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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings, SC Base members! I am Codex, CEO of Skyglass Institute, and we are glad to announce that we shall be hosting the 23rd Galactic Combat Championship here in our home city of Prime, Terra. The Galactic Combat Championship is a competition to find the best gunslingers in known space. It is a glorious, brutal and entertaining affair, where only the most skilled marksmen succeed. This year, there are two active tournaments: - Squad Squad is our 5 v 5 tournament. Any 5 strong squad can join so long as they have a sponsor Organization. Each Organization can only have one squad representing them in the Squad tournament, so it's up to you to send your best. Each squad can have 5 substitutes for absentees. - Independent The Independent Cup is our 1 v 1 tournament. It is open to anyone to enter! if you think you are the best Blaster Ace this side of Elysium, then test yourself against others here. No restrictions on entry members, The rules are simple: o One Squad per Organization, the representing squad shall be decided via the organization. o Each tournament is single-elimination / knockout competition. o Each match shall be completed in the FPS module. If you are interested in entering the Squad tournament, have your sponsor organization's CEO/Founder post the names of your squad team members below and state that your team is representing them in the GCC. If you are interested in entering the Independent tournament, please post on our RSI Forums post your RSI tag. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/288552/the-galactic-combat-championship#latest Once the FPS module has been released, a competition date will be organized. We plan for the event to potentially be streamed on Twitch, so even if you are not competing, feel free to turn up and give your organization's team or favorite individual your support. I look forward to viewing the competition. Good luck to you all. Codex, SGI
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