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Found 18 results

  1. hi, i joined your forum because i´m/we are looking for sparing partners. Are you interessted ? We tend to do organized battles against other organizations. Our team is typically 18-25 in the 'Verse. i´m German so sorry for my english. cu klabauta https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/KRT
  2. Hello and well met. Looking forward to joining the verse. I will probably be around these parts quite a bit. I tend to be a forum junkie. I played Ultima Online from 99 up until a few years ago with intermittent forays back into the game here and there. Plsayed on Legends Shards under the handle of Omnicron. PvP and wealth accumulation was my goal there. I also played WoW to some extent, EvE and Star Wars Old Republic. For the last few years ive been mainly playing console FPS. Mainly on PS4 under my gamer tag The_Hot_Sauce. I was always consumed with PvP and wealth accum
  3. What kind of people will Consolidated Amalgamated appeal to? If you are one of those people who wants to do some combat mission running or PvP in a group with large, powerful support ships and ground attack vehicles then... Sorry, let’s try this again, if you want to be part of a group that claims vast holdings on alien worlds and then helps build that org’s own custom settlements... Oh, wait, no if you’re one of those who likes the sound of deep space salvage or mining we... No, hold on, if you really are looking forward to running a science, agriculture, or medical station
  4. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Manifesto ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Links [[Discord]] [[RSI Org Page]] ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Introduction Welcome to Death Watch we strive to be the best of the best in Star Citizen! We will be taking part in every aspect of the game (E.g Bountyhunting, Security, Trading, etc.) whatever we can do to make some money, but the main fo
  5. http://www.impact-gilde.com Teamspeak Daten: oder impact-Gilde.com Kontakt Twitter: Impact auf Twitter] Facebook: Impact auf Facebook/ Twitch: Impact Stream zum Kennenlernen einfach zu uns ins TS kommen und mich anstupsen. Zum Bewerben gibt's verschiedene Möglichkeiten: 1. Per PM hier auf der Webseite bei mir 2. über die Offiziele Organisations Webseite 3. Über die Impact Webseite - dort registrieren und das Bewerbungsformular ausfüllen oder der einfachste Weg 4. aufs Impact Teamspeak kommen. Wir freuen uns auf euch
  6. TeaM.eXe Wir TeaM.eXe sind eine Organisation von Gesetzlosen und Söldnern. Unsere Hauptaufgabe besteht darin einen Sektor zu beherrschen und kontinuierlich auszubauen, da man dies nur mit einer nicht unerheblichen Menge an Ressourcen bewerkstelligen kann, beschäftigen wir uns mit dem Plündern/Kapern von Schiffen und dem Söldnertum. TeaM.eXe ist eine familiäre Gemeinschaft von gleichgesinnten, im Alter von 22 bis 26 Jahren die sich gerne mit anderen im PvP messen. Unsere Organisationsstruktur besteht aus 3 Korsaren, welche ihre Aufgabenbereiche selbstständig, aber in Absp
  7. Auto quality seems to put it at 360p, but it does have option for 1080p. Space-Moose and myself ganking and dog fighting in Universe. Enjoy and feedback is welcomed
  8. Hello and nice to meet everyone. I played EVE for 8 years all of which were with Pandemic Legion. I participated in every level of combat the game had to offer. I like playing on highly focused, researched, and deadly teams willing to kill all the time. I lead many small raid groups and would often scout enemy territory. I have currently not purchased a package yet as I am hoping you good people could point in the direction of a good pvp ship. Have a great day!
  9. Hey all, So back in 2014, we had this Rust event..well..more like Rust frenzy. Purpose was to build team work with resource allocation leadership skills etc. Results : Week 1 : Amazing Week2 : alot more people and bigger projects Week 3: Paranoia End of month : collapse HAHA only those who played back then with SCB clan would know what week 3 meant. Anyone want to input good memories in here? On a side note, I looked into rust recently and I found it look more interesting (it is beta but it has improved alot)
  10. Greetings, SC Base members! I am Codex, CEO of Skyglass Institute, and we are glad to announce that we shall be hosting the 23rd Galactic Combat Championship here in our home city of Prime, Terra. The Galactic Combat Championship is a competition to find the best gunslingers in known space. It is a glorious, brutal and entertaining affair, where only the most skilled marksmen succeed. This year, there are two active tournaments: - Squad Squad is our 5 v 5 tournament. Any 5 strong squad can join so long as they have a sponsor Organization. Each Organization can only have one squad representing
  11. Your Voice Matters Website: http://typhonindustries.com Org Page: http://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TYPHOEUS TeamSpeak: voice.typhonindustries.com:9987 MISSION STATEMENT Typhon Heavy Industries is a tightly knit, friendly group of individuals who wish to interact with the Persistent Universe in multiple dimensions. We are equipped for industrial work, we are equipped for bounty hunting and general freelance. We seek to make a name for ourselves and have a ton of fun doing it. HISTORY Our founding operators have been working together for over a decade. We have seen thousands of ba
  12. Check out our website at executivejustice.org and our RSI Organization page here: http://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/EJC ORDER AMIDST UNIVERSAL CHAOS Operation Pitchfork: Master Bacon Makers Javelin and Idris crew positions available! Who we are Executive Justice is both a Planetside 2 outfit and a former Eve Online corporation. Our organization leadership is currently comprised primarily of military Veterans but we want to expand our ranks to include people from all walks of life. We have members from every time zone in the US and are willing to expand internationally. Prospective
  13. Are you trying to find your place in the Universe? Feel that you have plenty to offer a growing community but as of yet haven't found the right one for you? HaVen might be just what you're looking for. Established in August 2012 as a DayZ team under the name of Fort Haven we have since become a very active community across a range of games and have set our long-term sights on Star Citizen. Why are we so excited for SC as a community you may be wondering? Probably for the same reasons you are if you're reading this - Chris Roberts (that reason alone is enough but there's more) A living, breathi
  14. So, here's a wild thought. If ship loss turns out to be a huge deal, we won't want to be losing our craft. For the new player just starting out versus all the wingnuts who have a history dating back to X-wing vs. Tie-fighter, Wing Commander, Freelancer, etc. they're going to get crushed, and spend more time kicking the station dirt. That's not very fun, especially when you know the next time you leave, you're still bottom of the food chain. So, to avoid that, why not make a station simulator? A risk-free training area where you can practice against other players. Of course, it's not a perfect
  15. Topic I posted on RSI: http://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/forum/showthread.php?14626-Feature-Request-Broadcasts I am an EVE Player and the feature which makes Fleetbattles possible are Broadcasts Broadcast are short messanges a FC or a single Pilot can post to the whole Fleet or only to Squad or Wing Section. Messanges could be: - Cover my Six ! - Damaged ! - Hold Position - Attack Target - Move to (Waypoint) - etc. Message gets displayed on the Overview on Target or the one who fired the broadcast. Cleans up voice comms and enables faster communicaions (You don't say you are damaged, you
  16. So, something that Chris Roberts seemed very keen on his game was that the video game story wasn't about the video game, and playing through a linear fashion, but rather as a person in the universe. Wing Commander 1 had good and bad ends, based on your preformance. That being said, whereas games mostly carry losing the mission as "death" and repeating the mission, Chris gave you the option to continue, despite failure, because the story was your story, not his. Yes, you followed a track of missions he planned, but just because you failed one doesn't mean you need to repeat it. The game ended
  17. Again a little Article and why knowledge and skill matters in EVE Article: http://themittani.com/news/alod-little-arby-could Basicly someone flew arround a T1 Cruiser worth maybe 50.000.000 ISK and killed 2 Tech 2 Battleships worth 2.500.000.000 ISK with that nutshell
  18. The last Taarakians will seize the initiative and become an independent force intent on preying any and all who cross their path. With a primary focus on combat pilots, our squadron intends to be self-sufficient and will therefore support members in all manners of professions needed to advance our goals "finding a base and developing a capital fleet are immediate goals....ultimate goal is to control our space and be a force feared by all who come across us. To do this we will be striving toward finding a base to support explorers, miners, smugglers, bounty hunters and even traders. Vision St
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