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Found 2 results

  1. Hazzbeen

    The Pointmen

    Hi I am new here and being prior military infantry (Marine Corps 0341) myself I thought of patrols and the importance of a good pointman / pointmen / lead convoy vic. The people at the front of the formation that see everything first and report it to the command unit/center that may or may not be in sight of the objective. w/ fleets maybe they are 1-2 jump points ahead letting the still in quantum fleet know what they are about to be headed into or recon and scout the path in teams and make intel reports that could alter the entire fleets route. Maybe they are scouting for a stealth bomb run to hit a pirate trade post. Who knows?.. sky's the limit.or...space.....w/e Maybe a 2 man team with a hornet ghost/hornet tracker. or any other combination of stealthy or ships w/ enhanced scanning capabilities. Maybe they can jump to a system that the fleet cannot due to jump point size limitations or what not. I am not sure if someone else has posted anything like this. If so please drop a link. I would love to brainstorm a bit.
  2. I've been replaying the whole Mass Effect trilogy (if you haven't played it you should, it's awesome ), and it features what in my opinion is one of the sexiest starship ever. I'm talking, of course, of the SSV Normandy, and, more specifically, the SR-2 variant, seen below in all it's glory What SR stands for is "Stealth reconnaisance", and since it's a frigate I thought it would be awesome to implement that into Star Citizen. We don't really have a big ship for exploration like the Idris for Combat-Ops and the Reclaimer for T&I, besides the carrack, which is big, but not that big. I think it would be nice to have a "semi capital-ship" for exploration, not very big (the Normandy itself it's said to be 170 m long) but enough to be considered a frigate. The role it would take would be to provide support for smaller exploration vessels and for deep space exploration, being capable of several days (weeks ?) of journey. Also, regarding the stealth and reconnaisance part, it could serve as a "behind the enemy lines" type of ship collecting intel and so on, while still being able to fend off some hostiles if oportunity arises. The downside I see to all of this is that it may be too large of a ship to take on these roles, but we really don't know yet how the stealth part will be handled, so it could be that a large ship, like a frigate or a corvette, is stealthy enough to take this kind of roles. What do you think?
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