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Found 15 results

  1. IMPERIUM RACE DAY - LOREVILLE (HURSTON) WHEN: Friday, November 12 (FORM-UP: 15:00 UTC, FIRST RACE: 16:00 UTC) WHERE: Loreville (Hurston) RECCOMMENDED SPAWN LOACATIONS: -Loreville -Everus Harbor START LINE: Perimeter Gate 1 (Loreville) FINISH LINE: Perimeter Gate 6 (Loreville) VEHICLE CLASSES: 16:00 - RACE 1 - Tumbril Cyclones 17:00 - RACE 2 - Hoverbikes 18:00 - RACE 3 - URSA Rovers 19:30 - RACE 4 - ROC's 20:00 - RACE 5 - Greycat PTV's 21:00 - RACE 6 - Anvil Ballista 22:00 - RACE 7 - Tumbril NOVA Tonks PRIZES FOR EACH RACE: 1st - $100,000 aUEC 2nd - $50,000 aUEC 3rd - $25,000 aUEC *** PRIZE MONEY will be distributed in 3.15 LIVE *** RULES: -Racers will start each race on a designated start line @ Perimeter Gate 1 -Race Finish Line is the Vehicle Spawn Pads @ Perimeter Gate 6 (Touch the Ramp!) -NO WEAPON FIRING PERMITTED FOR ANY RACE -RACES ARE SOLO. NO HELP from other players is permitted. -To qualify for prizes, Racers MUST complete the race -Upon Death/Vehicle Destruction, your race is OVER -Further inquiries can be PM'd to @[IMP] REIGN-11-87#7758 NOTES: - Please have sufficient food/water/medpens stored on-person - EVENTS WILL BE RECORDED - Please behave -Please make every effort to have your spawn set @ designated Rally Points BEFORE Op Start Time - ALL SCB / IMPERIUM Members are welcome - Discord comms "SCB / Imperium Events" Channel - Please send in-game friend request to REIGN-11-87 for party invites - Racers please select emoji for the races they wish to compete in, each race is open to ALL participants Please see the Race Announcement in Discord to sign-up!!
  2. Hello Citizens! I just wanted to touch base with you all regarding our plans for future events here at Imperium and SCB. The wait for 3.15 going LIVE has been long and painful. With a full persistence wipe coming in 3.15 (including a reset off our in-games earned aUEC), we have been hesitant to host events that have money-making as a primary goal. Any aUEC we make in 3.14 will be lost with the wipe. Rest assured that when 3.15 does go LIVE, we plan to jump right back into regular events so we can all top-up our in-game wallets! Another topic I wanted to bring up is the implementation of more in-depth medical gameplay. Up until now, our medical gameplay has been limited to 3 ships with medical beds and medpens/oxypens. With 3.15, many medical gameplay changes will come into play, such as hand-held medical gadgets that can heal yourself and others, various medical drugs with different uses and effects, blood drug level (BDL), the implementation of full-blown hospitals, and the change to the cutless red med bed (unable to set your respawn to it anymore). These changes will have a HUGE effect on how we play the game! While it will be necessary for everyone to become familiar with the basics of these new medical systems, I will be putting more emphasis on medical support for future ops. Hopefully we have some members willing to take on the role of doctor or paramedic to keep us all functioning at our best! Additionally, 3.15 will bring the implementation of the new personal inventory system. Gone are the days where you can "magically" re-equip your medpens, armor, clothes and guns from an infinite inventory when you are out travelling the 'verse. If you want to equip something, you better take it with you! Most ships in 3.15 will have the ability to store items to take on your journeys. Just make sure to load-up before leaving the station! When hosting ops, we will do our best to bring some extra armor suits, medpens, guns and ammo. However, it will be strongly advised to get used to this new system! Finally, we would like to get back to hosting regular racing events. Our previous race days have been amongst the most entertaining and exciting events! If there's anybody in our community that would be interested in championing race days, I would encourage you to reach out to me! We could use the help in scheduling additional races and over-seeing their execution. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please reach out to me either here on SCB or on discord! As always, please keep an eye on the #events channel on discord for information about our upcoming events! When 3.15 goes LIVE, we'll hit the ground running! o7 REIGN
  3. Selling Origin Racing Suit for $30USD. Verified paypal only. Once payment is received the gift will be sent to the same email registered with your paypal account.
  4. Do you like to go fast? Looking for the fastest line? Having trouble finding what ships are suited best for you? Want to show off your leader board mettle? Then look no further! Use this thread to bounce ideas, discussions, and footage related to Imperium racing! Useful Links: Didn’t find what you are looking for? Check the below threads for additional information: Imperium Arena Commander Leader boards: Click here Imperium Arena Commander Tips: Click here
  5. The Crux Cup 2016 Race is an event that takes place every year for those seeking to race competitively. Although racing hasn't came out officially through CIG, the community has created they're own version of it, which is really cool. If you want to take part for it, you can't unfortunately, as you have to register a month ahead. But they're always next year. You can watch the stream that going to happen with the next hour and see those nice turns and high speed racing... and fail crashes You can learn more about it at this site : http://cruxcup.com/ For racing brackets and Countdown timer, go here: http://cruxcup.com/Brackets/ The Race with be streaming through multiple twitch streamers at the link below: https://www.reddit.com/r/cruxcup/comments/4v0r2m/streamers_for_the_crux_cup/
  6. So today the first GP of Formula 1 2016 took place. Did any of you watch it? I found the race enjoyable generally speaking. There was a couple really tense moments, from the last few laps where Vettel was trailing Hamilton, to of course the major crash of Alonso after a collision wit Gutierrez. For those that may not have seen it, here's a link to a video of it on Youtube Do you have any teams or particular racers you're rooting for guys? Personally I of course stand with Vettel and some of the other German racers, but I also really hope that Renault will have a successful return to Formula 1. I really like the car livery they ended up with, love the yellow color scheme they went with. Really though, I more than anything anticipate and am curious to see how all the incoming changes will influence 2017 when we get an overhaul of the car design once more. Should be interesting for sure.
  7. For those who love racing, Road to 2016 is coming soon so I thought I would post last years episode and some hype for this years episode: (Edit; I highly suggest watching the 2016 trailer first)
  8. With the addition of the 'org shinies' a few weeks ago, I've been systematically attacking my own flaws (I know what they are ) in pursuit of said shinies. Combat was easily done on the weekend the shinies were announced. Racing, my weaker suit, took a bit to complete for various reasons beyond racing itself, but a good bit of practice was needed too. The objective was completed October 31, the last day of the inaugural month on the first available day 1 week after leader board reset (required delay to qualify for a medal). Since then, I've been refining my technique, and I've been thinking about teaching racing. I've even practiced teaching it to a few people (a new Imperium recruit and a couple streamer buddies). First is learning how to handle your ship - each one is a bit different, some may be large differences like primary maneuvering thrust axis, control modes and indicators are critical knowledge too Second you must learn each course - Ring placement and obstacles, where you are and where to go Third is learning to fly each course fluidly with some principles of racing/general piloting - Attitude control, constant awareness of TVI (exactly where you are moving), size of your ship, planning your course for the next gate while attacking the turn for the gate you are approaching, etc. Lastly (this one will irritate you if done out of order), work on shaving down every possible meter/second from your course/turns as you slip through the rings and plot the best possible course, riding the fine line between g-loc and tapping out your fuel, mere meters away from certain doom as you fly the entire course Now I can't perform flawlessly every single time, and personal improvement is hard to note because of it being gradual as you approach the limits of what you and your ship can do, but with time, increasing the quality of and reproducing quality laps consitently becomes more and more frequent. My original shiny-worthy attempts on Defford Link landed me at a bit over 8 minutes after initial learning and practice. With persistence and applying understanding of the system, I earned a medal with a 7:47 race time relatively shortly after (in terms of in-game time). I've now shaved that time down by 30 seconds! (which is freaking huge in a race) With that said, I now feel confident in my ability to offer racing instruction to the public. I don't have a set course to teach racing, but it is something that I want to do, and I will develop a course over time (rough outline above, last part is on you, practice, practice, practice). So, if you want to get some serious piloting practice while avoiding the hassle of pvp combat and constant balance changes to weapons/missiles AND earn some pretty good REC, come learn to race! I've already been told by a student that they now enjoy racing and do it much more frequently because of their new found understanding! We currently stand at #2 on Defford Link as an Org! From a near-medal-qualifying run at over just over 8 minutes... To improving further with practice and qualifying: To shredding my own personal best: (had a slightly better lap time than 2:24 several times, just not in this particular race, consistency won out here. 7:17 total, opponents gave up) Wake up, Imperium, and come get your race on !! AC 2.0 is right around the corner and you will be glad you got some practice in Ironing out the particulars of piloting on the race track piece-wise vs jumping directly into combat and having to do it all has its benefits, and you can then apply learned piloting/racing skills to combat, making for a much smoother ride. Available to teach General SC Info/Flight School: combat or racing Monday - Thursday 17:30 CST to 22:00 CST (UTC -6) Expected run time for general course and combat flight school is ~3 hours (depends heavily on the number and prior knowledge of students + questions and the will of the server gods) Expected run time for racing course is 1 hour (assuming we do nothing but racing and skip the general briefing) Limit 1 lesson per day and 7 students per lesson PM me if interested. Try to schedule 24 hours in advance. We will use Imperium TS3 for communication and TheBaseRadio for some racing jams ( lol, optional )
  9. I was wondering since we are global if there were any other F1 fans here besides me. Been a fan since late eighties. I was watching live (and recording on VCR) when Ayrton Senna died in '94. I still have that tape somewhere.
  10. Maverick

    M50 vs. 350r

    Hey comrades! I just wanted to start a comparison thread for the 2 racers so far known. I already own a M50, so I won't buy the 350r, but I'm sure to get one ingame. The only downside of the 300i for me always was the single thruster layout, which is "corrected" with this variant. I attached the stats from the ship information compilation thread. Just looking at them, the M50 should easily outrun the 350r, not taking into consideration pilot skills and length of the race. I can imagine that the 2 TR3s need way less fuel than 2 TR4s, so the 350r should need less refuelling. Any more thoughts? 350r Builder: ORIGIN JUMPWORKS GmbH Mass (empty): 17,000 KG Upgrade Capacity: 6 Cargo Capacity: 5 tonnes Engine-Modifiers: 2? Max. Class: Fusion (4) Thrusters: 2x TR4 (Hammer Propulsion HM 4.3), 12x TR1 (10x Origin Scalpel Precision, 2xOrigin Omni Precision) Shields: Gorgon Defender AllStop (Max-Shield 3) Hardpoints- 2 x Class 1: Equipped 2 x A&R Omnisky III Laser Cannon 1 x Class 2: None Equipped 2 x Class 3: None Equipped M50 Builder: ORIGIN JUMPWORKS GmbH Mass (empty): 14,000 Kg Upgrade Capacity: 5 Cargo Capacity: 3 tonnes Engine-Modifiers: 3 Max. Class: Fusion (4) Thrusters: 2 x TR4, 8 x TR2 Shields: ? (Max-Shield 3) Hardpoints- 2 x Class 2: Equipped 2 x Kroneg AS-44 Needle Repeater Laser 2 x Class 3: Equipped 2 x Talon Devastator (HS) missiles €dit: Maybe I'll change the threadname into "Racer stats" or so, when more racers get revealed.
  11. A "short sequence" vid showing a race between various ship types (including a Vanduul Scythe)... look at what the pilot does as he is left in the dust The producer is Corporation Incorporated and he is right up there in terms of producing great vids from data mined assets (like AnythingFPS and Teller)
  12. Galactic Guide: The Murray Cup The Murray Cup is the unquestioned jewel in star racing’s triple crown. Every year, top racing teams pour blood, sweat and money into attempting to take the top ranking in the challenging system-wide race. Race History The Murray Cup tradition dates back to the early settlement of the Ellis System circa 2467. The government’s move to terraform four planets at once in the newly discovered system lead to a necessarily massive influx of population and space equipment. With little to do beyond wait for their machines to begin altering planetary core temperatures, terraformers and their families began to pass the time by racing their idle work spacecraft. Soon, makeshift racing challenge tracks were constructed using leftover terraforming equipment, and company craft were modified for speed. It got to be that racing wasn’t something to do while not terraforming, but rather that the terraforming was something you did so you could race. The pastime’s popularity spread beyond the system, and soon non-terraformers began to arrive to try their hand on the challenging course. Meanwhile, Amon Murray smelled profit. Murray was a criminal and a gambler who amassed a small fortune by selling bored terraformers drugs and other contraband. He became fascinated with the makeshift races, not as a competitor but as an organizer and bookie; he began taking bets on the amateur system races. After six months, Murray found that he was making more money from booking bets than he was dealing contraband. Never one to take a small fortune when a large one might be close behind, Murray committed resources to legitimizing the races, offering a small credit purse for the winner of what became known as, at Murray’s insistence, the first Murray Cup. This first official race concluded with Ian Rikkord as the 2479 champion. An atmospheric specialist for Gaia Planet Services, Rikkord’s claim to fame became the sheer amount of customization he applied to his RSI Nova courier ship, beginning a five-century tradition of cup winners personally modifying stock spacecraft. The reaction to the newly organized racing was electric; new racers from all over the Empire and even beyond were lining up to take part, and with each successive year the Cup prize became larger. By 2488, Murray had “gone legit”; the erstwhile drug runner had repositioned himself as a public figure and the father of modern star racing. The Race The Murray Cup is divided into two race types: Classic (once colloquially called Hare) and Blitz (formerly Tortoise, or Div- T). Classic racing is exactly what would be expected: ships trying to out-navigate each other as quickly as possible. Blitz takes into effect ships’ weaponry, allowing pilots (with increasing restrictions over the years) to engage in limited combat during the race to disable, but not destroy, competitors. Though most pilots tend to specialize in one racing type or the other, to really become successful in the Murray Cup, it is important to master both skillsets. Racers will train for years to improve their ‘off style,’ with only a few exemplary pilots every becoming truly ‘ambidextrous.’ The Murray Cup’s inherent difficulty comes from the course itself, which now spans the entirety of the Ellis system and consists of multiple stages. Each leg is designed to take advantage of natural adverse stellar obstacles present in the system, such as asteroid belts and gravity wells, and, in the last few centuries, man-made obstacles like variable agility rings and targeting gate-locks. Some sections of the track notoriously require such a high level of precision piloting that they have earned themselves infamous nicknames such as the ‘Sorrow Sea’ or the ‘Boneyard.’ However, as much as the Murray Cup is about a proud racing tradition, the officials in the League continue to make annual alterations to the track in order to maintain the high degree of difficulty in the face of near constant improvements that manufacturers like RSI and Origin are engineering to make their racing craft ever faster and more maneuverable. Of course, a ship is nothing without a pilot, and with the Murray Cup broadcast live across the spectrum, Cup winners quickly become legends in their own right. There are few who can think of the sport without mentioning greats like Terra McConoway, who in 2495 became the first person to ever win two Murray Cups, or Issigon Ado, who ushered in an era of interspecies participation as the first Banu to ever win. Then there are those who make history not just by winning, but by how they do it. Take Dax “The Hax” Emmelmann, who in 2731 set a new speed record thanks to his Aurora’s heavily modified thrusters. Generations of tinkers since have continued to strive to push that record even farther. Then there is the inspirational tale of Fabis Capaldi, who won in 2798 despite suffering from Rauk’s syndrome, a true lesson that anything is possible. In more recent years, we have seen the rise of greats like the Bakshi racing family, who have almost 40 years of racing and 3 victories under their combined belts and many more to come. Underdog Hypatia Darring still has fans clamoring for her to come out of retirement after her thrilling come-frombehind win in 2934. Yet tragically, the pilot who is still at the forefront of most people’s minds is 2942’s winner, the late Zack Hugh. Rules Revision Fatalities are no stranger to star racing; hundreds of racers and spectators have been killed as a result of accidents in a half-millenia of Murray Cup racing. None, however, have shaken the galaxy and racing culture like the accident that capped the 2942 Murray Cup. After a hard fought race, pilot Zack Hugh began the traditional victory lap, only to be hit headfirst by an amateur pilot, a lap behind, who had lost control of his ship. With that sad ending, racing’s greatest prize was awarded to a widow and the Murray Cup Racing League moved behind closed doors to once more adjust the future of the event. In 2943, Commissioner Marco Verender announced that the race’s qualification process was being revisited in the wake of the 2942 tragedy. Starting with this year’s race, qualification is now determined by a point system that spans the entirety of the Cup racing season. Pilots who wish to qualify for the grand finalé must earn twenty “points” by placing in other authorized Cup races, with three points awarded for first place, two for second and one for third. The change, as well as updates to the rules for Blitz weaponry states, have been roundly criticized by race speculators who feel it cheapens the tradition in the name of safety and order. The overall impact to the race will be known soon: this year’s season is drawing to a close and a number of standout pilots who have already achieved the necessary twenty points are being followed closely by the media. //End Transmission
  13. I figured it was time for me too jump on the band wagon and post some videos as well, so here is the first.
  14. Hi, https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/40314/voidrunners-league-merlin-racing I hope some of the other guilds will consider putting some teams in - I thought it would be a fun way to get more out of the merlins in our connies. I kinda jumped on it cos I thought it was a fun idea - but if anyone is into racing please let us know if you'd like to help out with organising D.
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