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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Everyone! I figured out a way to get both a Gladius (w 6 MI) and a Dragonfly with only a small investment of $25. You also get a few other cool rewards along the way. I tested it out myself and it worked like a charm. So how? By using the Referral program AND the 2017 Referral Contest concurrently- between now and Aug 8th it is possible to reap the rewards of both. After this contest is up then it is still worth it just for the Gladius imo, since it is a $125 ship atm. Exactly how? That is up to you. The goal is to earn 10 Referral Points (RP) linked to your account. I used Bing Ads, set up an account with the online chat. Refused to put any money on it until AFTER I got the $100 coupon for new accounts (had to wait like 2 days for that), then I prepaid $25. My ad on Bing has run 17 days now, and I have 58 prospects and 14 recruits. I have spent $90 of my total $125 ad money so I am hopeful that I will get to Lt in the referral program (25 RP) before that amount dwindles to zero and I let it go idle. If someone is interested in doing the same I think it is a good bet and I would not mind helping you out in setting up the account and the ad. From experience I think using Google ads is not worth it (they charge too much per click and per impression while Bing only charges per click), however Google and Bing are running similar ad coupons for new accounts. What exactly can you get doing this now? You can check the status of the referral program and your referral code by going to YOUR RSI ACCOUNT and clicking REFERRAL PROGRAM (the Referral Contest link is embedded on the REFERRAL PROGRAM page) Below is the list from the RSI Referral Program webpage and below that is the list of rewards from the 2017 Referral Contest. Referral Rewards 2017 Referral Contest Rewards So if you like hangar flair and a Gladius short range patrol fighter/Dragonfly ship set then I think this is about the best deal out there right now- plus you promote Star Citizen which shouldn't hurt either :-) You can check the status of the referral program and find your referral code by going to your MY RSI > MY ACCOUNT > REFERRAL PROGRAM (the Referral Contest link is embedded in the RANKING LADDER page) Wish all you fellow Imperials (Imperiumals? haha) [orgmates in Imperium!] the best! -Uthrac This Post has been improved and edited by the Switchmeister (thx Switch! lol) VERY IMPORTANT EDIT as of 2017-07-06 I just discovered that one must ACTIVELY ENROLL in the 2017 Referral Contest. From your My RSI > My Account > Referral Program > Ranking Ladder > 2017 Referral Contest page you must then select "Enter Contest" and agree to the terms! This was poorly thought out by RSI to say the least, as most people I know also failed to find this and, like myself, assumed that the Referral Program is automatic, so the Referral contest would also be automatic. I have submitted a customer service request on this issue and am hoping CIG will have the decency to automate enrollment. Until then it would be wise to go to the page and Enter the Contest ASAP.
  2. Hi folks, Have you seen that the CIG has unleashed a massive amount of Rewards! - 100M Reward - 2943 War Bond - 56M Reward - J-Span Cryo-Star Cooler - 55M Reward - Preacher Armement Inquisition XXII Gatling - 52M Reward - BB-12 Maneuvring Unit - 49M Reward - Xi'an Space Plant - 47M Reward - Engine Tuning Kit - 45M Reward - Hadesian Artifact - 42M Reward - Explorer-Class Mobiglas Rig Anyone has gotten other rewards from them? This was a very big surprise to see it! (Note I haven't read the Splitting of SC and SQ42 announcement note. EDIT: I just noticed they are already in there since February 05 ^_^'''''' Never really noticed it, /sorry if there has been a topic already about this somewhere here, since it is already like 4 days...
  3. I'm selling a Veteran Backer account (citizen number #122.xxx) including a giftable Digital Mercenary LTI package, 34.000 UEC and every backer reward so far. Price is $200 PayPal, fees included. http://imgur.com/a/nBTVI After payment of invoice, the login details will be sent to your PayPal email, along with a Bill of Sale stating the willing and free transfer of the account. Handle name change is available, and the default email will be changed to one of your choice upon request, as the original email address is not included. The Digital Mercenary LTI package is available separately, for $80 PayPal fees included. I'm an experienced trader in eBay, reddit, and several other forums. My timezone is GMT+1, so delays are to be expected during the night time. Buyer goes first and/or pays middleman fees. And please get your Paypal account verified befor contacting. If you're a prospecting player, I'd really appreciate that you use my referral code when creating your account: **[REDACTED]**. You'll have a *5.000 UEC* head start! Account sales are in clear violation of RSI's terms of service, and are at high risk of being terminated at any time. The original owner will remain the legal owner of the account except in specific jurisdiction where local laws that supercede RSI's EULA allows for account transfers. I (seller) promise to abandon my account, agreeing to never attempt to recover said account via RSI or any other means.
  4. Hello everyone Out of financial crisis i whish to sell my Account. It contains the following: - Standalone Ship - Kruger P-72 Archimedes - LTI (not giftable) - Standalone Ship - Endeavor Hope-Class - LTI (not giftable) - Standalone Ship - Anvil Carrack - LTI (giftable) - Advanced Hunter - LTI Upgrades (not giftable) Legacy Alpha, Upgraded to a Aegis Sabre - plus all kind of rewards starting from the 17 Million reward and up Account created at August 30, 2013 20:34 STORE CREDITS $10.00 USD UEC ¤32,000 UEC REC ¤5,429 REC All and all together for 980 USD or Euro P.s. There are some melted Ships that you could probably revive (if thats still possible?) such as: - Retaliator Boomber LTI - 890 Jump LTI - Phoenix Andromeda LTI -And some othe which i can't realy remember ;D Send me a PM and let me know cheers pics on the following Link: http://imgur.com/a/dJc44
  5. I kept asking if there was a list of all the stretch goal unlocks out there, but no one would answer me, so I decided to make my own list by doing some research. Mainly what I was looking for were the in game items, which you will find at the bottom of this list. Did I miss any? 750,000: AMX-1 Repair Droid 2.5Mill: Anvil Gladiator 3.5Mill: Nav Bar -Unlocking new star systems every 100k between 3-4mill. Odin System Chronos System Eealus System - Name a new system 4mill: Cutlass 4.5: 70 star systems, Hidden alien serelict base type, name a system Stanton System More ships- Gladiator, M50, Starfarer, Retaliator, Idris, 300 Vanduul fighters 5mill: free lifetime garaging Oso System 5.5mill: Bengal Carrier, Breaker skin 6mill: 100 systems, orchestra, squadron 42 7Mill: Detail, Aurora 9Mill: Aurora LX, LifeTime Insurance, Space suite class 2 Space Suit system: class I-IX 10Mill: Motion Capture Stuido mocap, P52 Writers Guide 300i, 315p and 325a support 11Mill: Move Development base of ops 12Mill: Sound studios, Hanger Module support Nemo System Oberon System 13Mill: Destoryer, Mommand & Control center from idris and destoryer, Frigate 14Mill: Hibernation Mode (save), film, fourth landout option on Earth, 300i, lost skin 15Mill: another ship 16Mill: Areana Mode, Laser pistol 17Mill: Engine modifier, battlecruiser 18Mill: exclusive star system (everyone can go here but only backers can start here) 19Mill: manual, manage space stations, museum news 20Mill: fiirst person combat on planets not just stations/platforms, voyager direct 21Mill: salvage machanic career, si'an scout 22Mill: facial Capture, 24Mill: public transportation system 25Mill: Enhanced Alpha 26Mill: Enhance captial ship systems 27Mill: Banu 28Mill: Starter ship 29Mill: Enhanced mission design squadron 42 M50, 350r, Caterpillar, Aurora LX, Gladiator, Retaliator, Starfarer, Super Hornet 30Mill: Surveyor 31Mill: 890 Jump, RSI Orion 33Mill: Carrack 34Mill: Hull C 35MIll: Drake Herald 36Mill: Tamsa system 37Mill: Tanga system 38Mill: Cano system, 39Mill: UDS-2943-01-22 System Mustang 40Mill: Kabal system, Oretani system 41Mill: Procedural Generation R&D Team 42Mill: Updated Observist Guide, Explorer-class mobiGlas Rig, Gladius, towel 43Mill: Omni Role Combat Armor (ORC) mk9 44Mill: Stellar Cartography 45Mill: Hadesian Artifact 46Mill: Updated Scanning Software All Rewards given in game : If you have backed before the date listed below I believe you will get these items, so for all those who backed before October 29, 2012 you will get everything : AMX-1 Repair Droid Backed before July 6, 2013 free lifetime garaging - is this still a thing? It mentions this but did they do away with garage fees? Breaker ship skin Backed before July 6, 2013 Space suite class 2 Backed before July 6, 2013 Laser pistol Backed before July 6, 2013 Engine modifier (ship engine upgrade) Backed before August 31, 2013 exclusive star system start Backed before September 6, 2013 Explorer-class mobiGlas Rig (ingame broker infomer?) Backed before April 15, 2014 towel (hanger decoration) Backed before April 15, 2014 Omni Role Combat Armor (ORC) mk9 Backed before April 28, 2014 Stellar Cartography (this is a room in your hanger) Backed before May 23, 2014 Updated Scanning Software Backed before NOT REACHED YET
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