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Found 7 results

  1. Hey Sternenbürger. Für alle die noch eine Aktive Orga oder Hilfe in SC benötigen möchte ich voller Stolz unsere Website vorstellen wo du alle weiteren Infos findest. Auf unserer Website findest du alle Infos zu unserer Orga und kannst von dort aus auch direkt über Discord oder Email mit uns in Kontakt treten. Für alle die keine Orga suchen und nur Hilfe brauchen, bieten wir auf der Website einen Link-Katalog mit hilfreichen Links, ein eigenes Forum und einen Orga externen Discordserver. http://www.sc-ucu.eu/ Allen Anfängern wird von erfahrenen Spielern SC nahegebracht. Niemand wird ausgegrenzt, weil er kein Profi ist oder nicht immer Zeit hat. Bei Interesse oder Fragen: Einfach auf unseren Discord Server vorbeischauen. Hier kannst du entscheiden ob du ein volles Mitglied werden willst oder nur als Gast beitreten https://discord.gg/PzvMspdzWp
  2. Are you looking for a consistent group of friends to game with every night? Do you like good organization but not military wannabes screaming orders at you? Do you value teamwork, friendship, and blowing away stress playing a great game more than collecting in-game status? If so, we are just your kind of team. Normie Squad has some room for new members of any skill level. If you want an organization oriented to always finding the action and fun in the game then we are probably the outfit for you. We will even take totally new players willing to learn and we'll get you into the game in a friendly way. Attitude and teamwork is more important than skill for us. About us: Casual organization focused on fun but we will get serious when needed so you don't lose your ships and assets. We already have a weekly "org night" where we have a lot of fun. Once the game spools up we'll have weekly fun events, training, and other cool stuff. People are also playing Star Citizen almost every night of the week. We use Discord for communication with each other, microphone would be good but not required. We only take mature players but we do not have an age cutoff. You just have to be respectful of others and not annoying on the voice channels. You'll likely always have friends to play with throughout the day. Our most active time is from 9-Midnight European time weeknights when we will have multiple channels for members doing various organized activities. No applications, military style ranks, or stupid hoops to jump through to get in. How to join: << Join our ORG >> << Join our Discord server >> We've been going as a group for almost two years now. We come mainly from Warframe but also have a presence in many other games. We are active now with several games and you can join us now to hook up with friends to play different games before SC is released. New Player Guide to Star Citizen Referral code for a bonus 5000aUEC starting credits: STAR-VJ24-ZHSB Thanks for your interest in Normie Squad and we'll see you in the 'verse!
  3. I think it's high time to start thinking about what games we--as a unite (insofar as our active numbers will allow) We meet every Monday and talk..that's good But it's high time that we should start playing. SO lets up our heads together and figure out what can we play...as a team. So start posting games that have a strong secence of teamwork. 1st Person shooters are nice..but I can speak for myself that I'm not really into that. so most likely another game that people who can play a supporting role can do so also.
  4. So imagine you are sitting in the middle of combat in star citizen, and you just need to get the cursor out, but you simply cant remember how to.... what other better way are there, that one of Imperium's great Officers @Valenquo comes to the rescue, after trying to explain how to do it, with not luck, Valenquo improvises and helps me out with this answer So great work for that But maybe I shouldn't mention this, maybe I should... but aprox 20 min. earlier then that horrible episode.... Valenquo had to be picked up in a astroid field.... because he forgot to refuel xD Sorry bro
  5. Hey all, So back in 2014, we had this Rust event..well..more like Rust frenzy. Purpose was to build team work with resource allocation leadership skills etc. Results : Week 1 : Amazing Week2 : alot more people and bigger projects Week 3: Paranoia End of month : collapse HAHA only those who played back then with SCB clan would know what week 3 meant. Anyone want to input good memories in here? On a side note, I looked into rust recently and I found it look more interesting (it is beta but it has improved alot) Would anyone be interesting to do a 2015 version of Rust and see how we fair for a month??
  6. Watching the demos from the Kickstarter pitch, specifically the one with the huge freighter, I was looking at how the ships lined up together. The small fighters lingered to the sides of the freighter, offering a small amount of protection from each side. That was extremely immersive, and I ate that part up. Do you think that depending on the size of the squad, the formations will be more spread out or packed in? For example, a team consisting of six fighters will form up differently than a team of fifteen? Do you think that formations will be dynamic or predefined?
  7. VISIT HERE FOR MORE INFO AND OUR ORG PAGE TO JOIN! --------------------------------------------- Formed in 2942 by Vexina “Vex” Nyx. SIGMA; otherwise known as: STRATEGIC INTERSTELLAR GROUP of MERCENARIES ALLIANCE is a highly militaristic PMC of mercenaries and bounty hunters based within Moscow, Russia on Planet Earth, Sol System. While primarily being a leading contractor and target elimination company within the bounty hunting sector, SIGMA is also a leading security and risk management company with project experience in over 20 solar systems. SIGMA has a galaxy-wide client-base including governments, international agencies and the international corporate sector. SIGMA is also a major security provider to the UEE while also offering services to the general public as long as their target has a negative standing with the UEE or law enforcement division. Please note, requests to intervene with non-human races will be immediately rejected by our management team unless we are informed by the UEE to reconsider. SIGMA also offers comprehensive advice on every aspect of security from corporate operations, commercial risk and foreign investment to counter-terrorism, close protection and support to governments. SIGMA runs a galactic network of offices, contacts and associates. Our clients benefit from the extensive capabilities of our personnel, built up through careers in the military, diplomatic and intelligence services, as well as in the police, journalism, finance and commerce. SIGMA today is a diverse and comprehensive organisation operating in systems spread across several star clusters in a variety of service streams yet primarily operates within the field of bounty hunting and target elimination. SIGMA offers a promising career path for the brave, the adventurous and the determined, we guarantee a position to suit you best. From a trusty pilot to a ground combat specialist, SIGMA Careers will allow you to go far, and with our family assurance scheme, your descendants will receive a financial donation directly from our offices to help cover the possibility of having to cover your funeral costs if events were to turn for the worst. Be sure to have your full Citizenship documentation with you when applying for a position within our ranks. “Revenge is our speciality” Join us TODAY!
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