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Found 4 results

  1. You got our backs (Electro skin hull) Military Skin Citizencon 2951 Digital Goodies Giftable Price $100
  2. Just trying to help out some people with the direct links for the Sales that get put up at CitizenCon Manchester 2015. First up were the: Package - Discounts 15% discounted from full price! NOTE : You MUST be logged into your RSI account to view the Discounted Starter Packages Aurora MR - Starter $38.25 USD Mustang Alpha Starter $38.25 USD Individual Military Ship Sale links: Gladius – Military Sale $90.00 USD Super Hornet – Military Sale $165.00 USD Gladiator – Military Sale $165.00 USD *LTI* Sabre – Military Sale *LTI* $170.00 USD Starfarer Gemini – Military Sale $250.00 USD Vanguard Warden – Military Sale $250.00 USD Retaliator – Military Sale $275.00 USD Link to upgrade from any ship you have (or don't have yet) to the: Aegis Sabre LTI https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ship-upgrades?to-ship=98 48Hour only Sale!! ALL SHIPS HAVE LTI IN PACKAGE: Combo - Armada-Pack : $2,500.00 USD https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Combos/Armada-Pack Includes: Gladius; F7C-M Super Hornet; Gladiator; Aegis Sabre; Starfarer Gemini; Aegis Vanguard; Retaliator Bomber & LASTLY Idris-P Frigate Question: is the Combo - Armada-Pack worth it for USD$2500? Second we have Merchandise and goodies: Back to Basics Patch Set - 3-Set : $19.00 USD https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Patches-Basics/3-Set CitizenCon-2945-Trophy : $5.00 USD https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Add-Ons/CitizenCon-2945-Trophy CitizenCon-2945-Poster : UEC1,000 https://robertsspaceindustries.com/voyager-direct/Hangar-Posters/Koln-2945-Poster CitizenCon-2945-Poster Manchester, UK : UEC1,000 https://robertsspaceindustries.com/voyager-direct/Hangar-Decorations/CitizenCon-2945-Poster I'll keep on updating this as more stuff comes into the store.
  3. The 2015 GamesCom will live stream on 7 August at 1800 UTC. I will try to embed it here. That way SCB can discuss it while watching from 'home.' CIG is at Hall 10.1 A33 Good copy of the demo courtesy of RSI. Thanks ‌@AstroJak! The full presentation ~ Thanks @VoA Won't embed. In addition the following ships will be for sale there and on the RSI site during the convention and come with 2yi: And Notes!! 18:20 It's on! Colonial Movers and a few other orgs in character having a costume contest. I'm sorry but did they just give 890Js to people? 18:26 Sandi is speaking German. She is letting people know where the booth is, and welcoming people to the event. The booth is small because they're spending all the money on development. Thanks to Falcon Northwest, Saitek, Intel, and AMD et al there will be giveaways later. Thanks to all the teams around the globe for making this possible. Ben thanks Sandi for her hard work. 18:33 Chris Roberts takes the stage. Chris introduces the demo team: Erin Roberts, Paul Rendell (and his beer) and the rest of the team. 1.1.6 is Live (yesterday) 16 players, better launcher, Merlin and Scythe are flyable. New difficulty mode in Vanduul swarm mode. Clear 18-20 waves of Vanduul Swarm and get a token to get a Glaive. First 1000 people to beat the new VS mode can buy a Glaive! (using store credits - no black market bullshit like with the Scythe) Social Module drops this month. 20 players per instance in ArcCorp 18:39 Cue ArcCorp demo. Social brings chat emotes, travel between hangars and arena commander. Demo starts in the customs area. Headbob while dancing is cause for nausea. Demo shows the area where you would land, through customs, and into the ArcCorp square. You can turn Augmented Reality on and off so that you see who everyone is. 18:44 Demo moves to Cubby Blast and then the medical unit. 18:45 JobWell TDD board. You can see the Constellation outside on the landing pad. The city looks beautiful. 18:47 Off to the G-Loc bar - another place to find missions. The bar looks great. FP headbob is going to be the end of some people's VR aspirations. No dancing for you lot! Out the bar to the incinerator area. It looks really shady. This is where you can find some less than legal missions. 18:49 AstroArmada , an Aurora flies by overhead. Line of Defense never looked this good even on paper. I want a ship turntable for my M50. 18:52 Dumpers Depot - Hornet being repaired in the background. Star Marine will release the end of next month (September) Major blocker is unifying first and third person animations. They want you to see other players interacting with the world the same way they see themselves interacting with it. ARMA 3 does this (according to CR) 18:56 cue FPS demo The Heavy Marine can use holograms by pressing G Erin keeps dying before he can deploy the hologram. 19:03 Marine Commander? CR cuts the FPS demo, can't show all the gadgets and gameplay he wanted to. Squadron 42 will be discussed in depth at CitizenCon. The different studios are discussed. 19:08 Different player mods and videos, and fiction are shown. 19:10 Ken with Turbulant shows off the new bug reporting system in the Issue Council This allows for community up/down voting to prioritize bugsmashing. Without a critical number of reproduced bugs the report dies. Community Hub - Submit your content to the RSI website: Screenshots, Videos, and Fan Art Guiness Records: Most crowdfunded game, most crowdfunded project 19:16 Modularity Cutlass is the first modular ship, then Retaliator, then Constellation Size classes, Light, Medium, Heavy, Capital Class Build a Retaliator: passenger, bomber, cargo, dropship. Living quarters looks cool. OMG, the dropship version! 19:19 Saitek HOTAS chosen because they said it would be a complete new build and several variations, entry to high end. CR wants HOMAK, HOMAS, HOSAS, HOTAS Entry level HOTAS has a trackball on the stick and throttle Throttle and stick are detachable and can attach to the keyboard High End is X-65 based and features an OLED touchscreen. Headsets and mice 19:24 Raffle time Someone else just one a Glaive Make that two people won a Glaive. AMD Sapphire 390X is what they're using in all their machines X-55 Rhino, x2 (Bastion) Chris's own SC track jacket. The only one with a hood. Signed Everyone at the event who finishes the 18 levels of VS gets a Glaive 19:34 Large World There was a pause for RL. I took shots of the slides. 19:41 MultiCrew and PU demo 19:47 Quantum Drive baby. Quantum Drive. Don't hit the asteroids. 19:50 Boarding a disabled / derelict Retaliator Zero-G animations are sharp. 19:52 Battle in the asteroid field with the Cutlass, restored Retaliator and a Constellation Andromeda. CR wants a torpedo. The Constellation gets destroyed, Retalliator tries to QD out, something is broken in engineering. Dammit Scotty! The battle broke the QD in the Retaliator. (Nice job Blue Team!) 20:00 An Idris flies over! - But can it LAND? 20:09 They attempt the demo again - and succeed this time. Thanks to Jared the director, Disco, and the team. Time to get drunk and sign autographs for the next five hours.
  4. The system has been updated and all of the feedback is still intact. You can visit by clicking the feedback system up in the navigation. I'm hoping that in the next release we will get the counts back under our profile and the deal link functionality when adding new feedback. Let me know if you notice anything else.
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