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Found 17 results

  1. I've been thinking of trying this game so I ask is it any fun? I know its still in development, but I would like to give it a try. I'd like to know what people that have played it think.
  2. I may want to sell my account. (with this golden ticket) Hello everyone, 2012 I bought / opened my account and since then I have been online maybe 4 times over the years. besides the golden ticket i have UEC ¤34,000 UEC REC ¤5,000 REC Honestly, I have 0 plan what I need it for. Can anyone tell me what a realistic price is for this account? Greeting Final
  3. I used to play SC with no problems so far; having downloaded the latest 3.11 patch though, SC (the game) simply won't launch any more. The launcher itself (1.4.4) starts just fine, logs in just fine, but as soon as I click on "launch game" I _instantly_ get a "SC has stopped running unexpectedly" red dialog, no matter how many times I try, or how many times I attempt "verify". This is clearly not a network / CIG servers related issue, as it happens _far_ too fast - there's something in the new patch crashing, but "verify" does nothing to help. That would suggest though that I shouldn't be the
  4. I have been looking at the various videos, adverts, the star citizen site ect and everything seems to say mmo player, but when I try to down load the game it says single player. I keep thinking I am going to be paying all this money for a game that isn't suited to my play. So i figured I'd just go for it and ask people that know. Is this game a multi player game, like eve-online where you can be together it alliances and community and fly together and cooperate to develop or is this a single player game where you just play sims and shoot npc? Do you get to shoot other players and battle, and w
  5. viperalpha

    Build help New SC build

    I am building my SC beast. I am using a Lian Le dynamic XL case. The case itself has several USB3.2 recepticles which breales down into two leads and I only have 1 3.2 header on my MB What do I need to get to hook all of the leads up? See the pictures
  6. I realize that likely nobody knows the exact time it's going live, but I was wondering when everyone thinks we can expect 3.3 to hit the servers? I was under the impression it was supposed to be available yesterday.
  7. so i got a mail that i can send a question to tyler as im at gamescom. they wil randomly pick a question and ask a couple at the saturday event (from mail) "" Once the event is over, you will be able to submit a question to Tyler Witkin for Chris to answer during our event at the Hyatt Beer Garden the following Saturday afternoon. During the afternoon at the Hyatt, we will draw questions at random from those submitted and have them answered as best we can on the spott""
  8. my question is: how do i download a background video when there is no download link of anykind that i can see now i've seen a couple of background videos that i would like to have as my desktop background and/or gif's at times, but being unable to download them even with some video D/L'er that i have tried, so if someone could point me to a program that can capture the video or maybe some other way of getting it? oh and the site of the video in question that has frusterated me http://www.battlefleetgothic-armada.com/
  9. I was directed to the SBC forums for a multitude of reasons, got busy reading each categories' rules and major posts and I got down to the bottom section here and saw a perplexing message regarding personal vs business paypal accounts. If I'm not mistaken, Business accounts are able to send Invoices (Are personal accounts able to?) and that's what everyone everywhere urges everyone to seek because it validates the paper trail of a transfer. Is that a worthy consideration still or is there some whole new thinking on the subject? Thanks for any info.
  10. Hello so im curious what are all of the additional items that come with an Idris? We know that a Constellation comes with a snub fighter, and that the Carrack and Reclaimer come with snub ships and in the case of the Carrack it also comes with a Rover, so i would expect a Idris Frigate to come with something... does anyone know what? i cant find information on this, any links? Or information would be appreciated!
  11. Hey guys, not sure if anyone asked this before but I haven't found anything by search, so: When does the Insurance start counting down? The time I buy the package? When they release beta? At full release? P.S: Sorry for any errors. My native language is Czech.
  12. Since Auroras are the cheapest packages around, I figured that some of us just payed $40 for the MR and are waiting for multicrew ships to be launched into the DFM for action. I am curious as to how many other Imperium members are doing the same, so I can assess the optimal number of Connies needed for a good fielding of ships
  13. Hi all, I am having trouble understanding the current ship pledge system. During kickstarter it was, pledge this amount to get just this ship (not including lower classed ships), correct? And now you can buy individual ships. I bought the bounty hunter pledge originally and upgraded my 300i to a hornet and was then a "Colonel". I have now bought a constellation and am now ranked "Rear Admiral". Does this mean I get the same rewards people who backed for Rear Admiral originally get(what kickstater states)? Seeing as I have pledged over the requirement for Rear Admiral. In my Hanger it see
  14. Hey everyone! The questions kinda in the title. Which Total War is (in your own opinion) the best? If you prefer a DLC of one game then just choose the game in which the DLC is apart of. So I am interested in your answers. Thank you in advance -the DT
  15. Hey everyone, Doc here! Time for question/discussion time. So, has RSI mentioned a character creation element to SC? I'm really invested in playing EVE, and I was just flabbergasted at their character creation; easily one of the best (IMO) in the entire industry. So I was wondering, will RSI implement a similar system in SC? Does anyone know? If so, what do you think should be implemented into a character creation system? Thanx for the feedback -DT
  16. Hello, I was just wondering if this game will take advantage of my PC's 8 cores, i'm thinking it will due to the fact that he is all about PC and building the game for the PC. Anyway, if any of you fellow Star Citizens finds any info on this i would be very pleased if you would reply, Cyas!
  17. Hey everyone! After a semi-long hiatus, I'm back, and here to ask you another question. What;s your icon? As in, what's it from, what does it represent, and so on. I'll start off, my (current) icon is of the Twelve ray Sun of the Kuomintang. It doesn't have any political significance I just think it looks cool. So anyway what's yours? -DT
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