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Found 32 results

  1. ABOUT TAW The Art of Warfare (TAW) is a gaming community with members who share the same goal of COOPERATIVE TEAMPLAY in over 40 different gaming titles. Our core values are honor, friendship, loyalty and fair play. Our Code of Ethics embodies what we stand for. We play videogames for fun. JOIN OUR EMPIRE - Strength through people. ''If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.'' We will play Star Citizen at a high level, not through individual skill, but through dedication to each other and the team. EXPAND OUR EMPIRE - Strength through preparation ''He who controls the spice controls the universe'' Mine, trade, or construct logistical supply chains to expand the TAW empire. As the gameplay systems come online TAW will make its mark on the universe through economic power. SECURE OUR EMPIRE - Strength through action ''Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor'' TAW has a strong mil-sim and competitive pedigree, and we will transfer all our skills and hard-won knowledge to fighting for victory, on land and in space. MORE IMPORTANTLY, COME AND HAVE FUN! PLAY OR HANG OUT WITH US ON DISCORD https://discord.gg/XWcYacB JOIN OUR ORG https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TAW JOIN TAW AND PLAY OTHER GAMES WITH US AS WELL https://taw.net
  2. (FFK)Fleet of The Faithful Knights The holy Knight has long since been forgotten for 1,500 years, For centuries the Holy Order of Knights had dedicated themselves to the safe passage of pilgrims to the Holy Land. They protected the travelers from thieves, robbers, and entire enemy armies. They were elite holy warriors. They dedicated their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to this cause. Through force, they brought peace and security to the land. Now, in the year 2949, the Holy Order of Knights has once again risen to combat the ever rising threat of the Vanduul, and of Pirates, that plague this universe. The Fleet of the Faithful Knights is a beacon of light in a dark verse - and we are growing in numbers daily. Do you have the strength and bravery to be a Faithfull Knight? A Faithful Knight is truly a fearless warrior that will NEVER shy away from battle. If you are Honorable, you will welcome us. If you are also Brave, then you will wish to join us. And, if you are an enemy of the pure, the righteous, and the kind, then YOU WILL FEAR US. We are looking for: Fleet gunners, fighter squadron pilots, bombers, traders/merchants to help generate capital to operate our fleet, explorers, military scouts, industrial (miners, salvage, science, agriculture), and support roles to help with medical/triage, refueling, and repair. What we offer: Whatever your gameplay style is, we have it and need your help. You will have the protection of the Knights and will be a member of a truly powerful organization that has one mission: To be a beacon of light in a dark verse, and crush the darkness wherever it hides. For all new members. Please join us in our Discord and for some game play as we consider your application. Join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/GDpwYws Our website: Faithfulknights.com Rsi Org. page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/FFK
  3. Welcome, I recently created an org in December with my bud Istanicas. We have grown by 17 members in 60 days and plan to stop all recruitment at 50 people to better form a crew that really gets to know each other over the other larger orgs where no one really feels the same connection with the group. After the game is in Beta we will begin recruiting again. Members Currently we consist of active and retired military of both the US and Canadian armed forces as well as civilians. Gameplay We are essentially freelancers, bounty hunters, and pirates. Our goal is to disrupt larger 'good' orgs and also take jobs from larger orgs. We play as both robinhood with the family feel of being mandalorian. We currently do not focus on stealing ships and definitely do not pad ram. We have most every gameplay loop covered except for a dedicated fueler, repair ship, or salvage ship. Fleet We have everything from a Polaris, BMM, Carracks a plenty, and also plenty of combat ships to match. Goals We plan to as a group grind towards a kraken as well as a land or asteroid base as fleet goals and focus on making our dedicated pilots or infantry as skilled as can be to better protect new players and support those less fortunate. So get on over and send your application and join an elite group of brothers and sisters in arms both in game and in real life, and as always, we remain Victors In Aeternum! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/CMDGS
  4. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TALS Talscion Wardens does allow ANY illegal activity and fully acts upon lawful actions. We support so that you don't have to!
  5. (FFK) Flotter der Treu Ritter Rekrutierung Der heilige Ritter ist längst 1500 Jahre in Vergessenheit geraten, jahrhundertelang hatte sich der Ritterorden dem sicheren Weg der Pilger ins Heilige Land verschrieben. Sie schützten die Reisenden vor Dieben, Räubern und ganzen feindlichen Armeen. Sie waren elitäre heilige Krieger. Sie widmeten ihr Leben, ihr Vermögen und ihre heilige Ehre dieser Sache. Mit Gewalt brachten sie Frieden und Sicherheit ins Land. Jetzt, im Jahr 2949, ist der Heilige Ritterorden erneut auferstanden, um die ständig wachsende Bedrohung durch die Vanduul und die Piraten, dieses Pestuniversum, zu bekämpfen. Die Flotte der treu Ritter ist ein Leuchtfeuer in einem dunklen Vers - und wir wachsen täglich an Zahl. Hast du die Kraft und tapfere Kraft, ein Treu Ritter zu sein? Ein treu Ritter ist wirklich ein furchtloser Krieger, der niemals vor dem Kampf zurückschreckt. Wenn Sie Ehrenwert sind, werden Sie uns willkommen heißen. Wenn du auch mutig bist, dann wirst du zu uns kommen wollen. Und wenn du ein Feind der Reinen, der Gerechten und der Art bist, dann WIRST DU UNS fürchten. Wir suchen Flotter Kanoniere, Jagdgeschwader Piloten, Bombenflugzeuge, Flottenführer, Händler/Kaufleute, die helfen, Kapital zu generieren, um unsere Flotte zu betreiben, Entdecker, militärische Späher, industrielle (Bergleute, Bergung, Wissenschaft, Landwirtschaft) und Unterstützen von Aufgaben, um bei der medizinischen, Betankung und Reparatur zu helfen. Was auch immer Ihr Spielen-Stil ist, wir haben es und brauchen Ihre Hilfe. Ihr werdet den Schutz der Flotte der treu Ritter haben und Mitglied einer wirklich mächtigen Organisation sein, die eine Mission hat: ein Leuchtfeuer in einem dunklen Vers zu sein und die Dunkelheit zu zermalmen, wo immer sie sich versteckt. Für alle neuen Mitglieder. Bitte schließen Sie sich uns in unserem Discord und einige Spiel spielen, wie wir Ihre Anwendung betrachten. Begleiten Sie uns JETZT in unseren Bemühungen, die UEE zu einem besseren Ort zu machen! Begleiten Sie unsere Discord hier:https://discord.gg/W9YFCN8 Unsere Website: Faithfulknights.com RSI Org. Seite:https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/FFK
  6. Who are we? Originally created at the release of Planetside back in 2003, BRTD is one of the most successful and active communities throughout the games history. Our focus is to create a fun, casual, and rewarding environment for all our members while ensuring we have the ability to knuckle down and get serious when necessary. These ideals have given way for our mantra; "Have fun and get shit done". We are now expanding our community into the Star Citizen universe looking for like minded players to join us. Structure - Two Organisations, Working Together Due to the diversity of careers Star Citizen will provide, we have opted to create two separate organisations. These orgs will focus on different aspects of the game while also being able to support each other. We want to give our members the option to be fluid with how they play, these two orgs will allow us to cover a large majority of available careers in an organised fashion. Jumping between the two at any time is permitted. - Better Red Than Dead Private Military Company - Planetary & Space Based Military Operations Anti-Piracy/Vanduul Militia Trade & Logistics Industry BRTD will be our main branch carrying on our militaristic history from Planetside. Primarily acting as both a Private Military Company and anti-Vanduul/anti-piracy Militia during non-contracted periods. It will also have secondary ties to conducting trade and establishing logistical and industrial networks.All fighter pilots, tank commanders, riflemen, drop ship gunners, cargo loaders, asteroid miners, and long-distance space truckers are welcome to join BRTD! Organisation page link: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/BRTD - Silverwolf Exploration Science/Research Outpost & Colony Construction Surveillance & Reconnaissance Silverwolf will be our organisation for the less combat-intensive roles in Star Citizen. The organisation's primary mission is exploration; going out into the great unknowns of the universe and making them known. If you have a passion for discovery, a thirst for knowledge, the will to expand humanity's frontiers, and a low tendency for psychotic breakdowns after months of solitude while lost in space - You have a home in Silverwolf Organisation page link: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/Silverwolf What we can offer Organised game-play - During operations we aim to work as one to achieve our goals Outside of ops, all other activities are encouraged - Non-combative roles will support the organisation and grow the community Our own dedicated forums and Discord server for voice comms Staying power - We're a long-standing community of over 10 years with experience in maintaining and growing a community - We wont be disappearing any time soon Mature (18+), relaxed, but determined gaming community A gaming community - Many of our members have become long standing friends who come together to play various other online and table-top games Feel free to message me with any questions! Check out our forums for more information Click here to join us! Our current Fleet (7th Feb 2019)
  7. Who We Are With ever growing population with in the verse there has never been a greater demand for protection services for every day citizen. We are here provide that protection for, either for you or your organization. Weather it’s to provide an escort, assistance in any combat operation, elimination of a notorious citizen or or general protection for yourself or your organization, you can be assured we will be there when you call. Our Creed At High Watch Security Solutions we pride ourselves in providing the best and most professional services within our scope. Follow a strict code of honor, bravery and commitment to the task that each of our contractors are given. Our founder’s formally of the UEEMarines follow the same guidelines and professionalism established by the UEEto provide the best and most reliable service as possible. Ensuring completion of the contract accepted above all else. All of our contractors will adhere to our strict code and guidelines to ensure the safety of all in the verse, as well as under going security screenings and proper evaluations. This is to ensure that our soldiers and pilots are held to the high standards that are placed within the organization and to keep our position of standing with in the verse in positive position. I. Order to assist the prosperity of the verse we can ensure you all our members will up hold our code. Branches Of High Watch With the scope of services we provide, we supply separate division’s with in the organization to establish proper communication and execution of contracts accepted by High Watch. Bounty Hunting If for some reason you may have an issue with a toxic citizen the Bounty Officer will ensure that this division will bare down on their full force in order to stop this heinous act. Logistics Every organization needs proper supply distribution for proper growth and expansion. This Divisions focus is will be to gather, trade, and provide materials necessary for the prosperity and expansion of the organization so that we are able to provide coverage throughout the verse. They will also provide humanitarian, medical, and repair assistance if the need should arise. Security The security division’s task is to provide escort services to all those who request it. If it’s just for jumps from planet to planet or system to system. No matter how short or far your journey maybe the Security division will ensure a safe trip. Battle The battle division is here to assist you in any means necessary, weather you need boots on the ground to eliminate Intruders, or you need extra hands on deck for an all out war with a rival organization. With our battle strategy’s you can rest easy as we will help in battle domination providing victory in your endeavors. Our General Action Policing With in the verse you just may not know who to trust. After a long haul and finally reaching you destination of Port Oliser you find yourself in a unwarranted dog fight this, the Policing Division will be there to provide assistance to ensure you arrive to your destination safely. All of our members will be participating in this effort whenever they are not otherwise occupied with a ongoing contract. Will be the part of the founder’s duty to ensure this is a on going effort throughout the organization when ever possible. They will assign an otherwise unoccupied Officer within High Watch if for some they are unable to monitor the verse. Our web RSI org page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/HWSS Discord server: https://discord.gg/49Hak3
  8. Sentinel Corps INTEGRITY | BRAVERY | SERVICE Are you sick of pirates taking the precious cargo that you spent forever looking for and working towards? Tired of having to take the long way around the pirate-infested space? With the help of the Sentinel Corps, you can always take the shortcut through those pirate-infested areas with ease as we will provide top of the line security in making sure that you will get to your destination safely. We also have a non-combat civilian-based division for those who are not interested in PvE/PvP. Join us today! RSI Page Join our Discord this is where we plan everything out and is our main source of communications! Discord *Join Here First* We focus on the security and safety of those within the universe. Five Divisions to suit all your gameplay desires from mining to flying! Active and friendly members. The Sentinel Corps is a new Private Military Company who is funded by ~~REDACTED~~, their funds are what gives us enough to perform our duties and rid pirates of Stanton. We are looking for new recruits and these are the divisions that we offer. Divisions: Logistics Division: Logistics is the backbone of the whole organization. Logistics is in charge of refueling, rearming, repairing and transportation.is to gather information before an operation on pirates, illegal tenants, and bounties. They will be the stealth fighters. Support Division: Within the support division, roles include Medical, Search and Rescue, Engineering, Science Security Division: The security division is where the main fight takes place. Within it are three subdivisions you can be a part of. Fleet Security, where you will be assigned to a multi-crew ship or a fighter to keep the fleet safe during an operation or prisoner transport. Mobile infantry, these corpsmen are the troops on the ground that will fight pirates and intergalactic species, they will be the best fighters that Stanton has to offer. And last but not least, the Armored infantry, this will be ground vehicles transporting troops, tanks, and weaponized vehicles for the front lines. Intelligence Division: In the intelligence division their main purpose and goal Trade and Commerce Division: In the trade and commerce division, roles include mining, reclaiming, outpost construction and acquisition.
  9. Black Star Legion Realism Organization [ Black Star Legion's Mobiglass Portal ] [ Talk to a Recruiter on Discord] [ The Black Star Legion RSI Organization Page ] [ Seeking Early Volunteer Staff Applicants for Member Services ] ======================================================================= <You see a brief message appear on your mobiglass ....> Sector 26-D | Grid Coordinates: 1309N 2633E Desert Region | Elysium Present Day It didn’t take long for them to get famous after Operation Unilateral Force (OUF) hit the wires. Earth needed a major public relations success given the rise in Vanduul attacks against the frontier systems. The 78th Squadron for example became heroes for their strikes against Vanduul targets and the public consumed it, they said enlistments in the UEE Navy and Marines rose for months after the operations went public. What UEE Public Affairs didn’t report however was the loss of an entire task force in another sector. Our mission, blockade the Centauri Sector and deploy offensively out of the Elysium System - land Marines from 3rd MEU in a Direct Action mission against several confirmed Vanduul military logistical centers across the frontier's border, conduct an HTV recovery at a known interrogation facility, hit comm-nodes and logistical nodes to divert Vanduul assets away from the main UEE engagement zones. CTF70's bulk force mission, utilize the capital ships and Marine strike assets from Combined Task Force 70 to hold the jump point, act as a blocking element of the main UEE force that deployed from Ceran during the operations main assault. Lead by the UEES Imperia Tiberius, her escorts, fighters and strategic strike platforms the CTF was fully engaged with a light reserve element holding the Elysium System. High Command; snug and warm deep in the Idris and Centauri Systems said we could expect "light contact" due to the main UEE advance ... ... It was a damn nightmare. Sector High-Command and intel got it wrong, big time. After six days, and the remainder of CTF70 flooding back into Elysium hoping for cover and protection - well UEE High Command didn't even try to mount a rescue … How did they put it? “The sector was overrun with Vanduul and congested with civilian refugee’s, Sol considered the risk unacceptable to mount a rescue. Combined Task Force 70, nicknamed Black Star Legion is an acceptable loss.” … but some of us survived. The UEE betrayed us … they left us with no cover … they abandon us. My name is 1st Lieutenant Vall Ridder. Platoon Commander, 1st Platoon, Alpha Company 1/1, 3rd Marine Expeditionary Unit - Black Star Legion. Myself, along with Lieutenant Cowski, Sgt Redfern, SirPotato, Alli, Nicoma and a few of our surviving capital ship crew, fighter pilots, supply and logistics crews and fellow Marines are looking for those wanting to break from the UEE. Be it casual civilians seeking businesses, or military survivors and veterans wanting to honor those we volunteer to serve and protect here. We ask you to join the independent city-state of Imperia Tiberius; and become citizens of Black Star Legion. ======================================================================= 2018 RECRUITING FOCUS Hello, and on behalf of our small but growing membership, we want to thank you for checking out our thread and hopefully being interested in us. This month with the FPS most likely on the horizon. We are looking for Marines! Our organization is spending the 3.0 series of launches in 2018 centering around a Constellation and her crew, a few Navy fighters and some Marines to solidify a core group of members that will launch us into 2019. We are focusing on the following key activities in 2018: SOP and TTP development to be used by both military and civilian members in coordinated and combined operations Setting up civilian city services and backend systems that will grow in 2019 with expanded membership Building a small support staff and set of staff teams that will help us in some areas we've historically be weak in to improve our performance in building a solid and long lasting organization. Taking the traditions of over 15 years as a RP, PVP, PVE, Raid, Logistics, Crafting, and City oriented guild - molding them to write our permanent future in Star Citizen. While we will accept members, our main focus is bringing in those who enjoy being apart of support staff roles typically found in most MMORPG guilds. (Recruiting, Event Staff, Art & Propaganda, Logistics, Supply, Combat and other specialists.) Steps to Success: 1. Go to our General Recruiting Information and find out more details about us and our goals. 2. Get into Discord or TeamSpeak to talk to a Recruiter and we'll help you apply 3. Submit a Membership Application 4. Attend and complete our brief New Member Indoctrination course 5. Start joining regularly scheduled activities beginning in July 2018 ======================================================================= Hello, thank you for checking us out. We are a realism organization that offers a wide range of unique experiences to both casual seeking civilian members who want to grow businesses, or those who enjoy something more structured in our milsim realism task force. We are driven by a fair and unbiased system outlined in our Master Directives Document giving every member fair and unbiased opportunity. We center ourselves around a 24 sq km group of land plots where we will build a city. Imperia Tiberius is the independant city-state that offers every member a home, anchor and port of safety as they travel the stars. We offer you a story different then most, and an experience that is unique and unparalleled in this game. We are a Star Citizen experience where everything you gain is earned by your output and your membership in a Team. A home where you look to the Aviators, Capital Ship Crews, Marines and Crewmen to your left and right every day. A home where when you log in and go to the Rum Runner Cantina in our city, you meet your friends who are farmers, business owners, outpost directors, elected senators, bounty hunters, traders, haulers, explorers, scientist, Marine Aviators, Naval Aviators - and everywhere in between to figure out the events for the day over drinks and good food. We offer a long term home, where your character can be immersed in functional systems, not contrived RP and your 'next of kin' are welcomed as descendants of your original character. When we say a unique experience, it is because we truly are. We are not doing what 95% of the rest out there do. We're not some sci-fi channel knock off of Battlestar Blackwater. We are built around tried and true methods, a policy driven chain of command, we derive how we do business from SOP's and train like we fight. This experiences comes from years of MMORPG gameplay, experiences ranging from SWG and WOW to EVE and Dayz; some of us even have time in the famed 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (15th MEU) for ARMA III where "realism milsim" is at its absolute finest. We are lead by real life military veterans both active duty and DD-214 holders, as well as civlians who understand gaming and gamers. We are designed from the ground up to provide you one of the most fulfilling simulation experiences in the community - while not sacrificing fun, authenticity, attention to detail, team work, and good solid community gaming. Organization Design: The org is designed to support two basic types of game play. First being our Civilian members. The second being our realism Military component. Civilians: Low time requirements, Low overall structure, Self and group built and managed "businesses". Freedom to pursue wide activities supporting the organization, your goals, and friends with professional military protection. Combined Task Force 70 (CTF 70): Realism Milsim, slightly more time requirements, unit slotting based on the MOS you choose, professional level training. Structured Billeting (similar to raid slotting on roles), , "on-duty" / "off-duty" game time supporting the organization, your goals, and friends. Why do we do this? Why do we put in so much work and time in this organization? We wanted a very solid and scale-able infrastructure in place prior to recruiting to support growth at any level. Star Citizen is (going to be) a very complex game, each of us invests time, emotion, effort - hopes and dreams into our characters and each other. We want to give you, and this org the best we can and that each of us deserves from a game organization. You and the Team around you will enjoy being gamers, while having immersion opportunities rarely found elsewhere in the 'verse. You, and the Team around you will learn to be dependable, respectful, and respectable. You can do the same old same old with everyone else. Or you can achieve a higher level of professionalism, fun, and excellence as a civilian, military member, or periodically transfer freely between the two within Black Star Legion. We offer YOU the challenge of Black Star Legion
  10. Accepting all applications apply now! - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/GLORY2THNR We specialize in piracy, smuggling and much more! Have any questions? Discord - https://discord.gg/SknvkTd Join Today!
  11. We are Black Star Initiative! Black Star Initiative is a UEE Aligned Anti-Piracy Private Military Corporation with 60% our focus on combat related security of UEE Space and 40% towards all other non-combat roles. We use a structured branch to organize players more efficiently. See link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Yc7m8bP8Izeg6x2QbtwaqqpmnMk1gtY1SRPLu9kM3mY/edit#slide=id.p3 We do require all of our members (Non-combat also) to be willing to fight on notice as we are firstly a PMC and all other non-security jobs provide the backbone of operations. As well, we understand your primary gameplay focus might include additional non-related gameplay, IE A Primary focus on Bounty Hunting and a Secondary Focus on Agriculture. Our Hot List of combat and non-combat roles in-need: Fleet Bomber Crew/Bomber Pilots, Medics, Weapons Operators(Turrets/Torps), Boarding Ship Pilots. If any of the above fits planned play-style please note when responding. We are however also non-specific currently. Interested to know more? Join us on our Discord: https://discord.gg/0Vq6b9nrXiNhOlPn More Info: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50177/thread/tbsi-black-star-initiative Official RSI Org Link: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TBSI
  12. 110th Deadpool Corp is hiring and looking for leaders and citizens. We are freelancing base with trade as our secondary. We really don't have much rules but listen to your superiors. Piracy isn't looked down apon since well your a Deadpool, your a merc. But if you do piracy be it on terms worth doing. If you are interested we already have a chief of security/racing(needs Lt. and others), chief of exploration(also need lower ranks) and a chief of trade and transporting. So if you are interested in becoming a Deadpool Corp member please send your applications and what you would like to do in the organization to: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/DPC Hope to see you in game
  13. =VX9= Online Gaming Community is looking for pilots to help grow our newly created Star Citizen division! Want to be a part of a great gaming community? A place you can call home with a family of fellow gamers that share the same interests and goals as you? Welcome to =VX9=, an established community for 14+ years. We are a group of gamers from casual to competitive and everything in-between. Nova Company, a division of =VX9=, is looking for quality pilots that want to help grow our Star Citizen Organization within our well established community of gamers. With ongoing development of the Organization as Star Citizen moves forward, there will be plenty of opportunity for pilots to become involved and help shape our SC Org up to and beyond release. Our aims are not to be a large, encumbered Org. We aim to be large enough to be effective, small enough to be efficient. Here are just a few reasons why =VX9= is a place you will be proud to call home. Visit Our Home Visit Our Org Page Visit Our Recruitment Topic on RSI (same info as posted here) ABOUT US Many Gamers Playing Many Games We aren’t a community based around one game. Star Citizen has a while until release but you won’t have to wait around playing other games by yourself until then. Besides Star Citizen, we have official divisions with members playing: Battlefield, Day Z, EvE Online, War Thunder and World of Tanks. In addition to these games, we have a general gaming community with members that play just about every game out there. With so many members playing so many games, you won’t have much trouble finding people to join up with when you want to mix it up and play something different. Mature 18+ Community From beverages to humor, we cater to adults. As an adult we understand you have other real life obligations, so do we. Real life always comes first; we will always be here when you are able to return. From Casual to Competitive We have all types of gamers with different intensity levels of play; you won’t have trouble finding fellow gamers that share your interest in level of play. Teamwork Working as a team is how we accomplish our goals both inside and outside of the games we play. Communication We fund our own servers, TeamSpeak, and have a fully developed website with very active forums to keep up with the latest in our community. Camaraderie Most importantly, we want everyone to feel like they belong; and we do a damn good job at it! Our motto is ONE TEAM! Something we strive to live by every day. Fun Having fun is why we play games to begin with. From discussions on our forums, DBFs (Drunken Battle Fridays), special events and contests - having fun is paramount to a long lasting gaming community. MISSION STATEMENT Our mission in =VX9= is simple at its core. We strive to promote a great gaming environment for all that have the honor to be a part of our great community. Through the years we have been able to develop not only a great gaming experience but, also long lasting friendships. As we are more than just the games we play. We are at our center one big family. We believe that our community should be built on more than just games. We are held together by the bonds of friendship and the sense of belonging to one great online family! Through the years we have excelled at many of the games we play. Through team work and dedication we are able to stay competitive. We continue to succeed in all avenues that we take as a community because of the great spirit of our members that make =VX9= what it is. NEXT STEPS? We require all members to go through a 2 week - 1 month recruitment process. We don't require much, but one thing that we love to see in our members is teamwork. So if you want to join: visit our Org page, stop by our forums, send me a message, or join us on TeamSpeak and tell them Dunkelschatten=VX9= sent you. After you submit your application it will take anywhere from 12-24 hours to be accepted as a recruit, possibly sooner. To submit your application to Nova Company of =VX9=, follow these steps: 1) CREATE =VX9= ACCOUNT 2) SUBMIT AN APPLICATION 3) CLICK "JOIN US NOW!" Under Application: Enter the =VX9= username your registered/applied with @ VX9.com Under Membership: Leave/Change to "Visible" Click Submit 4) POST TO LET US KNOW YOU APPLIED That's it! You will receive additional information shortly. Requirements: 18+ English speaking TeamSpeak 3 and working microphone Follow us on Facebook & Twitter So, do you have what it takes to brave the dangers of deep space with =VX9=?
  14. The United Commonwealth is holding open recruitment. Visit our org page or website today for more information. Hop into our Teamspeak and talk to one of our members. We play other games as well to pass the time until Star Citizen release. Come hang out, get to know us, let us get to know you. There will be a division and a job for everyone come launch. SC Org Page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/UCOMM Website: http://uchq.org Teamspeak: ts.uchq.org
  15. Auszug der offiziellen Firmenseite: “Die Zukunft der Menschheit liegt in den nahezu unerforschten Randgebieten des Alls. Für uns als stetig wachsende Spezies war Expansion seit jeher eine logische Entwicklung. So gab es in jeder Periode der Menschheitsgeschichte mutige Pioniere, die auszogen, um unentdeckte Welten zu erforschen und sich neue Ressourcen nutzbar zu machen. Die BTM Corporation leistet heute die gleiche Pionierarbeit beim Erforschen und Kartographieren neuer Raumsektoren, bei der Suche und Erschließung neuer Rohstoffe, bei der Errichtung von Kolonien und beim Beliefern sämtlicher menschlicher Niederlassungen mit Nachschubgütern in den Randgebieten des Alls. Wir haben es zu unserer Aufgabe gemacht, neue Welten bewohnbar zu machen und andere dabei zu unterstützen. Wenn auch Sie dort draussen sind: Sie können auf uns zählen! Borderworld Trading & Mining – "Der Lebensfunke in den Randregionen des Alls” Wir die (BTM) sind eine stark profitorientierte Gesellschaft. Unsere Hauptfelder liegen in den Bereichen Erforschung, Bergbau und Handel. Mit Beginn des PU sind auf längere Sicht eigene Fabrikationsanlagen und Kolonien geplant. Des Weiteren unterhalten wir selbstverständlich einen eigenen Sicherheitsdienst zur Absicherung unserer Deepspace Operationen. Der wichtigste Punkt ist die Erwirtschaftung von Profit. Hauptsächlich soll dies auf legalem Wege geschehen mittels unserer Kernbereiche Handel, Bergbau und Erforschung. Dieses saubere Image versuchen wir natürlich zu wahren, inoffiziell versuchen wir jedoch auch mit anderen Mitteln Profit zu erwirtschaften und unseren Einfluss zu vergrössern. Dies kann Schmuggel, Spionage und taktische Missionen gegen Konkurrenten beinhalten. Derzeit besteht unsere Organisation aus 24 Personen und wir vertreiben uns unsere Zeit in verschiedenen anderen Spielen. Wir sind alle über 20 Jahre alt, berufstätig und bei uns hat das Real Life immer Vorrang! Also solltest du aufgrund des Berufes oder der Familie längere Zeit nicht zum spielen kommen, kein Problem! Wir haben Verständnis dafür. Sollten wir nun dein Interesse geweckt haben dann besuche uns doch auf unserer Organisationsseite! Wen genau suchen wir? [Vita] Wir suchen Leute die genau wie wir Spass am Spielen haben, humorvoll und auch etwas ambitioniert sind, für die das Real Life jedoch Vorrang hat. Das Alter spielt dabei eine untergeordnete Rolle, charakterlich sollte es halt passen um eine gemütliche und freundliche Atmosphäre zu gewährleisten. Leute, mit denen man im Teamspeak auch quatschen und Spass haben kann sind uns wichtiger als reine Hardcorespieler, für die nur der Content zählt. [Spielertyp] Wir möchten natürlich im Spiel auch etwas erreichen, allerdings nicht mit der Brechstange. Weder wird es bei uns Spielzwang geben, noch muss man bei Abwesenheit Rechenschaft ablegen. Wir sind alle berufstätig und haben Familie. Daher ist jedem klar, dass mal etwas dazwischenkommen kann. Wie bereits erwähnt ist uns das Miteinander und der Spass wichtiger als das bedingungslose Vorwärtskommen. Sollte es jedoch später im Spiel raid-ähnliche Massenveranstaltungen geben, welche dann natürlich terminiert werden, so werden diese organisiert und diszipliniert durchgeführt. Spass ist Spass, aber Raid ist Raid. Wer als Casual-Gamer World of Warcraft gespielt hat weiss was ich meine ;-) [Spielstil] Da die Corporation so wie wir sie uns vorstellen eigentlich alle Facetten des Spiels beinhaltet (abgesehen von purer Piraterie), decken wir natürlich auch fast alle Bereiche ab. Daher sind uns alle Leute willkommen, die ihr Glück mit Handel, Bergbau, Erforschung, Bergung oder als Jagd-/Bomberpilot machen wollen. Wir werden für alles Verwendung finden. [Gildenausrichtung] Zu unserer Ausrichtung (rechtschaffen böse) sei zu erwähnen, dass wir nicht mit aller Gewalt die Grauzonen ausloten wollen, sondern das wir uns lediglich alle Optionen offenhalten. Primär sind wir eine Gesellschaft die legal Kapital erwirtschaften möchte. Jedem Mitglied steht natürlich frei, inwieweit er/sie sich "die Hände schmutzigmachen" wollen. Wir möchten wie bereits oben erwähnt lediglich Piraterie ausschliessen. Ein wenig als Vorbild für unsere Organisation könnte man die aus den Alien-Filmen bekannte "Weyland-Yutani-Corp" nehmen. Nach außen Saubermänner im Maßanzug, die für eine legale Organisation arbeiten, im Hintergrund jedoch opportunistisch genug, um auch andere Geld- und Machtquellen zu erschliessen und skrupellos genug, diese zu verteidigen. [Ziele] Es ist unser Plan, im Laufe der Zeit eine feststehende Größe im Outer Rim zu werden. Wir beabsichtigen, so früh wie möglich eine eigene Operationsbasis und (sofern das möglich sein wird) eigene Produktionsanlagen zu errichten, um unseren Einfluss und den Cashflow zu erhöhen und zu sichern. Inwieweit wir auf politische Entscheidungen reagieren werden (die zweifelsohne von anderen Spielern oder durch neuen Content forciert werden) behalten wir uns situationsbedingt vor. Man kann jedoch davon ausgehen, dass wir nicht alles hinnehmen werden, was potentiell schlecht fürs Geschäft ist. [Hierarchie] Zur Hierarchie haben wir uns bisher noch keine allzugrossen Gedanken gemacht. Einige "Titel" sind natürlich direkt mit Zugriffsrechten auf die Gilde verbunden. Diese sind erstmal fix. Inwieweit wir eine Hierarchiestruktur im Spiel später entwickeln wollen, ist uns zu diesem frühen Zeitpunkt selbst noch nicht ganz klar. Wir möchten erst einmal abwarten, wie sich die Gildengröße vor dem Launch entwickelt und inwieweit jeder Einzelne sich einbringen möchte. Dies wird also noch auszudiskutieren sein. [Gildengröße] Zur geplanten Gildengröße sei gesagt, dass wir einen Pool von etwa 50 Leuten anstreben, um das ganze noch irgendwie familiär zu halten. Wir haben kein Interesse daran, eine anonyme Massenveranstaltung zu werden, in der zwar jeder das Gildenlogo spazierenfliegt, aber kaum jemand den anderen kennt. Dies ist eine Erfahrung, die wir bereits in anderen MMO´s gemacht haben. [Roleplay] Wir haben uns bisher nicht entschieden, ob wir Rollenspielelemente ausspielen möchten oder nicht. Ich denke, dass auch dieses Thema zeitnah vorm Launch nochmal auf den Tisch kommt. Richtiges Hardcore-RP streben wir allerdings nicht an. [Unser Background] Wir sind gegenwärtig 24 Leute, die alle die Leidenschaft für Computerspiele teilen. Unsere Altersspanne liegt gegenwärtig etwa zwischen 23 und 35 Jahren, wobei diese Spanne nicht als Kriterium zu verstehen ist. Wir verfügen über ein eigenes Forum und einen TS3 Server. Zusätzlich haben wir einen starken Partner an unserer Seite und können uns stolz als ein Mitglied der Horizon Alliance bezeichnen! Ich glaube man kann uns abschliessend als kleinen, sympatischen Haufen bezeichnen, der Gleichgesinnte sucht. Falls noch jemand Fragen hat: einfach hier im Thread posten. Unser kompetentes Serviceteam wird sich schnellstmöglich darum kümmern ;-)
  16. Trusted Protection. Dependable Professionals. Corporate Webpage RSI Organization Page History PALADIN is a leading interstellar security and transportation company with project experience in over 30 star systems. We have a galaxy wide client-base comprised of both government and corporate sectors. We are also a major security provider to the United Earth Empire government. From PALADIN headquarters in [REDACTED] we are able to reach clients throughout the galaxy, from the many UEE systems to the fringe systems in more dangerous, unsecure space. Our clients benefit from the extensive capabilities of our personnel, built up through careers in the UEE Navy and Marines. PALADIN was established as a UEE government security provider by UEE Navy veteran Jason “Paladin” Targus in 2944. This was the year PALADIN was awarded a primary contract with the UEE Navy to support military security operations in hostile systems by providing experienced pilots along with capable ships to protect government supply convoys and by providing assistance in protecting commercial shipping routes. The definition and requirements of security are ever changing. In recent years, we have grown a successful security service in support of the mining industry, focused on providing protection for gas and mineral extraction companies in the more dangerous fringe systems. PALADIN now provides a wide breadth of services to the government and commercial sectors, to include: protective services, cargo transport, exploration of uncharted systems, refueling operations, recovery operations, advisory support, and training. Across these areas we employ over [REDACTED] people at any one time and run a fleet of over [REDACTED] ships. Our Services In these times of galactic uncertainty and hostage alien threat, organizations are seeking a reliable partner to help mitigate risk, ensure business continuity and achieve organizational objectives. Governments, multi-planetary corporations and non-governmental organizations can rely on Paladin Government Services for our security services and robust mission support. From supply chain management and Personnel and asset recovery, Paladin Government Services delivers full-scale, contingency support services. Additionally, our integrated security solutions encompass the spectrum of safeguarding personnel, critical infrastructure and valuable assets. Security PALADIN is a trusted industry leader renowned for its Convoy Protective Services in high-threat environments across the galaxy. Our highly skilled Fleet Antipiracy Security Teams (FAST) are the industry standard in Close Protection and other Special Services. With decades of military experience, our security specialists undergo a rigorous pre-employment vetting process. With one of the best safety records in the industry, PALADIN’s employee’s are continually commended for their commitment to performance. Transport PALADIN provides Secure Transport and Delivery Services of commercial goods, valuables and other assets for government agencies, businesses, and individual clients. All of our transport operations are conducted using our specialized heavily armed and armored transports or in conjunction with armed escorts. Recovery In the event of a deep space incident it is imperative that every company has robust Emergency Response and Crisis Management procedures and policies in place. PALADIN’s personnel and asset Search, Rescue and Recovery (SRR) division provides that very important capability for the private sector, as well as in support of UEE military operations. TeamSpeak3: We have a dedicated TeamSpeak server for our members. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Come Join Us Paladin Government Services is a private military company currently seeking motivated and mature players, who enjoy working together as a team, and want to collaboratively work towards building a fun and successful Star Citizen organization and community. We need your help to make it happen! There will be numerous opportunities to specialize in a variety of areas, all contributing to the success and mutual benefit of all. There is room for casual and hardcore gamers alike; roleplay is okay as well but not mandatory. Want to experience multi-crew flight but don’t have the right ship? Never fear we have anything from the Freelancer to the Idris frigate for you to try out! Who We Are We are adult gamers with careers and families who understand that real life always come first. We don't require you to put in a set amount of hours per week, we don’t have mandatory log-on times, and we don't force you to participate in group activities, we just provide the environment to make it better and are here to cater to your needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide a fun, relaxing, and drama-free environment for all of our members. To join is very simple- we don't require anything from you except the desire to have fun. What We Offer ★ Respect - to all members. ★ Strength - we value quality over quantity, we never spam for recruits. ★ Structure - we have an organized corporate structure and rank system with opportunities for promotion and bonuses. ★ Productivity - earning serious credits in the Verse! ★ Teamwork - numerous multi-crew ships to play on and multiple guild allies. Our Goal Simply to create a fun and rewarding gaming experience for our members. Paladin Government Services is built upon a foundation of fun, trust and respect, while embracing creative and innovative ideas from our members. Members are encouraged to try playing in any amount of roles they wish within our three main Divisions (Security, Transport, Recovery), as well as developing teamwork in between them. Our Services SECURITY ★ Convoy Escort ★ Ground Security (FPS) ★ Mining Security ★ Antipiracy TRANSPORT ★ Passenger Transit ★ Cargo Transport RECOVERY ★ Survey & Route Planning (Exploration) ★ Emergency Refueling ★ Search, Rescue & Recovery (SRR) Disclaimer We do not endorse nor participate in piracy or criminal activity. Join today! Apply Now ------------------------------------------------------------------- UEE Business News Wire: PALADIN Awarded Contract for Security Post Kareah
  17. Greetings Citizens! Cerberus Network, a paramilitary human-survivalist medium-heavy RP organization recently posted a list of various positions available and is actively recruiting! Brief History Cerberus arose from the tumult of the Third Contact War, later known as First Tevarin War. Cerberus took its part in both First Tevarin and Second Tevarin Wars. Cerberus slogan is: “Humanity first. Whatever the cost”, which means that all means to advance Humanity over all other races are entirely justified! Cerberus is divided into numerous independent cells which have no knowledge of their counterparts. This ensures that should one cell be compromised, the others would not be captured. Current Status Due to recent military cleansing operations towards several Cerberus cells, subsequently followed by a series of arrests and criminal cases to our agents, a lot of classified data was acquired and decrypted by UEE, that nearly drained all our resources. Our data servers could not withstand a cyber attack launched by UEE hackers and had to be shut down and eventually destroyed. This cell was recently created with a primary goal of reestablishing the Cerberus Network. Principles Cerberus Network is intended as a fully anonymous and autonomous cell, with its own net of spies, operating in various UEE organizations, agents and engineers. Communication inside organization is strictly forbidden. Almost all profiles must be Hidden or at least set as Redacted. All communication means will be handled by Cerberus Network Server. The development of that server will begin as soon as we recruit enough members(~30) Currently opened top-management roles: Coordinator(officer) - a person who bears responsibility for all processes inside Cerberus Network, along with Chief Coordinator. That person is a likely candidate for a Shadow Broker(info refiner) position, when opened. Recruitment Agent - a person, who can combine a position of Project Operator and a recruiter, since their goals are very similar. Cerberus Network offer following positions: Helping Hand, later promoted to Undercover Agent Description: Helping Hand is an untested Undercover Agent without much expertise. Their incentive is profit. They are basically spies, that load Cerberus Network with various information, regarding organization businesses, be it rival organization or the main Helping Hand org. If the information is validated by Shadow Broker, then the project is created, which is handled by Enforcers and Combat Engineers. After successful completion, Helping Hand gets a percentage of valuables acquired through project progress. Helping Hands start with lowest possible rank of Field Agent, and is promoted after successful operation execution, based on data leak provided by that Helping Hand. Higher ranked Helping Hands and Undercover Agents receive a bigger percentage of funds acquired due to data leak during and after operation, and can reach 40% of total cargo/salvage/captive ransom/etc cost. Helping Hand is a time-bomb spy, that lives his life in the organization and can activate at any time when valuable information passes by, and he wants to share it. Helping Hand identity remains unrevealed to everybody even after project completion, so it’s considered a perfect way to earn funds. ​Requirements: The information should fall under Cerberus roleplay principles: humanity advancement. So simple piracy won’t work, but oppressing the ships trading with Xens or Xens themselves - is ok. You should take part in at least one organization, top management position preferable. Hardcore play is preferred, Regular is enough, Casual is possible. You should always set your membership status to “Hidden Affiliation” or at least “Redacted”. Tasks include: Spying Data flows monitoring Data leaks performing Project Operator Description: Project Operator is a military officer, specially trained in group control, agent recruiting, aircraft operation and various field tactics. Project Operator commands his squad during project execution. Project Operator chooses the project he wants to take part in. There is only one Project Operator in squad, but there is a possibility of Shadow Broker dividing a big project into smaller sub-projects, so several Project Operators can take part in that project, each with their own squad. Project Operator should be a loyal to Cerberus and its idea, and thus should consider Cerberus Network as a main organization. He also gets a bigger percentage of valuables collected than Enforcer or Combat Engineer. Project Operator is encouraged to form his own squad of Enforcers and Combat Engineers, so he can better know their strengths and weaknesses and therefore assume a better control of a group. Project Operator start with lowest possible rank of Field Agent, and is promoted after successful operation execution, higher rank means bigger percentage of valuables cost in UEC. Requirements: Cerberus Network should be your main organization Regular or Hardcore play is preferred, no Casual. It’s better to set your membership status to “Redacted”, but it is possible to keep it visible, if you prefer. Tasks include: Project choosing Agent assignment Squad forming Project monitoring Project execution Enforcer and Combat Engineer Description: Enforcers and Combat Engineers are highly trained shock troopers that are used by Cerberus to perform all kind of military operations. Enforcers and Combat Engineers receive various combat training, including advanced warfare familiarize procedures and aircraft operation. Combat Engineers receive additional special training, including advanced aircraft operation and repairing, field medkits usage, explosives usage, etc Enforcers are more battle-oriented according to their roles, and Combat Engineers tend to be more support-providing characters, but the difference is primarily a RP choice, since there are no restrictions on gear, at least for now. Nobody says that Combat Engineer can’t be a great marksman with a two handed Gatling Gun, and an invaluable Dogfighter, but it’s more expected to see that kind of behavior from Enforcer. Enforcers and Combat Engineers start with lowest possible rank of Private, and are promoted after successful operation execution, higher rank means bigger percentage of valuables cost in UEC. Requirements: No requirements as long as you can get the Job done, be it a bounty on your head, or a slaver tattoo on your forehead, we almost always don’t care. Casual, Regular or Hardcore play, as you like it. Tasks include: All kind of Military operations Providing support Working with top tech. Repurposing salvage. Anything to complete the project If you don’t like any of the categories listed, but want to help the cause, apply, there are no limitations. Conclusion Cerberus Network allows you to live a double-life if you keep low profile. You can be a humble merchant, and a fierce Enforcer, spreading the idea of human advancement with your every bullet, when Project Operator calls to you. You can be a good officer of an organization, sharing some valuable info about your rivals, confidentially, to get your profit. You can also be a not-so-good officer which sells his own organization secrets, again, confidentially. Please notice that we only accept English Speaking adults. If you are interested, please feel free to browse through our group at RSI: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/CERBERI We use bots to keep complete anonymity. So please do not hesitate to ask It any questions, all info will be private: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/profile/454095/cerberusbot
  18. Omega Enterprises is a german and english speaking Star Citizen Organization. You might know uns from EVE-Online. Now we continue our successful journey within Star Citizen universe! We are specialized in production, exploration, trading and raw material extraction and are searching for new employees. Currently we are expanding our business network and also looking for cooperation partners. If you are interested with your organization in a collaboration, we look forward to your contact. All further information you can find on our website: https://www.omega-enterprises.com https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/OMEGAE Our TeamSpeak server is open for you here: ts.omega-enterprises.com
  19. The Doucet Interplanetary Assets and Stellar Exploration (D.I.A.S.E.) is recruiting pilots with a knack towards exploration, engineering and trading. With a strong passion for tackling new challenges, we seek to expand and develop over the coming years. If interested, you can join D.I.A.S.E. at https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/DIASE "ICE" is the company's code reference to its security department, in honor of the department's past as a PMC called Independent Contractor Enterprises (I.C.E.). ICE is now a department of D.I.A.S.E. responsible for the protection of the company's assets and property, as well as for escorting the company's expeditions. ICE enjoys a degree of independence within D.I.A.S.E.; ICE pilots are available for hire by third parties, as long as those assignments are legal and don't harm D.I.A.S.E. or its associates. For more information and enlisting, visit https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/ICEDEPT Small security organizations having trouble boosting their numbers are welcome to join with ICE. They will be treated as a squadron, retaining their chain of command and decals. If you have any questions, let us know! D.I.A.S.E. (and ICE) are all about game immersion. We encourage roleplaying, and we support an elitist-free gaming experience (but of course we strive to be as good as we can get in the game). We praise teamwork and mutual support. Both D.I.A.S.E. and ICE started out as small groups of real-life friends, which brings a certain degree of coordination by default. Hope to see you onboard!
  20. The Dogs of War are a small paramilitary corporation who will be specialising in small scale operations. Ranging from escort duty's for trade ships & perimeter patrols for space stations to bounty hunting & deploying a full squadron as part of larger fleet actions. Dogs of War was one of the best clans in the Black Prophecy game for 2 years now with the end of BP we have found a new home on the servers of Moon Breakers & soon Star Citizen.We are active and competitive dog fighters,traders & explorers. We are recruiting for the Combat.Trade & Exploration squadron's. All citizens are welcome to apply to join us at Dogs of War See how we fly in Moon Breakers/Star Conflict
  21. WEBSITE APPLY HISTORY ACCOLADES How We Operate Over the past decade of gaming XoO has learned what it takes to win, teamwork and communication. As such we've sought to facilitate these aspects in everything our members do. By putting each member of our organization into a squad, we ensure that everyone has someone to play with during their prime time and that each individuals efficiency is increased. MMO's are meant to be played together and our job is to make sure our members are doing just that. With that said, the flexibility we offer makes sure that each individual is specializing in what they want to focus on while having the freedom to do different jobs each time they log in so that nothing gets tedious or boring. Current Recruitment Needs Subject to change on a regular basis. XoO is currently seeking both EU and AUS individual(s) to lead during those timezones and to assist with recruitment. We also encourage smaller guilds in any time zone to join as a group. Positions for capable squad leaders are also open. Onslaught Navy Fighter Pilots [High] Anti-Capital Ship [High] Capital Ship [High] Crew Members - Marines [High] Engineering [High] XenTec Mining [High] Industry [High] Exploration [High] XenTec The goal of Xenonomics is to engage in trade and increase our reputation with the various alien races, in particular the Banu and any Vanduul faction that could be persuaded to trade with us, in order to give our organization an edge in terms of income, influence and access to rare, high quality alien ships that will not cost you an arm or a leg. We are not here to do pussy runs in High Security space. Our runs will take us into Low Security space, Unexplored space and Alien territory where the threat of an attack by pirates, an opposing Vanduul faction or a hostile organization is very real.
  22. Your Voice Matters Website: http://typhonindustries.com Org Page: http://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TYPHOEUS TeamSpeak: voice.typhonindustries.com:9987 MISSION STATEMENT Typhon Heavy Industries is a tightly knit, friendly group of individuals who wish to interact with the Persistent Universe in multiple dimensions. We are equipped for industrial work, we are equipped for bounty hunting and general freelance. We seek to make a name for ourselves and have a ton of fun doing it. HISTORY Our founding operators have been working together for over a decade. We have seen thousands of battles together and in this time have come to understand what success means in this business. We’ve seen our share of losses and each one sharpens our Outfit First mentality to a fine point. MANIFESTO Our Philosophy Typhon Heavy Industries is an outfit sovereign unto itself. We do not needlessly seek conflict, but if something stands between the advancement or security of the outfit we will not hesitate to act. No body of law, UEE or otherwise, overrules our internal code of conduct. As a member of this outfit we can assure you that you will get yours, but it will never come before the outfit. You will always have a voice within our ranks as we take a democratic approach to group decisions. Personality Driven Experience, skill, and resourcefulness, while important, are entirely overshadowed by the importance of attitude and personality. We will not tolerate toxic individuals within the outfit. Good people are the lifeblood of Typhon Heavy Industries, we don’t care about your skill nearly as much as we care about your attitude. Tempered Passion While we don’t expect you to be the greatest operator there ever was, Typhon Heavy Industries seeks to cultivate an outfit of passionate individuals who will put in the extra time to get things done. We don’t expect you to give up your life for the outfit, only that you make the outfit part of your life. We can achieve great things together if we are dedicated. Anything you put into the outfit will be given back two fold. RECRUITMENT If our message resonates with you, please submit an application via our Organization Page and then register on our Forum. Any questions can be addressed in this post or through PM with me. Thanks!
  23. The Iron Federation is a friendly open organisation that plans to allow many players of many different play styles and interests to group together for the mutual benefit that a larger organisation can give without limiting you and how you wish to play. regular members and hardcore members will hopefully find many like minded individuals whom they can trust and rely on without having to spend lots of money on top notch contracts. Regular group events and organisation group play is also going to be involved, so that everyone can get the most out of organisation life. If you would prefer a casual guild don't count us out, we don't want to force anyone to play when they can not or do not want to, that's up to you. No one will force you to take part in events if you do not wish to; again it is your choice, after all we all want to have fun; Right? We are currently trying to affiliate or merge lots of smaller organisations, so that the individuals involved in those can get the full organisation experience that they may miss out on, like the cool constellation combat, or the epic Idris battles - ensuring that every gun is mounted and firing when the time arises. We do not frown upon nor condone crime, that's up to your discretion, however we wont allow others to drag the Federations name into the dirt, so all we ask is that you act responsibly if it is your wish to be involved, that is not to say do not be a pirate, rather consider your actions and don't count on the federation backing you up if you take a bite of something far larger than we can handle. If you wish to associate with our organisation so that we may both mutually benefit please either send me a PM, or reply to this forum, if you have any questions or desires please don't hesitate to contact me, I would love to talk to all of you if I can! Thank you For Reading and I hope to hear from you soon, Talibunny, Admiral of The Iron Federation.
  24. Hey everyone good news!!! The Service of Death is Now Recruiting!!!! We are a Bounty Hunting/Mercenary Community and are looking for members! We are looking for some relatively mature gamer's, who are willing to put in the time and effort, to help us to become every organisations first choice, when it comes to an escort and more importantly when placing bounties. We WILL have in place a ranking system that will be constantly updated. So do not worry, everyone will have the chance to move up in their ranking as time goes on and people prove themselves. We want to make the ranking system as fair and justified as possible. We also would like to make clear, that we value each and every one of our community members ideas and opinions. We would like to learn and grow as a whole community through all of our failures and more importantly our successes. Although we will have structure and serious times, that's not what its all about. We are all here to have fun and meet new people through SC and more importantly our community. We would also like to acknowledge, that as time goes on and we increase the size of our community, we would ultimately like to expand our organisation in more directions than just Bounty hunters and Mercenaries. If you would like to join please apply through this link >>>> https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/MUTE Also, if you have any more queries, please don't hesitate to contact me or the other director of The Service of Death by PM through our star citizen accounts Kirby1496 or Damonius
  25. The Bounty Hunters Guild was created for a specific goal in mind and that is to be the biggest collection of role playing bounty hunters in the universe, I want all hardcore role playing would be hunters out there to join up our rules are fairly easy to follow, The fact that were freelance bounty hunters mean that you wont be required to show up for events or be punished if you don't do as ordered, Being a bounty hunter isn't about being told where to go and what to do like a solider bounty hunters hunt down there prey and capture or kill there target, And its as simple as that but of course being in a guild dose offer advantages you will have like minded hunters to talk too aswell as the support of a guild of specialized hunters. So join up and be apart of the one true bounty hunters guild. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/BHGC
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