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Found 16 results

  1. Hi! I am John Daemons, founder of 92.9 Orbital FM. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNyHnlTAUl2n-WI1_KBltMw1G3BGyEra4 Check it out and if you like the project and would like to participate, let’s get in touch! o7 see ya ‘round the verse !
  2. radio.starcitizenbase.com Hello all! Rellim here, station manager for The Base Radio. As part of our plan of trying to be the best community radio for star citizen and integrate more into the scb community, I would like to open up our doors to input from all of you! Our old topic lists our old requests, which have now been processed. Due to the amount of embedded videos in it, it was getting kinda broken. Hence the new topic I would like to open up song request again, this time by simple means of a forum topic. Post b
  3. With special guest BoredGamer! https://twitter.com/BoredGamerUK Block 1: 0:01:08 Block 2: 0:30:57 Block 3: 0:53:27 Block 4: 1:17:10 ----This show contains mild strong language. Viewer discretion advised. ---- Participants of this week Rellim: http://twitter.com/jonrellim Juntau: http://twitter.com/TheBasePirate TheOnly: http://twitter.com/TheOnly2u Edenstar: http://twitter.com/eden5tar BoredGamer: https://twitter.com/BoredGamerUK Video was shortened by cutting out music blocks. Edited by Moggimus. This show was broadcasted live on twitch.tv on 2017-0
  4. So you might know we don't usually put our shows up on an archive, because of licensing limits and such. But the demand for it has become so high we decided to just try it. The live show recording was edited by @moggimus to remove all the music blocks, in order to make sure we don't get flagged for copyright. See here the result With special guest: Cameron Wilkie; CIG Event & Marketing Manager! ----This show contains mild strong language. Viewer discretion advised. ---- Participants of this week Rellim: http://twitter.com/jonrel
  5. Astronomers have recently reasoned that the deep space radio bursts that have been occurring since 2007, have come from a dwarf galaxy 3 billion light years away, outside the Milkyway. It'll be interesting to see what articles follow this one. If alien life does exist, what can we expect to come in the future? http://www.theverge.com/2017/1/4/14158048/deep-space-fast-radio-wave-burst-frb-121101
  6. New topic: https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/topic/17933-the-base-radio-song-request-topic-2/ radio.starcitizenbase.com Hello all! Rellim here, station manager for The Base Radio. As part of our plan of trying to be the best community radio for star citizen and integrate more into the scb community, I would like to open up our doors to input from all of you! Some of you may remember that in the past, we had a form on our website allowing people to submit song request, but after a while
  7. This week on "The Search" two lucky listeners will be winning a ship. Listen Saturday and Sunday from 10am to Noon EST.
  8. I debuted on the Base this morning, for those who listened, how did you like it? Be honest. I can only improve thru your constructive criticized observations..
  9. http://imperialnews.network/2015/05/innside-verse-episode-15/ Great new extralong episode from our radio's partner at Imperial News Network: Hello everyone! This week on the cast, we’ve got a large episode for you! Filled to the brim with myself, Nehkara, Wolf Larsen, Commander Cruisin’ Tom, and LegoRobotDude! Topics this week include: 1:35 – Gladiator Manual Check out this fantastically detailed T8A Gladiator Operations Manual, created RSI community member NIMROD77, with support and assistance from WHITESNAKE , LEX-TALIONIS, and XEEN3:30 – INN RewindThis week, we rewind the 4.5 million
  10. thebase.sc Listen to the StarCitizenBase Round Table - A talk show about discussing / theorycrafting Star Citizen subjects - to get the chance to win a Hull-A! We have lots of interesting topics lined up for you! Today at 2100 UTC - 1700 Eastern - 1400 Pacific See the schedule at thebase.sc/schedule
  11. The Base Radio Introducing: - StarCitizenBase Round Table - Today will air the first edition of our station's newest show mentioned above. The show is formatted as a talkshow / discussion, in which SCB members will be engaging in depthly theorycrafting / discussions of various subjects within the game Star Citizen. Join in! We would like you to be there and also participate in the discussion on air! Listeners can do this by visiting our chat channel at thebase.sc/chat! Wait, When, Where? Listen in at thebase.sc, and click on the 'popup player' The show will start at 21
  12. Hi fellow SCB members and Imperium members! The following idea was put forward by @Lakota, and I would like to expand the idea, and see what we can make possible. I will recap it here. Theorycrafting-Discussion show on The Base Radio Theory crafting nights. A round table of people who are "educated" about star citizen, who discuss few recent topics. Topics should be set at least a week before hand so that research can be done; consider it an indepth discussion. Perhaps could run in debate format with a pro/con approach to the topic? Also possible to let listerners input their idea's
  13. Folks, The Base will have the chance to talk with Ben Lesnick and James Pugh, on April 30th at 1900 EST (2300 UTC). We would like to ask some questions, and some of these should be from the community. So please drop us a line with some questions you'd like us to ask Ben and James! Please format them like so: Ben - "What is your..." James - "Who was..." Both - "Do you think..." Thank you!
  14. So, I was just sitting on my computer, jammin' to my music, and I thought: Will Star Citizen have any life-simulation features? What I mean by that is; similar to EVE, will there be a little window where you can open up a real browser and browse the web, and things similar to that? I mean, if CIG wants to make this game as immersive as possible, it'd be nice to not have to tab out/go to another monitor in order to chat with friends or something. Rather, we'd have everything we want in-game! Picture this, right? You're in your ship, exploring the depths of the galaxy. You're in a
  15. Hello everyone. Imperium Radio are expanding their data base of songs in there playlist and I thought this forum could be for posting links and names of songs that you feel would work for the radio station. Try to find and post space like-ish music, but all is acceptable in this post.
  16. Can't remember where I found this, but it's the Radio station used for Imperium Fleet and when they're not broadcasting they play Epic music via a download of a Winamp / itunes or Media Player file. I assume the download is to connect with the server broadcasting the music, anyhow its really good music. link http://imperium.caster.fm/
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