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Found 7 results

  1. Good morning, afternoon, or evening, I'm quite new here, found my way through the verse and ended up looking through documents assigned to this base station, loved the idea of it all. Been a lurker a bit more than usual, but I decided to step into this community. I look forward to meeting and hearing many of the fellow citizens who reside here, and I can't wait to share some grand experiences with you. Thank you for having me! With the utmost respect, FV
  2. Hello there i'm seeking you acquire a Super Hornet, if you have one and are looking to sell it please hit me up and let me know you asking price know that i have done my home work and know the low to high range so "think before you type for $" lol thanks for your time and hope to hear from you all soon
  3. You want a Super Hornet? You love catchy titles? Well, here you go mate.. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15588-Super-Hornet-Super-Sale
  4. I only accept verified PayPal. Standalone Ship: Super Hornet LTI (ccu) - 170$ (inkl. Paypal) - melt: 165$ Package: Digital Mercenary inkl. Gladius - 100$ (inkl. Paypal) - melt: 105$ no other offers accepted
  5. EDIT: Had a CakeDay at-cost sale on Reddit and sold everything. Closing thread. Hi everyone! It's that time of year again! Time to clear out my hangar so I can start spending it all on new shiny things to put back in my hangar x) There's various ships and upgrades on sale, PRICES INCLUDE FEES, sales will be made by PayPal invoices and only to those that are PayPal verified. And of course, all Imperium Members receive a discount! I've had many successful trades here and on Reddit, and am PayPal certified. So without further ado.. Immortal Ships: Item - Ins - Type - $USD - Members - Qty HULL A - LTI - Standalone - $70 - $60 - x4 x3 x2 RELIANT - LTI - Standalone - $65 - $55 - x5 x4 AEGIS VANGUARD - LTI - Standalone - SOLD - $260 - x2 x1 x0HULL C - LTI - Standalone - SOLD - $225 - x1 x0 CCUpgrades: Item - Type - $USD - Members - Qty TRACKER > GLADIATOR - CCU - SOLD - $30 - x6 x4 x0 RSI Credit: Item - Type - $USD - Members - Qty STAR CITIZEN GIFT CARD $10 - $RSI - $10 - $10 - x5 x3 x2 STAR CITIZEN GIFT CARD $25 - $RSI - $24 - $24 - x2 x1 RSI Credit melts to $140 - $RSI - SOLD - $120 - x1 x0RSI Credit melts to $120 - $RSI - SOLD - $95 - x1 x0 And a little CCUpgradery: Item - Type - RSI Cost - Melt - $USD - Members - Qty GLADIATOR (from MR + AC) - Package - $185 - $173 - $155 - $150 - x2 x0 (includes Arena Commander) SUPER HORNET (from MR + AC) - Package - $185 - $173 - $155 - $150 - x1 x0 (includes Arena Commander) CUTLASS BLUE (from MR + AC) - Package - $165 - $153 - SOLD - $142 - x1 x0 These are limited edition Packages, with Arena Commander. Even if you already own a package, these will give you a lifetime NPC for your second gunner or crew, for LESS than the cost of a Standalone!! For trades of significant value, I reserve the right to decline the trade if: not PayPal verified brand new account or with little-to-no trading or comment history computer says "no" *cough* I'm in the process of renovating my home and will only be able to check every few hours or so. I'm in GMT+10 so please be patient with our wacky hours. Cheers and thanks! -NewzyOne
  6. Hi folks! I have an *Alpha* Super Hornet Package (CCU'd from Omega) for sale below RSI cost. Alpha means you get automatic access to all modules (Dogfight, FPS, Social/PU) - no extra payments required! It's *all* included.. even Squadron 42 (unlike the latest Omegas). That's an extra $15 you'll never have to spend. This package includes everything you need to be combat ready for the PU with plenty of practice beforehand in the UUE's premier fighter! │ Ship │ Type │ Equiv CIG │ Paypal (USD) │ PayPal (AUD)│ │ Alpha Super Hornet │ Package CCU │ $180 │ $170 │ $215 │ Enough chart shenanigans. I'm open to reasonable offers. Price includes fees. Verified Paypal only. Only looking for USD or AUD; I have way too much RSI credit. Keep in mind that I'm in Australia (GMT+10), so our intersecting hours may vary. Ask any questions at all, happy to answer Note: Active Imperium fleet members receive $5 discount. Furthermore, AUD to AUD sales will receive an extra $5 off, a big thanks and a cooey.
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