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Found 1 result

  1. Gnutt Arkonikus

    Space Station/s in Star Citizen!

    .... by the looks of that solar panels! I dont know abouth you people of the verse but Iam not to much impresed by the looks of that space station, I mean all that solar panels are uneeded and will make a jam-up around the station. Whay CIG copy-paste the 20/21 century design ,Star citizen is after all 900 years in the future, I know that many players expecting much more "sci-fi' look and feal of SC so whay they not make something similar to this: Or like this: I think that CIG can make us a lot better spacestations but also ships (dont take me wrong, the new looking Constelation looks sooo awesome). This is ofcourse my personal concern but also I know that Chris say that there will be more diferent types/versions of space stations, so I hope they (CIG) will bless us whit some more bulkier looking onece!