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Found 7 results

  1. Is it true that CIG had already once mentioned before to finalize our fleets before Beta release? If that is the case did they ever mention how are they planning to fund further development? I mean Beta is still a looooooooong ways away from actually release, how are they planning to get the funds with only starter pack purchases, and some subscriptions And the same question goes for when the game releases, did CIG mention how they plan to fund server and future development? Are subscriptions going to be a requirement for all players later?
  2. I have been keeping track of the development for the last 5 years and I'm surprised by the optimistic expectations of many backers. Really curious what the community thinks about this.
  3. Like many of you I'm really looking forward to the full release of this game. Unfortunately it is taking longer then I hoped. Since we don't hear much about the progress of SQ 42 I was curious what we can expect regarding the release of the PU. Since we already know what GIC has planned for the coming releases, I wanted to figure out when we can expect the release of the coming versions. I know GIC will make the production schedule for 3.0 available soon but I wanted to look further ahead. I took the liberty to calculate the average number of weeks for each release and based on this I used an average to project the release dates for the coming versions. Looking at the past years of development GIC is releasing a new version every 6-11 weeks. For my forecast I used an 8 week release schedule, which in my view is still optimistic. I know this is all based on statistics, but for me it gives me something to aim for. Based on the current projections it is unlikely we will see the release of 4.0 this year. A bit of a dissappointment but not a big surprise. Which means the acutal PU will probably be released late 2018 at the earliest. So it looks like we still have to wait at least a year for the release of the PU. I wish I was more patient.
  4. Somebody made a Spread Sheet that predicts when each element of the game will go live based on everything that CIG has said. Just thought it was interesting
  5. Arena Commander V0.9 Released https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SpsjUHj_II NEW GAME MODES MODULE IMPROVEMENTS GAME IMPROVEMENTS Lead Target Indicator RACING SHIPS NOW AVAILABLE RACER SHIPS FOR SALE Slow Patching issue's? A solution found by @Wu Jen And that’s not all. You can find a complete list of new features, balance changes, bug fixes and known issues in the R13 Patch Notes. Since Arena Commander V0.9 makes so many changes to the game, our crack publications team has updated the previously-released Arena Commander manual. You can download a copy here. And to further celebrate Arena Commander V0.9, we’ve added the two racing-oriented ships as permanent additions to the pledge store! If you’re interested in backing for an M50 or a 350R, you can learn more (and see our most fun ship commercial to date) here. Finally, for those interested in ship stats we have a post from the design team talking about how and why changes have been made to the ships now integrated into Arena Commander. You can find that here.
  6. Welcome! Leave your "what I plan on doing that day" stories in the other thread specific to that topic, it's time now to discuss the events that will occur for ALL players on the very day the game is released! Now, in this case, I'm not worried in the slightest about the servers or lag, or glitches, bugs, problems, etc. I figure CR has all of that well in consideration and the months (years?) of alpha testing will likely help them have everything more or less perfect. (after Diablo 3, surely all developers have figured this out by now) No, the question I'm asking you fine folks (and I apologize if this topic is covered on the RSI forums, I don't really spend a lot of time there but I check SCB daily) is what will happen when half a million backers and whoever else buys the game on Day 1 (Day 0? R-Day? SC Day?) all spawn in.... at the same place. Or two places. Or three. I'm imagining a Big Bang of players just exploding in all directions, all racing to be The First To Find X, with pirates and psycopaths immediately attempting to gun down everyone and everything in sight in what will probably be instead referred to as "Fish In a Barrel Day". Even with the instancing, it would almost be immersion breaking if I didn't leave my hangar for the first time on FIB-Day and didn't immediately have to navigate around at least 100 other ships standing still as their pilots turn aroudn to take a screenshot of wherever it is we leave from. I foresee two alternatives to the above turkey shoot: 1. The game might have a bunch of places to begin, and so the Big Bang effect will be much less pronounced as people have a lot of choices of planets and bases. 2. The release may be staggered in a number of different ways (subscribers before backers, backers before release day buyers, europe before america before australia, etc), and it might happen on a weekday, so the initial explosion of population won't be quite as visually stunning. You know what I really want to see? a time-lapse migration star chart of Day 1. That'd be awesome! (edit: I posted a similar but somewhat better phrased version to the RSI forums, after searching and finding no similar topics of this nature, which is very surprising)
  7. Hey there, glad to be on the forum, I wanted to ask a question to see if anyone can give me an answer. I understand in 12 months the Alpha will be out and it will be the dog fighting side of the game, my question is, is the Alpha dog fighting with AI only or will I be able to play online with friends, on servers or locally. Thanks to anyone who can give me an answer!
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