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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all,Dragontamer here. So I'm New to star citizen and seem to like what I've seen so far,. Been playing Elite for years now bit have been watching SC for a while and thought id take the plunge, so quick question, does anyone use voice attack since it's not VR,that was the main reason I purchased it for ED. I do love it but not sure if it a need, I run a X-52 and im pretty sure it has enough buttons, but thanks all and see you in the Ink!
  2. I'm would like to contact the guys over at Roberts Space Industries with a list of interview questions. Either Chris himself or some of the other game makers could provide answers that I will then publish as a story here. So far I have: 1) What are credits? (ingame only currency, or something you can buy for $ – for EVEers ISK/AUR, WOTers gold/silver, etc) 2) What is the value of 5000 credits or 10000? Is that enough for a fighter, heavy fighter, capital ship? 5000 credits = $50? 3) What is a citizens card? And what does it mean to have either bronze, gold, platinum citizens card? How does the green, silver, gold, bronze, titanium,etc citizens card differ from one another except in color and recognition? 4) Where can I see stats of the ingame ship I’m getting in my package? 5) What do titles mean? Is it a forum recognition or also ingame recognition? 6) What are blueprints and how are they useful? Is it an ingame item you can then craft if you have the resources and skill? 7) The “Go Boldly” package: is the half a day with CR one on one as well or spent with other people who pledge the same amount? 8) What is the 1 Million Mile High Club Ownership? Is it a digital estate, where you can hang with your friends, and throw “access denied” to all unwanteds? Will it be visible orbiting the Earth, Moon or Jupiter? Can you decide where you want to have it? Will you be able to customize it? 9) Is the “Hang with CR for a day..” offer one on one as well or spent with others the could chunk the same amount of cash? 10) Can packages ships be earned ingame by any gamer in released game? 11) How long would it take for an average player to earn the amount of say 5k credits? I would like to get a good list of ~20 questions so post what you would like to see answered and then I will choose the top 20 to send over to the team.
  3. Hello, I have heard many things about Star Citizen and I am interested to start with the game. My previous experience in MMO games are EVE online and Elite Dangerous. However I would like to know some things. 1. As new player do I have any protection? by that I mean can anyone hit you anywhere and anytime without penalty? Will I have any insurance? 2. What controls do I need? Is keyboard and mouse sufficient or I need a joystick, hotas etc? 3. For the game I play one time? or is is a regular subiscription fee? 4. What professions can I do to earn in game money? (I am interested more in non PvP professions) 5. Are there any tutorials or training missions for each proffesion? 6. I have heard that it is better to start from pvp in arena. Why? One guy in youtube claimed that thisis ivevitable. That's for the moment, thank you very much and have fun !
  4. Bogaland


    Hello there. Saw this game just recently a week ago or so and eventuelly ended up here. This game looks very promising and I hope it will turn out well. I figured I should just say hi and since I have a few questions I thought I could ask them here: I haven't pledged anything yet on the Star Citizen website. If I do, will I get to play the pre-alpha/alpha version as they showed on Citizencon a while back or is that just for backers in the original kickstarter?I would really like to join the Imperium "clan" you have here, but I have a few questions about how it would work. I guess this really only applies when the game eventually launches in a few years, but it doesn't hurt to know now. I would like to be some sort of adventurer/trader/organizer of some sort. As in, organize trade and industry. However, I would also like to fight as that looks very cool. Is it possible to have multiple positions in the "clan", where I have one ship for each?How are you organized? I assume this "clan" is supposed to own a huge section of the universe and control it, but that requires multiple suborganizations for military etc. Is this figured out already or will it come eventually? That's it for now. I am pretty busy IRL with school and stuff so I will not be extremly active, but I will follow the progress of the game since I am really looking forward to it. If have more questions I guess I will ask them eventually. See you around!
  5. Alex


    Hello forum, I hope this thread was allowed and was placed in the correct place. If I did not place it right and it isn't allowed, I apologize for my mistake. I read the rules but I could not figure out if this was against it. So...if I may, I will continue with my question. My question concerns Ebay Seller Accounts. Does a seller absolutely have to own a bank account to sell and earn the money from their products? I ask because I do not own a bank account, only a Paypal Debit card, and would like to sell a few pieces of unused computer hardware for some cash toward my GPU fund. Ebay or Paypal support was completely...unhelpful. They said "only a debit card can be used" but never got back to my replies. I don't know if this just means they don't want to answer or what, so I came here hoping someone could help me out? Thank you all for reading, I appreciate it!
  6. Hey everyone! With the Cookie season descending upon us like the biblical plague of locust; out of curiosity what is your favorite type of GS cookie? Personally, I wouldn't mind getting familiar with a couple boxes of Dulche de Luche, but what about you? Post your answer below. Thanx -DT
  7. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDhS5exTtgY A lot of questions answered from the emperor. Everything has a purpose. The Emperor ordains it so. You may corrupt the souls of men. But I am steel! I am doom! I march for the emperor, and I know no fear!
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