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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings, fellow citizens! My name is Chris, and I've been toying with an exciting idea for some time now. I thought it would be a blast to construct an Interstellar Information Network, where Intelligence is collected, sold, and manipulated. As my idea grew, I spent countless hours coming up with ways to gather intelligence, establish safety protocols, establish hierarchies and security levels, and devise financial plans to set up something like this. Then, I realized that to develop and expand, I'd need players and like-minded organizations who found the concept intriguing and enjoyable. So I began working on a more relaxed approach to creating NIGHTVEIL. My concept is simple: I want to make friends and have a great time in the Verse. I'm no super spy, and while becoming one over time is a fun thought experiment, I just want to have fun pretending inside this magnificent and vast game. [AI Generated Art of THE VEIL, NIGHTVEILS HQ] In-game, NIGHTVEIL is a privately owned Security and Intelligence Agency. It's a network of informants, spies, mercenaries, merchants, scientists, and analysts who have taken it upon themselves to protect the Verse from known and unknown threats, such as Pirates, Scavengers, and Aliens, due to what they perceive as a lack of involvement by the UEE. Founded in 2815 by Isiah Nightshade and originally called "Nightshade," the company has a troubled history, especially in the public's perception. However, since Isiah's great-granddaughter, Fionne, took over the agency, things have changed. By offering more transparency and taking more accountability for the actions of NIGHTVEIL operatives in the field, she has raised the company's profit margins and even entered negotiations with the UEE. Though still operating in what some perceive to be the gray area of security, since NIGHTVEIL is known to sell its collected secrets to almost anyone with enough aUEC, some even see NIGHTVEIL as its sovereign state due to its almost complete financial autonomy. Founded with the fortune Isiah amassed from his salvage and mining operations, NIGHTVEIL has always kept an eye on the market and made its fleet of merchants and traders a focal point of its operation. Aside from its financial sector, NIGHTVEIL also houses its own "private military" and crisis response units, as well as analysts and logistics specialists. There are many ways to play a NIGHTVEIL operative. To learn the in-game mechanics, I want this organization to be as diverse as possible. No matter what your play style is, you're welcome as a member or affiliate. All I ask is that you are mature, kind, and respectful. If you're interested in helping build a fun community from the ground up, assisting with recruitment, or even just supporting us with your own organization in an alliance or offering us in-game enemies as a group of Pirates or Scavengers, maybe even delving into and expanding the organization's lore, then let's get to know each other. I am based in the EU, but players from all over are welcome, and I speak English and German. You can hit me up directly on Discord at EloransGhost(Chris Uboh)#3054 or apply directly through the RSI ORG PAGE and tell me why you'd like to join. I believe in quality, not quantity, meaning I want to make sure we're on the same wavelength. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/NYTVYL I look forward to hearing from and getting to know you you. Attached is a quick first Draft Compendium of LORE and Ideas if you'd like to gloss over it Best regards, Chris NIGHTVEIL ONBOARDING Alpha 1.0.pdf
  2. PART 1 (Original story can be found on The Exchange Forums) **Hades System** A man grumbles as he crawls into his pilot chair. His breath leaving a puff cloud where he exhales. The air is rigid and cold, near freezing. Before him he can see the dew on the forward window. The leather in the seat he just rested in groans and complains as he gets comfortable. Majority of the ships systems are in standby. The hole ship is dark. Stale air has become a common thing on this trip. The only lights in the ship are from the steady blinking power indicators on the various screens. As the man settles into his chair he begins to light up his screens. Navigation, Computer Control, Weapons, Sensors, System Status, communication. All of the screens light up, slowly, as if they are complaining of the cold just like the chair. Before him the darkest sky stretches out. His screens finish their power up, he looks down to read the System Status. Status report... Power levels minimal. Auto-Pilot is still on course. Weapons are offline (Administrativly) Sensors are on passive. Life Support...Minimal. The man smiles as he rubs his beard. He can feel the dew on his beard as he passes over it with his fingers. Nothing seems to bother him at the moment. Not even the Vanduul Carrier that he has been shadowing. His oxygen supply is running extreamly low as the man had to utilize rigged thrusters that emitted no power upon use. In doing so, he had to hook up a gas based thruster system. This "rigged" system was allowing him to remain unnoticed for days. It also kept him within meters of the hull of the carrier above him. The Carrier that the man was shadowing wasn't a normal Vanduul Carrier. This one had gotten it's ass kicked, and from the looks of the damage from as close as the man was, a Huge ass kicking. Massive tearing from explosions were all over the port side of the vessel. The entire carrier was riddled with pocket craters from missle impacts. Plasma burns were scaring the vessel every couple of meters. He could see the forward end of the carrier coming closer. The enterance to the main hanger bay was within sight. Finally after 3 days of shadowing the carrier the man has come to the conclusion that it is deserted. Powering up systems Lights came on, and the sounds of his engine comeing to life was a pleasent one, expecialy now that he can feel the heat from the life support system encase his cold body and warm up his chair. He smiles before he pushes the throttle forward, sending his ship toward a damaged hanger bay. - to be continued...
  3. Let's start with introducing ourselves! My recommendation, since we don't know all that much about the game universe itself, is that we focus more on who our characters are rather than what they have done. Name: Dragnus Krainer Armand XII Alias: Twelve, Archon Species: Human (Cuacasian Male) Age: 38 Height: 6'4" Build: Athletic/Muscular Eye Color: Red(cosmetic surgery) Hair Color: Brown Personality Summary: Cold, harsh, and unyielding, but is known to be fiercely loyal towards anyone who has befriended him. That's it, just a quick summary of the character for everyone to get an idea, I'd prefer this to become sort of a meta-thread for characters and would love to see all of yours.
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