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Found 7 results

  1. So this is my first bit of theorycrafting in a while.... You're out in an unfamiliar part of space, and you discover the first located derelict Bengal Carrier.... What do you do?!?!
  2. After this last week and the sale of the Polaris that I had to pick up I thoroughly studied the manual with the drawings and started wondering about use of escape pods, and that ultimately led me to a much more important aspect of how would everyone get to escape pods. I wanted to see what, if anything, others have heard about how damage and destruction on the capitals will work. Will one of the manned stations be able to see damage reports around the ship? Since the size of these ships makes the damage system extremely complex I can see this being both a good thing to delve into. For instance
  3. this is a small piece of advice off of reddit that every Imperium member should know when sending ANYTHING in on an RMA. The Swedish fish theory states that: any package containing candy will be given the highest priority. This will drastically decrease turnaround time on RMAs. Use this well.
  4. I wish to gain feedback on everyone and anyone's thoughts on these aspects of Bounty Hunting: (Feel free to answer more than one question and we shall discuss ) How do you think Bounty Hunting opportunities will be posted for Hunters to acquire "Jobs": How do you believe the target will be acquired?(Imagine a scenario) Would it be more fun if a captured target respawned or had to sit there and go through the capture process?(Take into consideration of, the what if it were you that was captured scenario) ~On the Flip Side~ If you had a Bounty what would you do to avoid being detected
  5. So, recently I've been reading scientific novels, taking a break from my normal routine of military thrillers and horror books. This reading has brought me to come to think about space, obviously, but there is a prominent subject in that myriad of thoughts, and that is artificial intelligence. To give a brief summary of my thoughts, artificial intelligence is basically a complex program inside a computer that runs with a set of parameters and instructions, and limits, right? An AI, to be functional in our sense, must be self-aware, or placed to a point in which it is able to act upon data to a
  6. Hi fellow SCB members and Imperium members! The following idea was put forward by @Lakota, and I would like to expand the idea, and see what we can make possible. I will recap it here. Theorycrafting-Discussion show on The Base Radio Theory crafting nights. A round table of people who are "educated" about star citizen, who discuss few recent topics. Topics should be set at least a week before hand so that research can be done; consider it an indepth discussion. Perhaps could run in debate format with a pro/con approach to the topic? Also possible to let listerners input their idea's
  7. [ INN Community Report for 6th of March 2014 TeamSpeak Event This Sunday! All Imperium members are welcome to join CyberianK and Flashbolts on Teamspeak this Sunday, March the 9th at 1900 UTC for the first Imperium Sunday Afternoon Theorycrafting (ISAT) Discussion. Anyone is welcome to join for an informative and fun discussion on everything we know so far about mining and gathering. We'll be presenting some material, diving into a lively discussion, and brainstorming topics for future ISAT discussions. They are also accepting your proposals and topic requests for future gatherings. Pl
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