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Found 4 results

  1. Organization: Astrum Militia Specialization: Security/Industrial/Commercial/Social Commitment: Regular/Hardcore (Exclusive) Role Play: Yes (MilSim) Language: English Time Zone: International (NA/EU/ASIA) Information: The Astrum Militia is a Star Citizen military simulation organization established to primarily provide an immersive and realistic environment for all members and further enhance the fidelity, detail, lore, and expand on the content provided by Star Citizen. The Astrum Militia utilizes a chain of command system, among other departmental and organizational structures to enhance gameplay and foster a tight knit community. Links: RSI - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/ASTRUMMIL Discord - https://discord.gg/rMDeCYr (Recruitment Only) Website - http://astrummilitia.com/ YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCflnA6vxJFVSXAV5brgfmtQ Star Citizen Wiki - https://starcitizen.tools/ORG:Astrum_Militia
  2. A’care Mining & Reclamation: We Are What You Need Us To Be Focus: Resource, Survey, Security, Roleplay Primary Language: English In-universe: Established in 2944, A’care Mining and Reclamation expanded deep space recovery and economic survey operations into less accessible sectors of the known Verse. We seek to recruit skilled pilots with experience in collection, security operations, physical sciences, and engineering. Our professionals come from a multitude of backgrounds, including astrogeology, law enforcement/military, logistics, and engineering to better serve our customer’s requirements anywhere in the ‘Verse. Would you like to join the professionals at AMR? We are seeking Citizen pilots from a diverse set of professional backgrounds who desire a rigorous and rewarding environment. Contact us today and get started on your next great journey among the stars! Out of Character: AMR is a mining and salvaging casual roleplay organization which was started back in 2014. All our Founders are early backers of the game, but we wanted to wait to grow our organization until Star Citizen was developed further. That time is now. We are a professional Org made up of mature individuals who want to enjoy casual roleplay and high-speed action with friends both new and old. We have a close network of allied Organizations with which we host and participate in multiple events and training sessions every month, so there is always something going on. AMR is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants subject to full-scope UEE security check. Certain restrictions apply. Speak with an AMR representative for details. Visit our Web Portal @ https://www.acareminingreclamation.com/ Join our Public Discord @ https://discord.gg/n7UMQa7 Sage Parvil, Ph.D Director for Outreach and Engagement A'care Mining and Reclamation New Babbage, MicroTech, Stanton AMR: We Are What You Need Us To Be
  3. Hello, Captain Canuck here, If anyone's interested in role playing the One Piece storyline in space, drop us a line, we're recruitng. We're still working out the logistics of how everything will play out, but the Imperium looks like it could be the marines, so that's a start. Send me a private message, or find us here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/ONEPIECE
  4. There’s nothing like flying openly in the brisk of space with no breeze going through your hair or any breeze at all for that matter. Sure, we all want to make our own in the galaxy and become the next big thing but going alone isn’t always the best answer. Are you looking for some friends to crew up with that don’t treat the game like it’s a boot camp? You have come to the right place. Here at HeadHunters we are all about having fun and cooperating, no military tactics, just straight up strategy and simple planning. There are no inspections, no training, and no requirements other than owning the game! Before you ask, yes there is a teamspeak, and yes we support a multitude of other games! Below you will see the different sections that you can apply for once in the state (We do role-play slightly so it is called a state not a clan). To join, go to the website provided and fill out the CLAN application under apply now. *Note: To apply for ranks visit our website at http://www.virulentwasteland.com/home The Navy Heading the overall goals of the state, the Navy is for those who want to be part of a greater whole, find friends in others, and roam the galaxy. This unit is for those who are able to do anything, whether it be tracking down enemy recon ships or manning a computer on the bridge of a battleship, this unit is for the people who make the impossible possible. The Navy is based almost entirely on space combat and as such regulates almost all of said combat. Ground combat will be covered by the security teams inside the Navy as well as boarding operations. As a side note, this will expectantly be the largest unit and members of this unit will be provided with equipment as needed with their specific task. No training is required. Fighters will be provided to the ranks listed as receiving such ships as soon as said ships become available. Guns will also be provided to all fleet members. Ranks: Crew Man -Fighter Pilots: Standard issue ships not provided but can still participate. -No Clearance: Cannot board any Navy ship without permission. Petty Officer (3rd 2nd and 1st) -Clearance to specified areas of ships. -Engineer: Can help with wither the reactor or FTL drive. -Fighter Pilots: Standard issue ships not provided but can still participate. Ensign -Fighter Pilots: Standard issue ships ranging from availability. -Engineer: Mans the reactor and FTL drive. -Security: Handles boarding ops and navy ground issues. -Damage Control: Handles damages on ship hull. Lieutenant -Squad Commander: Handles a group of fighter pilots -Gunner: Mans the large sized guns on ships. -Navigator: Helps Plot the course for the ship. -Pilot: Pilots the capitol ship. Officer -Head of Security: Runs the security division in the ship. -Head of Engineering: Heads the engineer team on the ship. -Head of Damage Control: Controls the damage team on the ship. -Head of Navigation: Controls the plot course of the flagship. -Wing Commander: Controls their own wing. Captain -Commander: Commands the ship assigned to them. Admiral -Admiral: Member of the high council which votes on laws and objectives -Fleet Admiral: Controls the appointed ship and the fleet as a whole. *Note: To apply for ranks visit our website at http://www.virulentwasteland.com/home Operations By now you’re all probably wondering what we even hope to achieve through this structure and what do we want with it? Well our end game is to have a fleet based to our member’s liking and operations that will provide endless hours of fun for its members along with rewards. As an example, if the vote in the fleet is that we take over a certain star system, we will allocate as much resources as possible into doing said action. We are currently working on a pay system where everyone but the higher ranks will receive a cut of the total funds allocated to the program. The higher ranks will receive the actual money themselves and are in charge of dividing it out among the members of their group or specialization. Finally, the end game or goal fleet will consist of each ship below each with listed jobs. These lists are not final. All security forces are Marine personnel and will be under 1. Battleship: Navy -Commander: Fleet Admiral -Engineering -Security -Fighter Squadron -Damage Control -Navigation -Gunnery 2. Cruiser: Navy -Commander: Captain -Engineering -Security -Damage Control -Navigation -Gunnery 3. Frigate: Navy -Commander: Captain -Gunnery -Engineering -Landing Force (large) -Damage Control 4. Mini Carrier: Navy -Commander: Admiral -Gunnery -Engineering -Fighter Squadrons -Damage Control -Security *More ships will be commissioned if we reach a higher player base than expected and the ship's crew will be filled up in order I.E. if we will up the battleship, you will be allowed to apply for the cruiser and so forth. Role-play Players will NOT be forced to role-play but it will be a focus of the group. This group plans to act as a semi-formal military/exploration style group in that the fleet admiral will assign missions to the capitol ships themselves and the group will be in charge of that mission. Once you achieve the rank that allows you to crew a larger ship, you can choose from the available ships which one you want to join. Some will have more military tasks while some more exploration. While these ship tasks have not been decided yet, members can still reserve their seats on said ships and get to know their fellow crew members. This works the same with the fighter squadrons as they can choose their squad. These squads can be found on our website and can also be reserved. Each squad will be assigned to either a fighter squadron or platoon who will be stationed on certain ships. Join up with your friends in the squad of your choice today! Lore There is currently a rough draft for the lore which is on the website and anyone who is accepted into the group before the final draft is written will be incorporated into the lore.
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