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Found 3 results

  1. The Avenger has been revealed!!! It's been revealed that the Avenger is priced $60. It has been described as a Bounty Hunter's ideal ship. Official Description: Builder: Aegis Dynamics Crew (max): 1 (2 in trainer variant) Mass (empty): 32000 KG (32 metric tons) Focus: Interdiction / Trainer The Aegis Avenger has had a long and storied life as the standard patrol craft of the UEE Advocacy. Although aging, the Avenger features a sturdy, reliable hull and the capacity for larger-than-expected engine mounts. It avoids more specialized weapons in favor of a single, center-line gun mount which makes it something of a marksman’s ship. Police Avengers support enhanced scanner suites in the service of their patrol duties and the civilianized models retain a higher amount of computer memory than similarly sized spacecraft. The UEE Navy’s air arm continues to use Avengers (designated N6G) as their standard trainer spacecraft. Any pilot serving today likely spent at least 300 hours qualifying In an Avenger before moving on to their combat assignment. (We will use the Avenger for the training missions in Squadron 42; think T-6 Texan.) As more coreward Advocacy offices begin the transition to the police variant of the M50 interceptor and used Avengers have flooded the market. Criminal elements have begun to adopt these Avengers for their own needs, finding that their larger-than-average cargo hold and engines make an ideal bootlegging spacecraft. Upgrade Capacity: 4 Cargo Capacity: 10 tonnes Engine- Modifiers: 2 Max. Class: Fusion Thrusters: 1x TR5, 8x TR1 Hardpoints- 3 x Class 1: Equipped 2 x Behring Mk. I “Pin” Lasers (you have two wing mount low-grade lasers and then a single slot for a center-line heavy weapon; something much more powerful than other ships this size… but you use this option at the risk of overloading your engine.) 2 x Class 3: None equipped (limited to smaller missiles or drop tanks.)
  2. IDRIS CORVETTE REVEALED One of the most anticipated ships in the Star Citizen universe is the Aegis Dynamics Idris-class corvette. The largest ship available for purchase during the campaign, only 100 Idrises were made available, to preserve game balance! The Idris is a small capital ship capable of storing smaller fighters and being run by a team of players working together. Today we’re proud to reveal the very first images of the Idris, designed by Hollywood artist Ryan Church, as well as the ship’s specifications! As part of the livestream, we are making an additional 150 Idris corvettes available for sale starting now. This second set of corvettes is not the fully-equipped military assault model available during the earlier event, but a stripped down peacekeeper version aimed at having less of an impact on the initial game balance. Surplus sale! The United Empire of Earth’s Exploratory Services is retiring patrol-model 150 Idris-P corvettes which have seen hard service on the frontier. These ships will be available for public sale, with funds received going towards the ongoing SynthWorld project. Please note that all corvettes are the lighter model lacking the spinal mount turret emplacement. Buyers will be responsible for towing and equipping any craft purchased. SHIP SPECIFICATIONS Builder: Aegis Dynamics Crew (max): 10 Mass (empty): 138,000 kg Length: 140 meters Focus: Corvette The Idris-class corvette is the premiere entry-level capital ship for both the civilian market and the UEE military. Idris’ are used by long-range explorers who plan to be as many as two dozen jumps from a refueling station and as armored merchantmen by concerns needing to move goods through pirate territory. The high pricetag keeps the Idris out of range of anyone usually operating Freelancers or Starfarers, and actually makes them something of a target for higher caliber pirates, who presume that anyone who owns one has something worth protecting. Anything but the stock Idris is ultimately a tough nut to crack for attackers, though: extremely customizable and dotted with turrets, they also ship with numerous empty missile hardpoints and room for an expansive fixed-forward armament. Make sure you can afford to properly outfit an Idris once you’ve purchased it … if you can, you will wind up with one of the best-equipped ships available on the open market. The UEE operates Idris-class ships extensively, in two variants. Because of the ship’s command systems, the crews are drawn from the ranks of the elite UEE fighter pilot core. Though it may not be as glamourous as a Hornet or a Gladiator, the Idris is a powerhouse of a ship. A mark two “peacekeeper” variant was developed for the UEE patrol services. The Idris-P strips the standard ship’s ship-to-ship gun and spinal mount in favor of additional cargo capacity and superior speed. Aftermarket kits, initially produced for the UEE government seeking an improved patrol/protection plan, are available to militarize the Peacekeeper versions. The Idris has room to dock two single-seat fighters: Aurora, 300i or Hornet-level. Upgrade Capacity: 20 Cargo Capacity: 100 tonnes (Idris-P, 120 ton) Engine- Thrusters: 8 x TR4, 8 x TR3 Hardpoints (Idris)- 6 x Class 5: Behring M3C ASA Turrets 1 x Class 6: Behring M5C STS Turret 1 x Class 6: A&R Plowshare Anti-Ship Missile Launcher (ASML) 1 x Class 8: Klaus & Werner Zestroyer Spinal Mount Rail Gun Hardpoints (Idris Peacekeeper)- 7 x Class 5: Behring M3C ASA Turrets 1 x Class 6: Behring M5C STS Turret INTERVIEW WITH RYAN CHURCH How did you build the Idris? The Idris was great fun to build and ‘engineer.’ The requirements Chris laid down were a long list of often mutually exclusive design points, but I find that having to package a lot of tough elements in an aesthetically cool design can really make for a neat ship. That is to say that a design ‘earns’ a coolness by being functional and thought out down to the spars and ribs, rather than just being a styling exercise. Chris knew the number of engines, rough weight class, armament fit, function and mission capability and I just worked from there. I always start extremely roughly and send Chris 8-12 rough ideas, each of which has their pluses and minuses. With this ship there was more time than usual spent at this early stage to get the right look — something that worked functionally, but also a design that looked a bit older, a bit more pugnacious and a bit more functional than some of the other ships. I love this approach; you can have your sleek, refined F-22 but then next to it you can have your F-15 or even F-4, with all of their comparatively brutish shapes and forms, tons of antennas and pylons sticking off — yet they both look cool in their own ways. Since this ship can land atmospherically and is pretty large, it was a special challenge to incorporate a plausible VTOL-to-orbit-and-beyond capability. I decided to arrange the pivoting engines in such a way that they functioned in VTOL, atmospheric, and exoatmospheric modes — it’s a similar concept to that used on the Avatar Valkyrie, but on a much larger scale and with better engine failure redundancy. Arranging the engines all around the center of gravity and providing functioning landing gear and a bridge with good visibility and weapons with good field of fire coverage were all challenges. For the Idris I also had to give special consideration to the interior packaging — enough room for the cargo and small ship operations, but also enough room for the crew to have some room to spread out and even some private spaces to eat, entertain or just get away from your crewmates for a bit. What was your inspiration for the ship’s look?Chris was pretty specific about wanting something that would subtly evoke naval ships but didn’t look too submarineish — something that had a very distinctive silhouette and looked more functional and utilitarian than the aesthetic of, say, the Constellation. It’s less about angular panels and it has more radii, a different surface development. The Idris is built by Aegis rather than RSI. Did this impact your design? Definitely, and this ties in directly with your previous question because we are really trying to make the manufacturers distinct. In the same way you can tell a Lockheed product from a Northrop product, or a current-day American aircraft carrier from a Russian aircraft carrier. We want to go much further than that; it makes the world seem larger and it’s more fun to do. What can you tell us about your plans for the Idris’ internal cabin?With all the designs I do I think about the exterior shape first, but almost immediately put rough blocks in the model that represent rough guesses I have about where the internal elements are. I start with the engines and specific payload requirements and then find a good place for the bridge and weaponry, and the last thing to go in are the personal spaces like kitchen and bathrooms. These often get shifted around in the back and forth process with Chris, but it is best to settle on them early if possible. From the research I’ve found this is the way it’s done when building real ships and aircraft, so I try to emulate that approach for greatest realism. I also try and work hull thicknesses and doors into the equation early, as I realize the importance of figuring that out. I try to keep the forward and rear facing hull structure the thickest. The beam positions can be a little lighter, as they would have less of a chance of sustaining ongoing fire and would more likely take a fleeting shot. One idea Chris had which was fun to play out is that he wanted to stay away from a lot of elevators in this ship and force the use of a lot of stairs to help sell the fact that the design is a bit older and less techy. Therefore the final design has a lot of doors and some retracting stairs, which then forces thought into airlocking those hull punctures. It was a very fun ship to work on. While building it I would kind of dolly and zoom around, pick angles that look cool and ask myself what would functionally be there and what could I put there to make this a fun place to spend time. Can you give us a hint about your next ship design?Hmm, yes, I just started working on the next design and I guess the hint I would give is more of an indication of where my head is right now — realizing that the aesthetic for the new ship will be different than that of any of the other ships I’ve done so far.
  3. GREETINGS CITIZENS, The rumors are true: the team at Cloud Imperium is very proud to reveal the finished look for one of our spacecraft today: the Roberts Space Industries Aurora! The Aurora is the ‘basic’ ship in Star Citizen, the one most players will start with… but make no mistake, we didn’t pay any less attention to detail in creating it! The Aurora was crafted by Hollywood designer Ryan Church (Star Wars, Avatar, Star Trek) and features just as much detail as the previously announced Constellation. Almost every shot you see in the brochure below is an in-engine render; what you see is what you play. AURORA SALE WEEK To celebrate the release of the Aurora, we’ve put together a special AURORA SALE WEEK promotion! We’re making a special edition version of the Aurora, the Aurora LX, available for a limited time. The LX will be available in the finished game, but this will be your only chance to pledge for it through the site (existing LTI Auroras may be upgraded through our promotion for $5 or in the finished game using in-game credits!) It features a unique paint scheme, twin lasers, leather seats (visible in-game!) and a four-missile mount with Talon IR 4 Stalker missiles pre-loaded. The standard Aurora includes an empty missile hardpoint and fabric seats… this is the luxury model! Several new packages including the LX will be available through Saturday, May 4th: [*]Starter Package ($35) We know that a lot of players aren’t interested in the single player Squadron 42 game and they just want to join their friends in space as soon as possible. As a result, we’ve created a lower priced package that allows you to get into Star Citizen without Squadron 42! The Starter package includes Star Citizen with an Aurora LX, lifetime insurance and Alpha, Beta and RSI site access. This is the lowest price Star Citizen will be available before the game ships. The best way to be sure you can take off when testing begins! [*]Advanced Starter Package ($45) Includes Star Citizen and Squadron 42 with an Aurora LX, lifetime insurance and Alpha, Beta and RSI site access. Your last chance to get it all for a low price! [*]Aurora LX Add-On Ship ($25) Have you already pledged for Star Citizen and want to add another exclusive ship to your fleet? Add an Aurora LX for the same price as the base model, this week only! That’s a 10,000 credit value for the same low price! [*]Aurora LX Upgrade ($5) Do you already have an Aurora? You can upgrade it to the Aurora LX for a small fee, this week only! Please note that you will be able to upgrade your Aurora to an Aurora LX in the finished game using your in-game credits; this package is entirely optional! JUMP POINT The Aurora has gone through the entire design process, from concept to flying in real-time in the CryEngine. Centurion and Imperator subscribers will learn more about that process today with a special issue of Jump Point celebrating the craft which will be released later tonight. This month’s Jump Point also features articles on Earth and Roberts Space Industries and an interview with writer David Haddock. And for the first time ever, we’ve brought in a celebrity writer to add to the Star Citizen canon: Dragonlance co-creator Douglas Niles has the first part of a new Star Citizen serial, The Void Rats! If you’re interested in subscribing for Jump Point and to support the team, you can do so below. WHY BACK NOW? Over 40,000 people have signed up to use the Roberts Space Industries website without backing the game and this promotion is designed to offer them a final chance to back the game before prices go up and access to the site and the alpha are dropped. Here’s why we think you should back now: [*]Prices are going up! We will be increasing prices when the new site launches, so this is the cheapest you will ever be able to pledge for Star Citizen! [*]The new site is coming! The all-new Roberts Space Industries website will feature content exclusive for pledgers, including full access to post to the forums and to read sections like Engineering and the Galactapedia. [*]Alpha slots are limited! We plan to begin testing Star Citizen’s space combat with the community later this year and the number of slots we can support are closing. We can support an estimated 50,000 more testers; after that, no more packages with alpha access will be sold! Pledge now so you can be one of the first into space. [*]The best is yet to come! Brochures are in development for the remaining eleven pledge ships and designer Ryan Church is hard at work on the Aegis Dynamics Idris Corvette! We will also be unveiling a new ship, the Avenger, when the RSI website relaunches. [*]STRETCH GOAL: If we can make it to $9 million in total pledges before the new site launches, we’ll go ahead and put a cool Roberts Space Industries Class II space suit in your closet, colored to match the new site! What’s more, every current pledger will get Lifetime Insurance! This will be your last opportunity to get LTI before the game launches. [*]STRETCH GOAL: Our big goal before the website is $10 million. That’s a crazy amount of money, but we have a plan for it: $10 million would allow Cloud Imperium to build our own mocap studio rather than hiring out time from someone else. Renting mocap equipment and studio time is expensive: upwards of $35,000 a day, with four hours work for each 30-second segment. Having our own studio would cost more right now but will allow us to produce a lot more content for Star Citizen in the long run! We’ll provide more details very soon, but here’s one thought right now: it would even allow us to mocap a few lucky fans into the finished game! Finally, we are very excited to announce that we will be conducting a second 24-hour live stream to celebrate the launch of the new site! Currently scheduled for late may, the Star Citizen team will again brave the night to keep our fans entertained and informed about the game. You won’t want to miss it! Further details will be announced when the site has finished testing. From the Desk of Chairman Roberts I thought it would be good to explain a little of our thinking in the Aurora promotion that we are running with the Aurora brochure. According to our database we have over 40,000 users that signed up but have yet to back. Some of these may be accounts of people that have pledged but their account is unlinked. Some are secondary accounts of people that have backed through a different account. Some of these will be people that signed up but have since decided that they are not interested in Star Citizen. The last group are people that are interested but aren’t ready to back yet, either because they are not convinced just yet, or are waiting until they can play something. A really interesting statistic is that almost 20,000 of the accounts with Golden Ticket status show as of not having a pledge! My dream is to make Star Citizen the first AAA game that has been 100% funded by the crowd – besides being a milestone there are many reasons why this a good thing, but the most glaring is that this will ensure that the community and developers are 100% in alignment. Both our priorities is to make the best game possible, no compromises. Star Citizen is going to cost approximately $20M to make. We have this covered already between the incredible funding we’ve received from you and the commitments from investors. But here’s the truth: I’ve been holding off on closing investors because your commitment means we won’t need as much money as we originally expected. Every dollar we make from crowd funding means one less we’ll take from outside investors. To achieve this we need to bring in new people, as all of you have given more than we could have ever expected you should not be expected to contribute any more to the cause. What better way to get some new members than a sale to entice them to join before the new site and their access rights change? Which is why we decided to create a sale for the unveiling of the Aurora in all its glory. We’re really proud of the work that’s been done on the Aurora – I think you will agree that no other game goes to such detail in designing and realizing a universe. The Aurora is indicative of what we are looking to achieve in terms of detail and immersion in the final game, and while it is the cheapest player ship available it is by no means a “Starter ship”. As part of this we’ve decided to create a little mini campaign around the new site, complete with some stretch goals, rewards for all backers and a 24 hour live cam setup to celebrate the new site going live at the end of May. For those of you that will want to add the Aurora LX to your collection now we’ve created a couple of options for you to contribute a little more money towards development and get in return add the LX to your fleet. I want to stress that if you did this it would only because you wanted to contribute to the development funding not because you have to. You will be able to earn credits to buy this ship in game once we go live. So please do not feel obligated to do anything. Everyone has given more than enough. This is purely a “for the fun” sale / event to hopefully push our funding along.
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