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Found 3 results

  1. Progressive Waffle Squad is recruiting hardcore roleplayers seeking to RP as toxic pirates. Ratchet hoes need not apply. Must be 18+. Must be willing to use TS. Must not be a geocentric scumlord. Must be willing to tolerate the absurdity of Chris Robert's round earth simulator. Cannot be able to be offended by literally anything. We're primarily interested in pilots, FPS fighters on the ground, and turret gunners. We play a lot of other games together to pass the decades between SC versions. https://discord.gg/9CevSXs https://youtu.be/d4lLnD168F8
  2. Whatamuji

    Squad Ops!

    Hey guys / gals! I'm looking to organize some time to play Squad with people. Whether you've played Squad hours upon hours or never played the game before you're welcome to join us. Just lemme know on here when a good time is for you and let's see if we can get a couple games in sometime soon! Times Available: Sunday through Wednesday: 0000 - 0600
  3. Hiya guys, I just finished the 3D version of a logo design for my (soon to be) squadron. Forgive the enthousiasm, but I finally managed to get a decent result out of a new program I've been experimenting with to extend my 3D pipeline, and I was rather pleased with the result so I wanted to share it It could probably use some tweaking and I'll need to come up with some graphics etc for my squad page before I go ahead and register it on the fleet portal, but at least this way I'll officially reserve the name Created using Zbrush for sculpting/texturing (and some 3dsmax for base meshes), Keyshot for materials/lighting/rendering and Photoshop for compositing and color corrections. Hope you guys like it! (click on image for higher res view) * Updated version #2 - Final(?) *Updated version #1 - work in progress* Original high-res render: And here's the original Zbrush sculpt for comparison: And some of the concept sketches:
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