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Found 29 results

  1. Wow, I didn't see this coming! it was nearly 15 years ago since Evil Genius, it was a fantastic game! Although, we haven't seen any of the gameplay so we will have to wait and see. Here is a little reminder of the Evil Genius 1. (sorry for crap res heh)
  2. For those of us who go back far enough, we remember when CIG and CR promoted this game on the SC website back when the game was still in the kickstarter phase. Those people who backed the game also got a SC-based reward (eventually). Well, they've released their reveal trailer and release date, and it's using the same engine as SC. That said, the game's animations and graphics look nothing like what we have from SC, but definitely what we could've seen if CIG had decided to release SQ42 or SC before now. Check it out and feel free to discuss below.
  3. @Terallian is starting up a new series "Combined Arms" and it looks amazing!
  4. Face


    dunno about you guys, but i have sunk thousands of hours into the series so far, and hopefully after the abomination beyond earth was they are going back the classic route so that's a good sign set to release 21 October 2016
  5. First Justice League trailer was released at Comic Con, looks like a good all arounder! (Action/Comedy)
  6. The first trailer for the upcoming Syfy series The Expanse was just released! It looks like they have put some good production values into the show, and with a strong story thanks to the novels, hopefully this will bring Space Opera back to the TV screen Youtube trailer seems to be region locked for now, but you can watch it on the official Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/SyfyTV/status/555794064075784193
  7. So I had no idea this was in production let alone being made but this looks dark and freaking awesome!
  8. So this looks good. It's still going to be the Fast and the Furious version common in Star Trek movies, rather than the intellectually deep series. But it does look fun.
  9. The music form the Old Man teaser, the Bishop speech and the Cutlass commercial :3 http://www.geoffzanelli.com/projects/star-citizen/ and hire the file locations if somebody want's to save them on their pc. http://www.geoffzanelli.com/fileserv.php?path=starcitizen&file=Old%20Man%20Teaser%20--%20Star%20Citizen.mp3 http://www.geoffzanelli.com/fileserv.php?path=starcitizen&file=Bishop%20Speech%20--%20Star%20Citizen.mp3 http://www.geoffzanelli.com/fileserv.php?path=starcitizen&file=Cutlass%20Tango%20--%20Star%20Citizen.mp3
  10. Backstage CIG Ben Lesnickwcloaf Posted: - Hey everybody, I wanted to address confusion about the AC2.0 trailer. I know that the line about everything being playable in Alpha 2.0 had some backers excited thinking that Alpha 2.0 had gone live, or that it is about to go live tomorrow. Unfortunately, that is not the case! We are really sorry for folks mislead by that card, and so I’d like to explain exactly what happened. What happened? We had an opportunity to get the 2.0 trailer exposed to a much bigger audience, but that required our turning in the trailer a while ago. At the time, we were on track to have 2.0 on the live servers by today or tomorrow. Unfortunately, as folks testing and observing know, we were hit with a slowdown bug that seemed to come out of nowhere. (For those not following the testing chatter, that’s why you haven’t see a PTU build in the last two days.) Knowing what we do now, we would have liked to have changed the exact wording on the trailer. Unfortunately, it was locked in well before the event. So to be clear: Star Citizen 2.0 is not live for everyone yet. It’s currently available on the Public Test Universe (PTU) for the first 110,000 Citizens. An increasing number of folks have been helping us test builds for the past week, and everyone involved can attest to the fact that we’ve been doing some serious bug squashing. For now, Arena Commander 1.3 (and the Hangar and Social Modules) are available for everyone. We’re running a ‘free fly’ right now, so anyone who registers for an account can try out single-seat dogfighting, racing, Vanduul Swarm and more. The plan is to roll out Alpha 2.0 to the live server as soon as we’ve resolved the current blockers. A whole lot of backer test pilots are helping make that a reality, and we will keep everyone updated as it happens. Keep watching the Comm-Link, enjoy free access to 1.3 for now and we’ll have Alpha 2.0 out to everyone as soon as it’s ready to go. Ben
  11. I'm in need of a voice actor for a trailer I created for my organization, Eidolon Interstellar Security. I'm looking primarily to any Star Citizens that may have children because I think a child's voice will fit better in this particular trailer. It's supposed to sound like a child's letter, so the cuter it sounds, the better. lol You are also welcome to submit non-child voices, but those should sound a little more serious. Just post the audio file to your dropbox or someting. Although this is NOT a contest, I will be giving a reward to the first voice upload I like the most in the form of TAKUETSU AEGIS GLADIUS (hangar model, not a ship). Here is the script and the trailer: SCRIPT (VERSION 1) [Read by child's voice] Dear Ghost, We wish to chart distant stars and discover unknown worlds. We wish to journey about our daily lives, unhindered by bad things. And we hope to live free from fear. But night is falling and the monsters have come to get us. Dear Ghost, With lights in your eyes and bravery in your soul, Your courage forever patrols the deep black. Dear Ghost, You are eternally the first light for the weary. And you are graciously the last fight for the wicked.
  12. Hi, This is a little fan's trailer make by myself on CryEngine 3 called "to infinity... and beyond !" This fan's trailer talks about my imagination related to procedural planets and what it could offer. Hope you'll enjoy !
  13. So much hype!
  14. Psychopath

    X-COM 2

    new x-com trailer just droped and its AWESOME!!!!!
  15. SnowOwl

    EVE Trailers

    Many of you may have thought, about Star Citizen being able to do everything EVE did and more. Thus far no trailers of Star Citizen have shown the true potential of the game, whereas EVE trailers would do a better job of painting a picture of what Star Citizen could be like. I present you Trailers of EVE.
  16. Star Citizen Careers - The Smuggler is a well done video from the author of the Imagine Trailer - Enjoy
  17. enjoyed it alot :3 maybe you will too. here you go. if you want to leave feedback http://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/2k1twn/would_love_feedback_sc_imagine_fan_trailer/
  18. This is going to be pretty sweet, liked the first one. Not sure how it's going to work though, he was the leader at the end of the 1st movie.
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