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Found 9 results

  1. Some bug fixes and patch updates in the new production schedule. - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/schedule-report 2.6.2 Overview 3.0 The Stanton System
  2. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/schedule-report The productions schedule has been updated and things are on track for 2.6.1 on PTU next week. If you scroll to the end you will find the 3.x update details with some new details. Notable to me the Repair & Salvage update 3.2 will likely just be the hand tool, with ship based tools coming at a later date/build. 3.0 Trading – Be able to buy/sell commodities via kiosks and NPCs among the various landing zones. Cargo Transport – Pick up hauling jobs between landing zones. Automatic cargo load/unload, manual cargo transport. Piracy and Smuggling – Establish secure/non-secure areas. AI Security response to attacks. Add the ability to retrieve floating cargo from destroyed ships. Create buy/sell system for illicit cargo. Mercenary – Create Service Beacon System (for Combat Assist Contracts). Create AI distress scenarios. Bounty Hunter – Accept missions to terminate wanted players and NPCs. 3.1 Mining – Retrieve solid and gaseous commodities from planet surfaces, manual cargo transport, refining materials. Refining and Processing – Process raw ore into purified commodities. Most shops will only deal in one or the other form. Initial implementation might be to have dedicated shops handle the refining. Quantum Interdiction – Be able to interdict Player ships from Quantum travel. Refueling – Add Refuel Contracts to Service Beacon. AI tankers and fuel requests (as well as player fuel requests) Escort – Protect one or more ships from harm. Add Escort contracts to Service Beacon. Implement Quantum Linking (multiple ships jumping together) 3.2 Salvage – Strip commodities from ship hulls via handheld tools, retrieve crates and other valuables from derelicts and debris. Repair – Repair damaged ship via tools (later implementation will incorporate the Crucible), repair damaged satellites or stations. Mercenary – Covert Operations – Patrol areas of space, protect stationary entities, advanced mission scenarios: infiltration/covert (retrieve data/object from enemy, sabotage, etc.), hostage rescue missions) 3.3 Farming – Plant and grow crops, harvest when appropriate, and sell the final product. Rescue – Rescue NPCs from a variety of dangers (powerless stations, damaged ships in decaying orbits, evacuate personnel, etc.) 4.0 Travel to multiple Star Systems – The universe expands beyond the Stanton System. Exploration and Discovery – Find unknown asteroids, derelicts, fuel sources, bases, commodity locations, scanning of space and surfaces in order to utilize, share or sell the information. Science and Research – Retrieve samples from space and planetside locations for analysis, atmospheric manipulation, scan/analyze various phenomena.
  3. The watch may be engaged in regular training or just having a weekly party in game, or out of it. Any repeated events that share the same details we will maintain here. This amounts to Lantern Watch's regularly scheduled programming. A second variety of post here includes the available play times of our members, which Unit Admins will track and aggregate on the Unit Page to facilitate coordination with other units. I have a very odd schedule. The first odditiy is that I am in a very strange time zone that amounts to something like UTC + 4 hours. It's the Kabul time zone. On top of this, I work nights and 12 hour shifts. Lastly, I work two days on with the following day off. With my workday starting at 8pm and ending at 8am Kabul time it can be difficult to express just when I am on or off at any particular time in the future. Fortunately Jaylus, the Unit Assistant Admin is adept at tracking this. So the morning of the 31st of December 2015 I should be off work. So I expect I'll start the year off of 2016 with one of my night shifts. Happy New Year, while I'm thinking of it
  4. GAMESCOM 2016 Cologne August 17 - 21, 2016 Watch at: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/gamescom or http://twitch.tv/starcitizen Twerk17: http://www.twitch.tv/Twerk17 Come join us watch it together on Teamspeak in the designated channel ts.starcitizenbase.com Below is the complete schedule from RSI, converted and reformatted in proper international ISO 8601 format, as Imperium should use. Click the Time.is links for countdown and time conversion GamesCom Schedule: Wednesday: Time.is 1200 - 1800 CET 0600 - 1200 ET 0300 - 0900 PT 1000 - 1600 UTC Thursday: Time.is 1000 - 1800 CET 0400 - 1200 ET 0100 - 0900 PT 0800 - 1600 UTC Friday: Time.is 1000 - 1700 CET 0400 - 1100 ET 0100 - 0800 PT 0800 - 1500 UTC Friday CIG Presentation / Star Citizen Party: Time.is 2100 CET 1500 ET 1200 PT 1900 UTC Saturday: Time.is 1000 - 1800 CET 0400 - 1200 ET 0100 - 0900 PT 0800 - 1600 UTC Sunday: Time.is 1000 - 1800 CET 0400 - 1200 ET 0100 - 0900 PT 0800 - 1600 UTC
  5. Greetings Citizens! Once more into the breach! The Starfarer sale continues and just as we did with the Hull Series, we'll be releasing a Q&A series throughout the week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. These were a big hit before and really cut down on the number of tickets submitted to CS. Chelsea was so happy, she danced a jig.* On the patch front, 1.1.2 is live and we're working on the issues that have been reported, including the Cutlass issues. Expect updates on that throughout the week. Other than that, the S42 shoot continues in the UK, the FPS development continues in CO, and studios around the world continue building this game. Also worth noting, ATV this week will be hosted solo by our own Ben Lesnick. Let's see what the over/under on bad puns are this episode with no one else to subject them to. Monday, May 11th - 10 for the Designers - Starfarer Q&A Post #1 Tuesday, May 12th - Meet the Devs: Pete Mackay Wednesday, May 13th - Vault Update - Starfarer Q&A Post #2 Thursday, May 14th - Around the Verse: Episode 44 Friday, May 15th - Reverse the Verse - Starfarer Q&A Post #3 - Free Fly Week Begins: Starter Ships (All Auroras and All Mustangs) Saturday, May 16th - Reverse the Verse Archive Post Sunday, May 17th - Weekly Roundup Fan Podcast Schedule Monday - • Star Signal - https://soundcloud.com/starsignal • Innside the Verse - http://imperialnews.network/category/podcast/ Tuesday – • Conversaciones en el Espectro (Chats in the Spectrum) http://www.ciudadanoestelar.com/j30/index.php/multimedia-mn/2013-09-23-11-49-56/podcast-mn-pag-3 • Star Citizen AA - http://www.starcitizenaa.com/ • Guard Frequency - http://guardfrequency.com/ Wednesday – • Star Citizen Addicts Anonymous - http://youtube.com/StarCitizenAA • Fortnightly Frontier - http://www.youtube.com/FortnightlyFrontier • SCNR Stream - http://www.twitch.tv/scnr_onair • [Redacted] - http://www.twitch.tv/wtfosaurus Thursday - • Weekly BadNewsGaming Multi-Stream - http://twitch.tv/badnewsbaron • The Spacers Table - http://www.twitch.tv/grakees Friday - • The Base Friday Show - http://radio.starcitizenbase.com/ • Starcast - http://www.twitch.tv/geekdomo Saturday • Beyond the Horizon - http://www.beyondthehorizonradio.com/ • Star Citizen Report - http://www.twitch.tv/grievance (every other Saturday.) Sunday • Tales of Citizens - http://www.twitch.tv/bridger15 (every other Sunday) *Chelsea did not dance a jig. (source: link)
  6. A look back at 2014 and ahead to 2015 is a great Fan review of 2014 and what we can expect looking forward to 2015. I didn't quote the entire article below (see link for more - mainly personal stuff - thanking people)
  7. Schedule Shock: Patch 13.2 and Beyond is a fan article collating the latest public info from CIG dealing with schedule and deliverables. From the title and its over-pessimistic way that it is written - no one should take this as being the way the schedule will "pan out." It is popular for people to side with the pessimistic view and popular for articles like this to grab a headline.... but in no way should someone try to convince you that the "pessimistic" valuation of the schedule is more "realistic" than the "optimistic" side - which was "conveniently" left out of the article. Nevertheless it is a decent article. Items to point out in addition to it. Yes CIG is pushing things back a bit Yes CIG has been slow in the past on deliverables (AC as an example) However - Kickstarter Promise - PU playable in 2015 (this is still on the table - even though it is Alpha and not Beta) ++ I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of progress and presentation showed at CitizenCon 2014. Also - The schedule doesn't take into effect the ramping up of production and the hard infrastructure stuff being completed allowing other production to go much faster (See Travis Day interview in the last two ATV)
  8. Media people... I need your help once more. I have been struggling to try and make some sort of schedule using Illustrator / Excel and I just can't make anything that looks decent and I can easily modify... Can any of you fine gents maybe toss me a file that I could then play with to make a nice looking schedule and be able to modify it relatively quickly? Here's what Eve-radio's schedule looks like http://eve-radio.com/scheduled-shows And here's what New Eden Radio's http://schedule.newedenradio.com/ ... help!
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