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Found 60 results

  1. Blazingcold

    ship Heavy Crusier

    This guys designs are just amazing, I wish this was in SC. Also check out the building phase of this model.
  2. Check this guy's work out and maybe consider compensating him a coffee https://www.christophrupsch.de/en/star-citizen-poster/
  3. Let's post our ideas for Star Citizen. The galaxy's a huge place, full of curiosities and splendor! Please be polite and have fun, while we discuss in detail the additions we want to see in SC. Constructive criticism is always welcome, keep it friendly... Here are a few ideas I will start us off with: -Planets- Planets should have highly varied biomes and environments. These should include ocean planets, desert worlds, jungle moons, cavernous lands, ice planets, swamps, (and a personal favorite) lava worlds! It would be cool to have various atmospheric conditions, such as excessive heat or cold or toxicity, even radioactivity, which could have specified suits designed for protection from those environments (without which players would perish!). Planets should also definitely have varying levels of gravity, some with no gravity at all, and some with intense gravitational pull and pressure, suit required. Gas giants would be really cool, where traversing the upper atmosphere would be OK. There could be floating outposts, etc. Then moving too close to the core could crush most ships... Also would be cool to see asteroid-based outposts, with subterranean areas. -Weather- Weather should factor in on at least some planets, but not all. Some planets should remain placid, while others could have weather cycles such as: sandstorms, blizzards, high winds, etc. It would also be interesting to have electrical/radiation storms where again, special shielding would be required to survive. Another interesting addition would be meteor showers, perhaps not damaging to the player in most cases... Of course, the most intense weather should be on planets with lesser city-populations. There should also be 'weather' cycles in space the likes of radiation/electrical storms, where ships' shields would be rendered ineffective. Perhaps here or there, a neutronic wave front (Star Trek, Ahem)! Deadly nebula! -Ships- The ships so far are absolutely bad-ass. Can hardly put it into words just how right they look and feel. I do have one minor issue to discuss regarding player immersion: Planetary entry/re-entry seems a bit off... It feels somewhat awkward orienting the ship into a nose-dive and then accelerating toward the planet. While that should still be an option for entry, it seems lacking, if it's the only way. Players should be allowed to let their ships drift slowly downward towards the surface (with a horizontal orientation relative to ground), all the while getting pulled to greater and greater speeds due to gravity. Currently it seems as though there is no gravity, requiring ships to nose-dive and hit the thrusters. The level of gravity should also have effects on how quickly ships take off, and how much fuel is consumed. Also some of the more lightweight craft should be capable of water-landing and flotation, some, not all. -Weaponry- Weapons are also looking pretty nice, and I can't wait to hunt some bounties and pirates with the Scourge Cannon! Turrets on ships are awesome and so are the weapons additions to the ships main systems. Weapons turrets on ships should not be automated. Automation would detract from the challenge of the game, and we never want that! Instead the player should be able to either hire NPCs or other players to man different positions aboard their ship. Also it seems some of the infantry firearms are being slightly 'overdone', so to speak. For example the Devastator shotgun seemingly has way too much level of detail and unnecessary bulk added to it. My suggestion is to lean more on the side of realism. I know it's Sci-Fi. Still I hope devs don't get hung up on making things like fancy-diamond-encrusted-platinum-laser cannons with under-barrel flame throwers..! It would be amazing to see (in rare cases), Orbital Weapons Platforms that could, if accessed, rain supreme firepower down on the planet's surface, destroying small outposts, structures or towns... Of course it would be necessary to make accessing it an extreme challenge. Accessories are nice. But keep away from over-extravagant weapon design. -Exploration- Exploration should be the fundamental, key point of the game. While some may argue that it is space battles, I tend to disagree. With so many space craft, vehicles and weapons, the gameplay will quickly become boring and the equipment redundant if there is not a vast amount of exploration. Here are a few thoughts on aspects of exploration: Artifacts, Flora and Fauna. Scattered throughout the verse there could be a plethora of different types of Artifacts to be found, only through rigorous exploring. There should be ancient ruins with old alien technology, perhaps rare weapons. There should be Obelisks and Pyramids and rare trinkets that could be sold or held as trophies. There could be mysterious devices, like the Orbs in Mass Effect (the first game) with strange properties. There could be alien tech that could be found and then saved for use at a far later date. Regarding Flora and Fauna, there could be a huge variety of harvesting options for certain crafting items. There really ought to be many creatures, perhaps mostly neutral/friendly. However some animals, in rare cases could turn out to be hostile, and highly challenging to face. Perhaps giant worms, or insectoids! Another thing could be infected worlds, or derelict ships (think Dead Space, or The Thing) where your only choice is to fight for survival or run for your life. There should also be intact derelicts. We've seen plenty of demolished ones. Some should be intact, abandoned in space, or even on land. Exploration should not, and I can't stress this enough, should not stem solely or mostly from missions! Let the missions be vast and varying in type by all means, a multitude of missions is always welcome. But please don't conflate missions and side quests, with exploration. -Armor & Apparel- The armor should of course have good variety. Weight should factor in, which I believe it currently does. Also there should definitely be highly specialized suits for specific tasks. Of course there'll be a space suit for EVA in outer space, but adding other specializations for other armor sets/suits would be great too. There should be a set more suited for enduring intense heat, or cold or radiation. There should also mostly be non-EVA capable sets IMO. Body armor should not be conflated with EVA suits, and they should for the most part be separate, with a few exceptions. It would be cool to see a lot of options other than simple armor for combat and space suits for EVA. One thought would be a stealth-suit with either quiet movement or even invisibility. Mostly I'm hoping it will prove an actual challenge to obtain armors, so that everyone isn't immediately buffed just after they begin playing. Let there be lots of varying, quirky outfits to be found. -Miscellaneous- NPCs for hire or available as crew members should use a rating system the likes of the one used in Metal Gear Solid V. They could have a certain class of career like 'linguist' or 'gunner' or 'medic', and within that specialty a certain set of ratings. Players should be able to activate distress beacons (false or genuine). If a player's ship is captured, they should be given the option to fight aboard the enemy ship in order to escape (think Han Solo and co, the capture of Millennium Falcon!). Where are all the AIs? This is the future after all... There should be robots of some kind or another, even perhaps a sentient machine race! There should also be a minimal amount of spawn/respawn actions. I realize this is counter-intuitive, given there's a massive universe to traverse. But it will add to the replay and return-to-game value; if people can easily spawn their ships and/or fast travel around it will make things overly-easy. It's nice that there's a wait-timer for summoning ships (at least destroyed ones). However, if a ship is not at the station at which you are staying, it should take time to arrive near you, and there should be a fuel cost and fee. Having all your ships easily at your fingertips will take away from the immersion and challenge of the game. It should also be more challenging IMO, to acquire cash. Gaining millions of credits should take a very long time. The quicker people progress in the game, the quicker the MMO will die. I don't believe there should be a 'difficulty setting' option. The universe in general should prove pretty damn challenging, with areas of extreme and lesser challenges. Some mini-games would also be cool, so long as they remain within the Persistent Universe. Game modes are a bad idea. It's understandable at this point, given there are players currently in the game who want something working. But later on, when development is (mostly) "complete", having different game-modes will detract from the main MMO. All hoverbikes should remain as hoverbikes, and not be turned into flying-space-hoverbikes! Please remove the flight-function for hoverbikes. Having flight for them is ridiculous and totally misses the point of a hoverbike. While I do agree that they should have some (slight) altitude control and perhaps a jump/boost, they should not be able to simply fly away, especially up into space. A hoverbike is like a speeder from Star Wars, it's not for flight; only for elevated, fast, ground travel! This goes for all ships and vehicles; if they have a specialty let them stick to that specialty, no blurring lines, except perhaps in rare cases.
  4. So I posted an idea for a new defense corvette class on starcitizen forum as I would love to see a more dedicated support ship military style, in the size of a polaris or carrack. Polaris = Offensive military corvette Carrack = Exploration capital ship Guardian = Defensive/Support military corvette (new idea) please give feedback, here is the link my fellow imps https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/61894/thread/guardian-class-new-ship-idea
  5. VoA

    Aegis Redeemer

    Aegis - Merc Gunship - Four Horsemen - Redeemer - Final Design (this Video is an extended video with new footage - beyond the end of the TNGS Contest) === Consider it more like a final Commercial for the Ship. <<<---- I am definitely buying one when it comes out - I've appreciated the fine engineering of the ship since day-one.
  6. If you want to have a ship that is included in a package of Optane drive, I'm willing to buy the optane. I'm in Canada.
  7. Hello fellow citizens, I have fighter ship (Sabre) I think I will be ok with it. But if I decided to buy another ship, please guide me what should I buy for sake of Imperium. If Imperium doesn't care what we have, what should I buy for increase fun? Thanks.
  8. Ironman993

    Ship buying question

    If I buy like a expensive ship on ebay, and I get it gifted to me after I purchase it, can the guy retrieve the ship years later? Like what if he decides he wants it back 2 years later?
  9. I spent some time thinking about what was doable in-engine, not already done, compatable with lore, and a game changer. There's a lot of interesting directions CIG could go. Feel free to jot down your own hairbrained thoughts for Game Changing ships that might be under CIG's sleeves. I wish nikki had not interrupted him. My first original thought was a ramming ship. Vanduul do it but no UEE ship has advertised it as a feature sofar (Caterpillar is still yet to be confirmed) Not a very game changing idea though. A minelayer. My other idea was a grapple ship that catches its prey to then board it or damage it. Some good ideas I have read since researching this have been: -Interdiction ship that drops beacons to create a quantum travel net. -Large shield generating ship. This would be easy to do actually and is already in Tevarin lore. -Base building ship where its heavily fortified and designed to be parked on a surface for long durations. Like a landable Endeavor, or a tracked fortress? https://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/a/a3/Jaawa.jpg -Submarine focused ship - A lot of fans are really excited about Yela's underwater caves and their exploration. Remember spaceships are not designed for immense pressure. -Radar spoofing ship - Something that makes your fleet seem larger than it is on the scanners. -High Orbit troop dropship - "Though many outside of the Marines have heard of the Nail, few have seen it in action. UPARQscientists are believed to have reverse engineered the tech from the feared Vanduul boarding “Spikes” used in ship-to-ship combat, modifying the design to make it viable for a Human occupant. The current Nail can safely deploy a Marine from a ship in space to a planet surface in ninety seconds. The device is a technological marvel, if correctly deployed, and a metal coffin if not." Link -A lead ship that can guide one or more ships through a Jump Point so they arrive relatively close together at the other end. So fire away, there are no bad ideas, just improbable ones.
  10. EDIT: Changed the title from the question it was to this - to avoid giving anyone a heart attack It used to be, that when you applied a CCU you purchased for Store Credits to a giftable package or ship, it would remain giftable. But I just noticed, that a previously giftable package I had upgraded a while ago, is not giftable anymore... Anyone know if that mechanic got changed?
  11. Found this YouTuber making really interesting videos using "Ship Viewer", also providing the link in the description to do it yourself. I don't trust downloads from random places but the videos are at least enjoyable to watch! Credit to Xenthor Xi.
  12. Found this generator for creating official ship registration certificates, like the ones they made at gamescom http://www.ueeshipregister.com/ ENJOY!
  13. The Ship loaner matrix summed up: What ship will CIG loan you until your ship is complete or hangar/flight ready. Source: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/the-ship-loaner-matrix Ship Loaner spreadsheet
  14. Welcome guys & girls to a short video looking at the wonderful mini hauler, the Reliant Kore!
  15. Pixel Fuzz

    Nox: New racer ship?

    Today I read the "Empire Report: Hyperion Rally" and many people saw this: "- JOHN HUXLEY: Sure things have gotten a little out of hand, but to talk about canceling the rally’s just crazy. It’s an institution. This is a classic case of a few bad filters poisoning the air. No reason to scuttle the whole thing. People think that riding a Dragonfly or a Nox means partying hard, but that’s just wrong. It’s about being who you are, you know? I’ve made some of my best friends here. Even met two of my wives. The problem is there’s just too many credits floating around now. Used to be about the ride. Now it’s about the stuff." So, is Nox a new racer ship?
  16. After this last week and the sale of the Polaris that I had to pick up I thoroughly studied the manual with the drawings and started wondering about use of escape pods, and that ultimately led me to a much more important aspect of how would everyone get to escape pods. I wanted to see what, if anything, others have heard about how damage and destruction on the capitals will work. Will one of the manned stations be able to see damage reports around the ship? Since the size of these ships makes the damage system extremely complex I can see this being both a good thing to delve into. For instance a direct torpedo hit to the Polaris on one of the side turrets could very well take out a whole chunk of the ship. But other than depressurizing the corridor and removing the weapon emplacement... maybe a little structural weakening... it effectively would have no real damage done. However, if fire is concentrated on lets say... the torpedo storage bay, or the reactors location if known and they are damaged/destroyed clearly that would have an entirely different reaction. And even this could be mitigated with proper safety systems that I think would be in place in the real world like the ability to jettison a damaged power core before it would blow up the ship, etc. There is so much I would like to know and get into on this subject, along with more than a few torpedo tactics but that's for another thread. Any knowledge on this given out by the dev's? If not some theory crafting is always good in my opinion.
  17. Vaderhexagon

    Capital Ship Problem

    Recently, I viewed the video below discussing Capital Ship cost structures. After viewing it.. I had several take aways. The main feeling I had is that with the size and resources required to run Capital Ships it makes sense to me that everyone on board and the vertically integrated resource channels should be militarized primarily to save cost. In real life this is no more evident than PMC vs Traditional Army. Here is a article to illustrate the point: http://work.chron.com/private-military-company-pay-vs-army-pay-24574.html These are just my thoughts. Let me know what you think.
  18. Your assistance is necessary. Retweet this message to uncover our new incoming ship!!
  19. Looking to sell/gift my ship+SQ42 Combo for $50.00 Steam card code. Reply or message me if interested. Please no scams.
  20. Hey guys! I'm curious to know if any of you know/play about this game. Its still in ALPHA, but it is kinda fun. I love it for the sandbox, and though I haven't gotten very far in the story mode (to get used to how it all works) there seems to be a lot of fun creative potential. There is an option for a multiplayer, too. Now... you start off as colonials goin to a new planet, but get shipwrecked. The fun is building back up and making a colony, but you have easy tech to make it work well for ya. Not a horribly challenging game... is one of those where the fun is in the exploration, getting resources, and building. Building is the fun part! You can save stuff into ISOs and load em into the game (share em too, I'd bet). I've seen people make Star Destroyers and X-Wings to little cities, custom elaborate swords/firearms, to all kinds of stuff. While maybe not the most epic of games like it, it is beautiful. Probably slower paced than most would like lol. So anyway, just curious is anyone plays this too... and that I'm going to try to see what I can do with Star Citizen ships lol >< Star Destroyer, and the 3D modeling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GywJe67PI8 Ships https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rMnCUwobnE
  21. Dragon-Knight

    Name the Ship

    The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) is inviting the public to suggest names for its forthcoming polar research ship, due to be completed by 2019. It's an interesting idea, and like my Star Citizen ships i like thinking of names for them. Click below to suggest a name for this ship http://nameourship.nerc.ac.uk/ Some of the suggestions by other people are quite good and funny.
  22. trooper1489

    Star citizen videos

    Hi im trooper and i make star citizen youtube videos. I make videos that range from ship showcase to a series I like to call Star Citizen Academy and this series is a tutorial series where i aim to to do a tutorial on every little feature, systems, ship management and even right down to the basics. At the moment I'm making and uploading season 1 to my channel, but i plan to do season 2 when the beta comes out so i can revisit anything that changed. Here is my latest Star Citizen video: And here is a link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2WyLOHoavbqoTRUqyDZSHw I also do funtage videos between my star citizen videos and in my funtage video i play a game and just show the fun, funny, cool or stupid moments.
  23. https://www.reddit.com/r/Starcitizen_trades/comments/41fdcj/wtsmisc_endeavor_lti_cost_350/ WTS MISC Endeavor LTI @Cost $350 - Buyer pays fee's Upgraded from Sabre LTI MISC Endeavor Ship LTI Lifetime Insurance VFG Industrial Hangar Aegis Sabre Poster Takuetsu Aegis Sabre Model, decoration for hangar $350 - Buyer pays fee's PP Verified only Paypal email must match RSI account email Previous trade history / reputation gives priority All trades are 100% safe as I have dealt with hundreds of trades and sales as well as my free LTI service back in 2013 and onwards. Trusted with proof of dealing with thousands of dollars worth of ships in the past! STAR-ZJHZ-HB2Y feel free to use my recruitment code
  24. Hello all, as you may know we are trying to collect different ship statistic to allow for a better comparison between the wild range of ships available. I would like to ask you simple questions to update the statistics : What is the maximum speed of your ship ? In SCM ? In Cruise mode ? Simple isnt't it ? I will update the ships statistics file following your feedback https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gr9UHSgszWbLcW8nQpa1bKBfQYMi4Am3TnJRqpYzXKQ/edit#gid=0 Ship : Max SCM speed/Max cruise speed : (Version of game) F7CM : 225/935 (2.1.1) 350R : 310/975 : (2.1.1) Gladiator : 165/705 : (2.1.1) Vanguard: 180/1575 (2.1.1) Freelancer: 170/1080 (2.1.1)
  25. [WTS]Orion Mining Ship LTI @Cost $325 https://www.reddit.com/r/Starcitizen_trades/comments/3yjbew/wtsorion_mining_ship_lti_cost_325/ WTS Orion Mining Ship LTI @Cost $325 - Buyer pays fee's Upgraded from P-72 Archimedes RSI Orion Mining Ship Lifetime Insurance SelfLand Hangar P-72 Archimedes Poster Takuetsu P-72 Archimedes Model, decoration for hangar $325 - Buyer pays fee's PP Verified only Paypal email must match RSI account email Previous trade history / reputation gives priority