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Found 10 results

  1. At $62 million, you’ll unlock the boarding ship… (We need a new Ship Manufacturer - and Please move this thread when posted - thanks) Genesis-class Starliner – The Genesis is yet another landmark in Crusader Industries’ proud history of transport designs. This ship utilizes award-winning manufacturing techniques and the highest quality parts to create one thing; a next-generation passenger ship at a price that won’t break your budget. Crusader Industries’ proprietary NeoG engine technology offers some of the most efficient flight for a ship of its size. The Genesis line has been cited in Whitley’s as “one of the most reliable and safe public transport ships on the market.” Genesis Starliners are available in a number of stock configurations, focusing on everything from passenger capacity to freight to overall comfort. The UEE military operates multiple Genesis conversions for support roles, including SWACS and starflight test operations.
  2. Selling a Genesis Starliner that has been CCU'd from an LTI P72 Archimedes. This is a standalone ship, NOT a game package. what you get: Standalone ship Genesis Starliner - LTI SelfLand Hangar Takuetsu P-72 Archimedes model P-72 Archimedes Poster Price: $335/320€ Melt value: $400
  3. Hello! Looking to buy 1 of each of the following ships. MISC Endeavor Master Set Genesis Starliner Hull A PM if your looking to get rid of one of these ships. Thank you!
  4. For sale Prices dropped Ship Insurance Type Sale Price Status Screenshot Vanduul Scythe LTI Original Standalone $1000 on hold Screenshot Genesis Starliner LTI CCU'd from P72-Standalone $360 on hold Screenshot Rear Admiral Physical LTI Original Package Was $300 now $285 SOLD Screenshot Super Hornet F7C-M LTI Original Standalone Was $180 now $175 SOLD Screenshot TimeZone (GMT+10) I am in Cairns (Australian Eastern Standard Time) so please remember I may not be able to respond quickly if you are in a different timezone. Thanks! Terms Must be PayPal Verified Buyer pays PayPal Fees If middleman is required buyer covers fees Invoice will be provided Ship will be gifted to your PayPal email Gift must be claimed within 24 hours My Trading History February January October September
  5. Hi! Want to sell my Starliner Genesis for USD580, have some trade history over on reddit if you want to check, links are below. Verified paypal only, middleman upon Buyers request. Buyer pays any fees. https://www.reddit.com/r/Starcitizen_trades/comments/28joi1/wts_banu_merchantman_lti_420_paypal/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Starcitizen_trades/comments/2f6nmp/wts_constellation_phoenix_upgrade_160/ EDIT: Done. Taking this ad down.
  6. VoA

    NASA's Starliner

    NASA made their first commercial space taxi official, and it's called Starliner! Coincidence? === Genesis Starliner Boeing’s commercial space taxi is now officially named Starliner By Loren Grush on September 4, 2015 Boeing has a new name for its future commercial space taxi. Originally titled the CST-100, the company renamed the vehicle the Starliner. The announcement was made this morning as NASA unveiled the new facility where the Starliner will be built. Boeing is taking up shop in one of the former Space Shuttle maintenance hangars at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Previously named Orbiter Processing Facility-3, the building used to house shuttles between missions so the vehicles could be repaired and made ready for the next launch. Now with the Space Shuttles grounded, Orbiter Processing Facility-3 will be called The Boeing Company’s Commercial Crew and Cargo Processing Facility. STARLINER WON'T FLY UNTIL 2017 The hangar has been transformed into a factory-like center, with more than 150 pieces of hardware and more than 30,000 square feet of space. As an added touch, a huge mural of the Starliner has also been painted on the hangar's outside wall. Boeing says the facility will help them transition from designing its crew vehicle to building the test version of the spacecraft. The first tests of the Starliner are slated for 2016. Boeing and fellow private spaceflight company SpaceX have both been awarded contracts to develop commercial spacecraft for NASA. These vehicles will eventually ferry astronauts to and from the International Space Station. It's all part of the space agency's Commercial Crew Program, an initiative to send American astronauts back into space on American-made vehicles. The first launches are scheduled for late 2017, however NASA administrator Charles Bolden says that budget cuts may delay those flights until 2018.
  7. GENESIS STARLINER Q&A - PART 1 Greetings Citizens, Part of our commitment to providing information during concept sales is doing followup community Q&A sessions! All future concept sales will include at least one ‘post launch’ Q&A post. This week, for the Genesis Starliner concept sale, we’re answering questions backers have posted to this thread. A special thank you to designer Randy Vasquez for answering your Starliner questions! Question & Answer Will you mainly transfer NPC’s or Players? You will chart your own course here! We envision three ‘types’ of Starliners in the finished universe: those run by players to transportNPCs (player run businesses), those run by NPCs to transport both NPCs and players who need to go from place to place without a ship and then those run by players who adapt them for their own purposes. Which is a long way of saying that you’ll be able to either use your Starliner to run passenger missions… or you’ll be able to chart your own course with other players, like any other ship in the ‘Verse. How modular is the Genesis Starliner, does it have the ability to function similarly to multi-role ships such as the Constellation? Or should we expect a ship more similar to a Reclaimer, that’s focused largely on a more defined role? The Starliner is designed in compartments so that its interior can be very modular. The limits of the chassis mean it probably won’t be especially effective in some roles (such as offensive combat missions) but there’s plenty to build on for careers beyond just passenger runs. The role of the ship is primarily set to be a cargo ship (personnel cargo), but with the various variants planned it should support multiple roles. When it comes to passenger transport through the frontier, how would this ship hold up? Will the ship have any on-board defense systems? (such as auto-turrets to dissuade boarding parties?) and will there be heavy enough armor and hard points to survive small raids? As of right now defense for boarders will be handled by the crew, in much the same way as boarder defense on any other ship. With the customizability of the Starliner, there should be plenty of room to install additional defenses if they are so desired. The ship is pretty sturdy and heavy, so expect the ship to have decent armor to withstand an attack, but do not expect it to go toe to toe with a dedicated fighter ship. The ship’s weapons are designed to keep would be attackers at bay, not destroy them. Granted if you were to change out the stock Size 5 hardpoint weapon out and get an amazing gunner, there is no reason why you cannot take out a few ships with well-placed shots. The ship has large power plants for a reason, to feed the shields and redundant systems that on normal ships would not be present. This ship will most likely run cool with extra power in case there is a need. How will be the possible Genesis Starliners luxury variant be different from old luxury ship 890 Jump? I’m interested hear how much do they have different design goals and like do they have same mission types and role in the PU? The 890 is a yacht, with a variety of extra-fancy features such as observation lounges and a boat bay, whereas the Starliner is a more efficient transport ship meant for speed and comfort. You can outfit the Starliner with state rooms, which will have an impact on the type of passenger carried… but there’s not as much room as the 890 Jump. Ultimately, they serve similar roles, but differ in efficiency, speed, and modularity. Are the variants mentioned “officially announced”? The variants mentioned in the post exist in our fiction, and we hope to build out all of them down the line. We likely will not have a ‘Starliner variant’ launch, but instead will premiere them as they are needed for the wider universe. We’re especially excited about the military variants, which were part of the inspiration for building a durable ship chassis. These variants are still under construction, and we hope as the ship continues to evolve that we can offer more and more variants and options. Will these modular crew/passenger compartments be available for all ships which support modular rooms? For example could you take what is the most modular ship in the game a Caterpillar and turn it into a Space Liner, or perhaps since no Caterpillar variants have been announced yet we could see a variant come pre-configured as such? We anticipate that the internal components will swap between multiple ship types, just like external components (like guns.) Sizing will prevent some combinations, but the goal is to allow any reasonable course of action: adding state rooms or individual NPC seats to another ship type is possible (in fact, it’s a necessary part of development: we don’t want to build unique parts for every ship… modularity allows us to swap between classes!) We can’t speak to Caterpillar variants just yet, but we have some cool ideas in the works! How well does the genesis star liner fly in atmosphere, the design of the ship does not communicate function to me? The Starliner would function both in atmosphere and space equally. As part of the concept design, we developed the method by which it lands at a spaceport, down to the VTOL ‘fans’ in the wings. Understanding that there are no actual numerical figures at this point, where does the Genesis fit into the starship scale as far as speed, quickness and maneuverability against ships like the Constellation, Carrack, 890 Jump, Reclaimer, Idris. The Starliner is not a racing ship and would, at a cruising speed, be somewhere in the middle range. But with the amount of power and the number of main engines, the ship can get up and go when in trouble. The Starliner seems like the perfect ship to carry 1-2 snub fighters to cover its back. Will any other ships support docking slings for snub-fighters like the Merlin and Archimedes? No promises yet, but we’re looking at this! In cases like this, we’re cautious of preventing every ship from becoming a tiny carrier… but it’s certainly tempting! Can you make a “Firefly” type ship with the Starliner? How efficient is it for staying out in space for extended periods of time? The Genesis as designed has long range travel in mind; with extensive backup systems oriented towards crew and passenger safety, it should be good at traveling the distant reaches of space. As for using it like the Firefly… that will be up to you! Is the 403 cargo capacity listed separate from the 40 passengers mentioned in details? This cargo is including personal cargo storage (overhead bins) as well as main storage (below decks.) It does not include the space used by the actual ‘people’ on the middeck. This ship is massive and has tons of space; if the seats and cabins and other equipment were removed, the cargo space would increase beyond the stated 403. Can anyone at CIG give a detailed explanation on why the hull of the Gensis Starliner looks like a general copy of Banu Merchantman’s hull? You are likely seeing the influence of concept artist Emmanuel Shiu, who did a considerable amount of work on both ships. The overhead silhouette is most similar, with the large swooping wings… but the details of the fuselage are significantly different (and in fact the internal structures couldn’t be farther apart.) The Starliner lacks the verticality of the Merchantman, and the external styling of the two ships is very different (with the Starliner having a standard armored hull compared with the Merchantman’s age-of-sail-inspired styling. Our thinking is that there should be some common shape language for transport ships, with additional starliners in the future having a similar style. Think of modern passenger jets: a Boeing fuselage is significantly similar to an Airbus, despite their being competitors. (The other comparison we’ve seen is to the S/A-43 Hammerhead of Space: Above and Beyond fame; there again, the overhead silhouette is similar but the scale and role are totally different!) As for backstory connecting the Banu design with the Starliner in the Star Citizen world… consider the idea forwarded to our loremasters! Is there any sort of exclusive equipment in the Genesis Starliner that couldn’t be installed in a different ship? Or can a variety of ships be fitted to fill a “starliner” role? We intend for many ships to serve a “starliner” role if so desired; we will pursue this by making extra seats on existing spacecraft available for NPC travel. Passengers will likely be more interested in boarding a dedicated transport like the Starliner or a luxury ship like the 890 Jump than they would buy a ticket on the jump seat of a Freelancer… but we expect there’ll always be people to move around the galaxy! Why does the Genesis Starliner need so many power plants? I know stats will change, but as it stands now it 6 size 7 power plants, and why does the Starliner have 2 size 7 shields? Can you please give us an insight into the thought process? The ship is designed to have redundant safety features. The shields are meant to help take the brunt of the attack along with the power of the main engines pushing to get away from would be attackers. If a part of the ship is damaged, then the secondary power plants kick in and it needs to run the ship. All the system drains on power are necessary for this ship as they need to focus on keeping those shields up and powered, the engines running at full power, life support systems pumping, and the guns firing if under attack. How viable is the Starliner as a ship for a solo player? The Starliner is intended to be viable for a single player. While we like the idea of getting together a group of organization-mates to crew a Starliner together, we also know that it’s a ship many people will want to fly on their own. (Source: link) GENESIS STARLINER Q&A - PART 2 Greetings Citizens, Part of our commitment to providing information during concept sales is doing followup community Q&A sessions! All future concept sales will include at least one ‘post launch’ Q&A post. This week, for the Genesis Starliner concept sale, we’re answering questions backers have posted to this thread. A special thank you to designer Randy Vasquez for answering your Starliner questions! Question & Answer Will there be NPC-controlled scheduled galactic carriers that you could work for? Yes! This is an easy way to generate missions for pilots who might not be able to afford their own Starliner. Meridian Transport, introduced on Around the Verse, is one of these companies, and we envision their hiring pilots who have earned their commercial transport license in the finished universe. You’d draw a salary (with a modifier based on performance) rather than earning credits from individual NPC tickets… and of course continued poor performance would mean you wouldn’t be invited back. Will you have to watch passengers from a first-person view at all times to observe their needs? or will you be able to use something like a third person view of the entire cabin via something like cameras? We imagine two processes for this: playing a character who is physically located in the back with the passengers (like a flight attendant) who can observe t heir needs, or operating a panel in the cockpit with holo footage and other informational readouts. The former situation would be more for crews that have more than one real player operating the ship, the latter would allow solo pilots to interact with both NPCs and steer the ship. How difficult will it be to reconfigure a Starliner between flights? Will we be able to do one flight carrying High Class seats then change out the seating to be mixed class for the next flight? It will not be especially difficult; you’ll modify the internals of the ship using a holoviewer style interface much the same way you modify exterior hardpoints. Note that you won’t, however, travel with an unlimited supply of alternate seats, cabins and the like: you’ll need to plan in advance to make sure you have the needed stock at your destination. Will there be UEE regulations governing passenger transport, and if so, will they play a role in determining which ships can and can’t be used as transports, or how many passengers a ship is allowed to have on board? We have not put into place any restrictions of this nature; rather, this balance will be enforced by individual passenger NPCs: some might be willing to fly in the co-pilot seat on a Caterpillar, while the majority will prefer what they perceive to be commercial transport. (Please note that we will conduct a more in-depth Q&A on the passenger mechanic in the future; the team responsible for them has been hard at work on developing science systems this week.) What are the passenger boarding security mechanics like for the Civilian Passenger Transports? The boarding process will involve the same ‘security scan’ recently developed for customs checkpoints. A video from this segment showing a scanning grid was recently released on Around the Verse. The Jump and the Phoenix have a great defensive systems like the point defense weapons. Will a luxury variant of the Starliner have something comparable, or just be a big VIP-Piñata? We have not locked the specifications for any of the variants yet, but we are heavily considering different weapon configurations than the base model. That said: the idea behind the Starliner as offered today is that it is heavily protected with advanced powerplants and shields, able to survive an engagement without needing to fight back. Will we be piloting the Starliner directly, or will we have to plot a course? The players will use a combination of the two. They will plot the most effective course in which they need to refuel, resupply, and drop/pick up passengers. Some things can be automated by the player while others will require the players attention. And of course you’ll have the option to break out of autopilot at any time and street the ship yourself. Will the Genesis Starliner, apart from the other mentioned roles, will the chassis also be used for a Medical Ship being larger than the Cutlass Red but smaller than the Hope-class Hospital Ship? We have not done any work on a medical variant of the Genesis Starliner. With modular medical equipment available for ships like the Cutlass, it’s something we expect players might build themselves. We have done work on a prisoner transport variant, which would be a good base for such a ship! (And a great setting for Con Air… in Space!) We have heard and read a lot about the ability for the internals to be modified and moved about, but what about the external parts of the ship? I see lore of the ship being turned into SWAC’s, Hunter Killers, and the UEE version of Air force One. Some of these variants will involve external changes. These designs are going through the approval process now, to make sure they fit into our vision for the Persistent Universe. When we have their stats (and appearance) locked down, we’ll share them with the community. I get that the universe needs this ship for immersion, but of what benefit is the ship to a player? The main benefit of the Starliner to a player is as an economic resource – it’s a way (relatively safe, all things considered) to start earning credits quickly. Adjusting pricing on seats, change configurations to adapt to the most desired routes… make a business out of it. The PU team wants to make sure that players have many options with which they can make money, and the commercial captain career is just one of them. Starliners can also serve as a base for many less-structured PU goals. Want a flying headquarters, or a heavily protectred guild transport? The Starliner chassis is here for you! Why are there seats and sleep pods? Wouldn’t It be better to incorporate lifepods, restraints for takeoff/landing and sleeping area into one place (thinking that it would be something like the Connie’s ejection pod system) Seats were placed in there for take off/lift off. We designed it this way to better fit logicially and aesthetically with what the norm of travel is now and how we handle it in other ships. We could however have a variant where all seats are removed. We have the technology. And I would love to see more variants be built up for this ship using the modularity of the interiors. I think this is a great challenge for the community to design interior layouts, and come up with Roles. I would love to challenge the community to make the ultimate Starliner. You need to be able to explain its Role, purpose, and give us an interior layout that if and when the winner is chosen, we could build out using our current assets and functionality already planned. This ship really is a chameleon. No additional hardpoints, and use the stock model as a base. Why is the Genesis armed with a manned turret? Wouldn’t automated point-defense style systems and countermeasures (chaff, flares, etc) make more sense for ship that is purely defensive in nature? The current hardpoint is a size 5, which can accommodate a size 4 remote gimbal that will be fired by a gunner station. The Starliner also boast systems like Chaff and Flares for when they are speeding away. The Turret is meant as a deterrent. The pilot/owner can and may hire crew, or have friends man the various stations aboard the ship. The stock model is intended to be defensive. Being that specific variants were mentioned, does that mean this sale is the only chance to get LTI on a future variant? Please consider the military variants named in the post as announced; if they are offered during the pledge campaign, they will not come with LTI. Any variants not listed in the post (such as the prisoner transport) may be offered with LTI in the future. Please note that while the military variants are being developed for the final game, they are not currently scheduled for sale; please do not purchase additional Starliner hulls expecting them all to be finished during the pledge period. (source: link)
  8. Letter from the Chairman $60 Million on RSI Website And at $62 million, the passenger liner! Genesis-class Starliner – The Genesis is yet another landmark in Crusader Industries’ proud history of transport designs. This ship utilizes award-winning manufacturing techniques and the highest quality parts to create one thing; a next-generation passenger ship at a price that won’t break your budget. Crusader Industries’ proprietary NeoG engine technology offers some of the most efficient flight for a ship of its size. The Genesis line has been cited in Whitley’s as “one of the most reliable and safe public transport ships on the market.” Genesis Starliners are available in a number of stock configurations, focusing on everything from passenger capacity to freight to overall comfort. The UEE military operates multiple Genesis conversions for support roles, including SWACS and starflight test operations. CIG Monthly Report for May MONTHLY REPORT: MAY On of the ships coming down the pipeline is the Crusader Industries Genesis Starliner. The Starliner is a big ship, being a bit larger than a 747. This ship is unique in that it is one of the first Passenger ships tackled by the Star Citizen team. With it being the first ship of its kind, it has made us question our designs within regards to passengers in space. For instance, some of the questions still being answered is passenger capacity, safety of those passengers, and max flight times. The exterior concept is in a solid place, but the interior concepts are still being worked on. We are really excited to show you all what we have come up with. Soon, the Starliner will sail the stars with you at its helm, or as a passenger on your way to that vacation spot you wanted to check out. Subscriber's Den / Genesis Starliner? Cool or Not Cool? --> Response from Disco Lando (CIG) ============ Based on what we do know about the Crusader Industries Genesis Starliner. = Please vote for what you expect the price will be for its upcoming concept sale. Also cast your vote on the Sister Thread in the RSI Forums (for greater sampling) plus also post your ideas for the upcoming sale (should be Soon TM but no definitive date) ++ See recent thread and poll --->>
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