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  1. Hi selling a star citizen account with a sabre raven, ursa rover and 5$ inside. i want 130$ paypal accepted thank u
  2. I'm moving and need to lighten the amount of stuff to transport. For this reason, I am selling my copy of Jump Point Vol.2 It's a normal, hardcover copy of Jump Point Volume 2 which I purchased when they first came available. The book was leafed through once, and has been in a glass cabinet since arriving. I have had to put it glad warp as I just sold the cabinet. I don't have the original packing but I can shipping it to with all the polystyrene you need. Shot me a PM and we can begin talking.
  3. Hello Guys, i decided to sell my 890 Jump LTI Original Concept for $ = 1000 €. payment would be done over paypal. buyer needs to pay the paypal fee. Verified PayPal only. best regards Kabs
  4. Willing to sell my lovely Sabre LTI. I'm in a situation where I need money so, It must go... I'm selling it for 170€. Accepting PayPal; must be PayPal verified and email for PayPal and Gifting must be the same. Payment must be received prior to delivery to complete the transaction. No Refunds or Cancellations will be available. Mi RSI Account: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/By-Jokese
  5. I am selling the whole package for a total of $470 through paypal invoice **The Package Contains:** * Caterpillar Pirate Edition * Cutlass Black * Drake Dragonfly Ship Black * Drake Dragonfly Ship Black (again) * VFG Industrial Hangar Picture of the package in my hangar: https://imgur.com/a/YTAfu PM me or comment down below if you have any questions. If you are looking to buy, send me a PM with your paypal email and your RSI account email if it differs from your paypal email. I will then send you an invoice and once the payment has been made you will be gifted the package. **I AM PAYPAL VERIFIED**
  6. Hi, Im Selling My WoTB Account With 8 Premium Tanks In The Garage If You Want To Trade With Me , Ill Accept Only World of Tanks EU Accounts! PM Me Your Trade offer or Price! (Payment : Paypal Please) This Account Is For The EU Region Stats: Gold : 225 Credits : 3 736 555 Free XP : 2 104 Premium Tanks: T7 Car BT-SV (Rare) M3 Light BT-7 Art. SU-100Y Pz. IV Anko Kuro Mori Mine Hetzer Kame SP Normal Tanks: T71 (6 216 XP) Pz. IV (5 456 XP) VK 36.01 H (14 378 XP) MT-25 (11 501 XP) T-34 (15 739 XP) KV-1S (1 243 XP) KV-2 (927 XP) Thanks For Reading!
  7. I need to sell my ship to pay off my rent. I have no use for the ship anymore. I first bought it as a STANDALONE SHIP - KRUGER P-72 ARCHIMEDES - LTI and I Upgraded it to a Banu Merchantman. http://i.imgur.com/awkpLEI.png Melt Value: $250
  8. This Gladius was purchased when it was originally a concept so it comes with life time insurance! I'm selling it for $95 usd!
  9. WTS LTI Rear Admiral package - Original backer - sending as gift - I am the original owner. Phoenix upgrade not for sale anymore, sorry Price 405$ - Paypal only, buyer pays the fees, package is with nice set of physical extras. Long member of Paypal with clean record.
  10. I have an Account for sale. this is what it contains Images at request 400+ game time(Hours) Cash: 434'000'000(434 mil) Assets: 1'245'000'000(1.245 bil) Combat: Elite Trader: Tycoon Explorer: Surveyor CQC: Semi Pro(LVL 29) Empire rank: Duke Federation rank: Midshipman Acces to Founders world(so discount on ships and modules) Following ships: Annaconda Cutter Python Imperial Clipper Fer de Lance Asp Explorer Vulture Cobra MK 3 Viper MK3 Imperial Courier Imperial Eagle Comes with skins for Vulture(few packs), ASP(Few Packs), Annaconda(gold) i havent played when Engineers released so till that point most is unlocked except for the federlance Corvette. I changed the attached email adres to a new one, so with the game comes the email adres, so u can transfer the full account to where ever you like. for €500,- its a direct sell
  11. I am selling my Aegis Vanguard Warden LTI, which was purchased in the original concept sale. The price is $240, with Paypal fees covered by me. This is an original (non-upgraded) ship purchased by me during the original concept sale. PM me if you are interested. SOLD
  12. Hi fellow Citizens; I want to sell my second account. I used this account to recruit my friends with (11 to be exact) -- to use as a backup or to play on my second PC Anyway, this is what it contains: -> Gladius Ship (incl. insurance) -> Aeroview Hangar -> Greycat Buggy Car -> CF-117 Badger Repeater + CF-007 Bulldog Repeater (2x) (Weapons) -> S2 Gimbal Mount (2x) -> 5000 UEC -> Referral Fish tank + Referral Fishes [unbuyable] -> 6 golden ship miniatures (Aurora Hornet Constellation Freelancer Avenger) [unbuyable] -> Sergeant title/flair [unbuyable] -> UEE Squadron Badges [unbuyable] Total store value is $178 or ~210euro. Looking for $78. Payment via Paypal (verified). Since I never actually used the account it's completely fresh (no forum posts, name change available, and original email). I don't have +rep on SCB but I do on another big trading site, also fine with a middleman. CU in the 'Verse
  13. MELT VALUE: Imperator Prime Plan: $240 USD War Pack: $5,000.00 USD Constellation: $275.00 USD Hornet F7C-S Ghost: $140 USD Item Price Qty. Discount Total Cot ¤2,000 UEC 1 ¤0 UEC ¤2,000 UEC Workbench ¤10,000 UEC 1 ¤0 UEC ¤10,000 UEC RSI Zeus Model ¤5,000 UEC 1 ¤0 UEC ¤5,000 UEC Fishtank Mark I ¤5,000 UEC 1 ¤0 UEC ¤5,000 UEC The Lamp ¤2,000 UEC 1 ¤0 UEC ¤2,000 UEC Freelancer poster ¤1,000 UEC 1 ¤0 UEC ¤1,000 UEC Hornet poster ¤1,000 UEC 1 ¤0 UEC ¤1,000 UEC Greycat PTV ¤15,000 UEC 1 ¤0 UEC ¤15,000 UEC Retaliator Poster ¤1,000 UEC 1 ¤0 UEC ¤1,000 UEC Ribbon fish (Vario Vittas) ¤1,000 UEC 1 ¤0 UEC ¤1,000 UEC Vindel ¤1,000 UEC 1 ¤0 UEC ¤1,000 UEC Thorshu Grey ¤1,000 UEC 1 ¤0 UEC ¤1,000 UEC Oshi ¤1,000 UEC 1 ¤0 UEC ¤1,000 UEC $5,915.00 USDTOTAL SPENTREVEL & YORK HANGARSTANDALONE SHIP - AEGIS GLADIUSSTANDALONE SHIP - AEGIS REDEEMERTAKUETSU ORIGIN M50TAKUETSU RSI CONSTELLATION PHOENIX 2944GREYCAT PTVWAR PACKThis includes:-Idris-P Frigate-Aurora MR-300i-Freelancer-Constellation Andromeda-F7C-S Hornet GhostALSO CONTAINSStarting Money: 20,000 UECElectro Skin HullLifetime InsuranceSpaceship-shaped USB DriveCD of Game SoundtrackGlossy Fold-up Star Map5 Spaceship BlueprintsHardback Making-of Star CitizenHardback Engineering ManualHardback Squadron 42 ManualSquadron 42 Digital DownloadStar Citizen Digital DownloadDeluxe Silver Collector's BoxDigital Star Citizen ManualA second HORNET F7C-S GHOSTXI'AN SCOUT - KHARTU - LTIWEEKEND WARRIOR - LTISelling Star Citizen account with everything you see here!Looking to get around $4k, which is $2k less than what I bought it for.
  14. I have been thinking about selling my Idris-M and I was wondering what would be a good fair price for it. Let me know if anyone is interested in this matter.
  15. I'm selling my account which includes the following: 1x Retaliator with Rear Living Module and Drop Ship module 1x Mustang Delta A bunch of different additions included below:
  16. A fun roleplaying minigame to play. I'm an interested customer and find the "890 JUMP" desirable but I still have my doubts. You are the merchant/salesperson/sellout from Origin Jumpworks. Try to sell me the 890 JUMP! Here is the link to the 890 page so you don't have to look for it. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/890-jump/890-JUMP
  17. Baragoon

    Want to Trade Commission Free Trading

    G'day SCB, Just letting you guys know I have a relatively new service where I will list items you want to buy and sell without asking for a commission and I will also middleman the exchange for free as usual. This means cheaper prices for buyers and sellers get more in their pocket from the agreed price. The lists are on reddit and can be viewed without needing an account, and I would prefer to be contacted through there, but I know there are people (like myself) who dislike the place and do not wish to become members. I can conduct the service through here, it will just take few extra steps. If you do not have a reddit account, you may have to be a member of SCB of some good standing before I agree to do business with you. A verified paypal account is a must. The lists are located as follows: Click here for the list of items for saleClick here for the list of items wantedShoot me a PM if you have an questions. Regards, B
  18. Looking to sell my account that I no longer want to verified Paypal buyers and who will cover fees also. Orginal cost was $340.00 total selling for $300.00 total. 40 dollar discount What I am selling Hornet F7C Game package Freelancer Dur standalone ship Avenger Standalone ship upgraded hanger Misc weapon purchases from game store I believe 6 - 8 total please serious serious buyers only trying to sell before Christmas
  19. Hi, all. As a college student, I kinda need the cash from this game I've barely had the time to play, so I'm willing to sell it. $55 or £35. Feel free to PM me. It's a full account.
  20. As in the topic. I'd like to sell Drake Interplanetary Herald with LTI, the glorious info runner. I'm selling standalone ship package with all goodies that are included with it, I cover paypal fees, if you want pp invoice please add 3% to the price. I trade only with paypal verified users, if your RSI account address is different than Paypal, please add a notice in contact mail. Edit Also now selling 2 UEE enviroment coats 5$ each, and Aurora LX upgrade @edit Forgot to add that is tags LTI:)
  21. Have an LTI Orion I'd like to sell. $365 through verified paypal please. Sold
  22. As you can tell by the title I am looking to sell my BANU MERCHANTMAN - ANNIVERSARY (non-lti). I am looking to get around 330$ but I am willing to negotiate a different deal if I feel it is appropriate. I am willing to use a middleman, assuming it is a respectable member with past trading experience.
  23. Trimming my fleet. Have 2 x Vanguards, LTI, for sale. 280 USD each. I will cover PayPal fees. Screenie: http://imgur.com/0AuQVYN Sorry for the messed up font, i copied it from my reddit listing and it came out strange.
  24. Hi, all, I'm selling an LTI Reliant for $70 through Paypal. Feel free to PM me for more info. Sincerely, Tusing
  25. G'day SCB, I thought I'd share with this community two guides I have written on buying and selling ships. How to Buy Spaceships Over the Spectrum in 2945 How to Sell Spaceships Over the Spectrum in 2945 I'll also include these in the sticky so they are easy to find. Regards, B
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