhead class corvette. The mission will be to operate the hammerhead in a high risk combat situation communicating with each other and destroy all hostile targets. The purpose of this training will be to strengthen and improve the communication and co
  3. Shadows Lead to Oblivion BLOOD MOON - Base Vanduul Hunters Squadron BLOOD MOON Squadron Discussion Thread BLOOD MOON Base is a squadron-focused discussion thread, dedicated to discussing topics relevant to Blood Moon Squadron's activities in the Star Citizen game. -- See link to previous thread -->> BLOOD MOON - Base This thread will be focused on important squadron topics: Squadron Structure & Admin Communications Scheduling Tactics Strat
  4. Hello everyone! I saw in the unit message that we're shifting intra-unit talk here. I wanted to talk about training. I'm sure that there's some sort of regular meeting that we have and I wanted to ask what time it was. I've sort of fallen off Star Citizen since traveling this summer, but I'm setting aside time every day (or few days, since we're entering finals) to retrain my dogfighting. Does Imperium or Alaris have any regular training times? Does matchmaking work in AC (which I guess is the more pertinent question)? I would like to increase my activity with the unit in anticipation of the 2
  5. https://apps-courses.beame.io/Widget/Item/Course/josh-kbosh/star-citizen-complete-tutorial lots from Josh Kbosh who sourced from everywhere that he could including from BoredGamer, STLYoungblood, DemoMan0351, TodaysMarriedGamer, and Alysianah Noire. how to fly, how to fight, controls guide, how to pick the right ship, how to mount weapons, etc... I suspect that he'll keep them updated as needs. You will need to register on LFE and his information offerings are free, although the main website has courses for sale.
  6. Hello everyone, this is a somewhat late arrival post. I joined on early December but I was overseas on holidays so just now I have the chance to sit in front of my computer and get serious about this! Really excited to be part of Imperium, thanks to Tel-kar for suggesting I joined. I'm located in Canada, more exactly Ottawa (East coast). I really want to try it all in the game but I think I will be inclined to start with Exploration and Trading and to always be on the ready as a fighter pilot for anything the org needs. Which brings me, someone told me that, specifically Xeen, was g
  7. TS Meeting Agenda - 12/7/15 - Specializations / Training <<--- We will return to this topic to update the spreadsheet / ship hangars / specializations (and how they relate to training and teaching). The current Google Doc. we have is out of date and we need to help to fill it out (including some members have been added and inactive ones dropped) Please help fill in the various fields (or post them below on this thread) Member / Rank / Primary Element / Division Interest / Primary Ship / Primary Crew / Primary FPS / Flight # / Portal Hangar / Active / Secondary Interest(s)
  8. Hello SCB! So I've been playing—or rather trying to—Star Citizen since I got my GPU today and I just suck! Feels like I am just spinning around unable to see a target long enough to actually engage them. Now I have never been good at steering vehicles* in games like this (you don't want to see me in a helicopter in the BF series...yikes!) but I really want to improve said skills for SC at the least. I've gone through Training (once, gonna do it again) but it ends after teaching you to land. Or so it did for me, gave me a white screen where I could only hear breathing. So I was wondering how yo
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